Thursday, October 23, 2008

Sneaky...and so cute.

Last week, I was finishing my breakfast one morning, and I went to get up and start moving around to finish getting ready for work, but I couldn't find Jake. He wasn't outside...I'd already closed the door after the dogs had been out and started a bark-fest, as is their usual course of action early in the a.m. So I went into the master bedroom, but he wasn't on the I checked the bathroom and the closet, but he wasn't in either of those places either.

I went back out to the living room, and asked Izzy if she knew where he was. Her eyes just glanced over in my direction, and then back to focus on the people moving on the t.v. as she rested on the pillow that had been behind me when I was on the couch.

Shoot. Where was he? I went and checked the bed in the guest room, as he sometimes jumped up there to grab a rogue toy that had been left there accidentally and chew on it a bit when he was bored. But he wasn't in there either.

I went back to the living room, and looked over at Izzy again. And then I saw that she looked a bit more full in the rear than usual.

Oh! There he was! So, sooo cute!
He had crammed himself in next to Izzy, and then sunk behind the pillow on the couch, so I couldn't really see him at all until he moved his head to a place that was more visible!

See? Crammed in behind pillow.

We need a new couch. We can't go losing puppes in the one we have like that! Poor little dude...


Nuke said...

Is he training to become a Ninja by any chance?

faithstwin said...

Stealth puppy!

Nuke said...

If you are lucky it's a phase. Combine soopper-puppy-stealth with his peeing issue and things could get ugly.

Faith said...

I was gonna say, no one needs a peeing ninja. No one. said...

so freaking cute