Friday, October 24, 2008

OMG! That's...not possible!

The business that built my fence seems to think there's nothing wrong with the product they delivered. They insist that all wood used was cedar. The are referring me back to Home Depot for mediation, since I am disputing their claim that the fence is just fine and dandy.

I'm shaking I'm so angry and mad and ANGRY about this right now!!!

They are members of the BBB where they're located, so my next step will be a complaint to them about the quality of the poduct they sold to me.

Any other ideas? Please let me know.

OMG, OMG,, soooo angry...


Alisha said...

I would tell Home Depot you are NOT happy and that the business is standing by the fence and that they need to do something.

BBB is a good idea.

Faith said...

I don't know what to do in the meantime! I'm so upset! I want to talk to the Home Depot chick NOW.

I need a drink. This is unbelievable...

faithstwin said...

Wow. They MUST be complete idiots. I can't believe that they think everything is ok. Call me if you need me!

Coley said...

Umm, yeah. There are HUGE gaps in your fence. How can they honestly call it a "quality product"?
Mix a drink, avoid looking at the fence in the meantime, and when you go see the Home Depot people, bring the pictures you showed us.
These are the things that give contractors a bad name. Sheesh.