Monday, October 20, 2008


This... our new fence that was finally installed today. Which we ordered in September, and which got started last Tuesday, and wasn't completed at that time. Or in the few days following. We had to wait until today for the posts to properly set, for some unknown reason.

And this is the SHIT we were rewarded with. Unfuckingbelievable.
Don't even get me started on the goddammed 1.5 inch gap in between the two doors. And WTF is going on at the bottom of the right door?
What the FUCK is going on???
They...ran out of wood, and just cut a small little piece to add on there like that? That's the side that faces the goddammed driveway! They couldn't at least save the shitty side for the side that faces the fucking yard? Which, btw, looks like this:I ordered a 100% cedar fence. Leo says that other wood is pine. I dunno. It looks significantly nicer than the cedar, but I think the cedar will do ok over time. I just...don't understand the two different wood types.

And on the left hand side there...the extra finishing with the 2X4, or whatever, across the top of the part that doesn't open? That looks nice. The fact that it makes the doors uneven from it does NOT.

For comparison's sake, look at how nice the other side looks. There isn't a gate in this side. I guess that made it...easier, or something? I still hate what they fucking used for the lattice. That's just not cedar...not at all. And that is fucked the hell up.

Here it is from the inside, where the difference between the cedar and the pine is beyond obvious.

AUGH! We paid over $3,000 for this shit, along with the replacement of the chain link between our house and the neighbor to the south of us, and I am PISSED. Pissed, pissed, PISSED!!!!

They aren't getting away with this. This monstrosity WILL BE replaced. AUGH!


Sizzle said...

That's pretty shoddy work for what you paid. I hope you get it straightened out!

faithstwin said...

Holy shit! That kinda made me laugh- sorry. But how did those guys look at that workmanship and go, "Yeeaahhhh. That's awesome."