Friday, October 10, 2008

Running down the list.

1. I left a couple of very important items at home on my way to California on Wednesday.
- My cell phone...which I honestly could have lived without, especially since I have my computer with me. But I also left...
- My birth control pills. Those I couldn't live without. So Leo had to overnight the shit to me. Because I'm so awesome.

2. Twin and I had a brownie throwdown, because we've been talking shit to one another about the brownies we make for around a year now, and I say mine kick ass whereas she thinks hers kick ass. No doubt they do, I said! But mine are better. So we each made a batch, and then let the kids her daughter goes to school with choose their favorite one without knowing who made which.

They chose hers in a landslide. I think this is bullshit, obviously, so there will need to be a rematch in a few months. My brownies are awesome...there's no way hers could have done that much better than mine.

Then her daughter admitted that she broke her brownies into smaller pieces so more people could try them. I was all, "Whaaaa??? Wait, that's not fair!" Then she changed her story (just like a 12 year old!) and said she broke my brownies up, too. I don't trust her. Yeah, she's my flesh and blood niece, and all, but her story reaks of non-truths! LIES, I TELL YOU!

Ok, ok...being a sore loser sucks.

Anyway, I told her that next time, the brownies need to stay in tact. There's no way of knowing how many more people had Twin's brownies than mine, and vice versa. She says they were broken up evenly, but how can we be sure of that? We can't! That's how!

3. My dad looks great. This is a very, very, very nice surprise, and I'm so glad I had the opportunity to see him right now. So glad.

4. Twin's court case was good. It went as well as it could, really. The one thing I'm most disappointed in, besides the man she chose to procreate with in the first place, is that the courthouse didn't allow cameras inside. Giiiirrrrlll, you shoulda SEEN some of the hoochies all up in that shit! It was faaabulous. And I don't have any evidence of it at all. Depressing.

All will be back to normal next week. I travel home early in the morning tomorrow, which isn't exactly something I'm looking forward to, but I feel I can prepare properly for it right now by napping. So I will. Happy weekend!


Xavier Onassis said...

I'm seriously glad that you were able to be there for her. I do follow her blog and I know she was jonesin' for some support.

I think it's awesome that you were there. I can just imagine the ex's internal dialogue - "Aw fuck. There's two of her here!" Heh heh heh.

Wish I had had a twin during my divorce. Triplets even.

Nuke said...

I am sure your brownies are fantastic, and for a price would be glad to vote for them in the rematch when Twin comes to visit!

faithstwin said...

Nuke! That's not fair. You know Faith is easily paid off with an extra beer or two!