Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Working from home today, so I haven't been around much. I woke up at the normal time, but then I went to the gym at 7 for the first time in a while, thanks to my head and chest finally feeling better.

Then I went to Target to buy the final touches I needed to decorate for Christmas with this year. And it's pulled everything together beautifully, if I do say so myself! I'll take pictures and put them up over at the other blog, so head over there over the next few days if you want to see how the house is coming together at this point. I updated today with info about the new living room config, so if you care about that kind of crap, check it out.

People are being disgustingly normal and nice right now, so I have no. material. for updating with. Its kind of pissing me off! Aside from old people driving badly and tending to get in my way while they do it, things have been pleasant in my head. It sucks!

Tomorrow being Thanksgiving, I guess I should just be thankful for the peace, or something. Hm.

Let's see...I have a lot of things to be thankful for right now, actually. I know I only mentioned it briefly here back in October, but I have been waiting to hear if West Elm will hire me for a part time position in their new store in Leawood...and they finally called me this week to set up a 2nd interview for next Monday, and have started calling my references, so looks like that might work out. Which is awesome because I so need the extra cash right now. I need help combatting the ever-climbing credit card debt, and I also have a couple of other ideas for what I might like to do with extra cash, too. We'll see.

I'm also truly thankful to have my allergies and that fucking nasty cold under control at last. It has been wearing on me (and Leo) a lot. Bye bye stupid fucking cold!

I'm thankful that the Twin finally found a job. I hope the money that she makes starts to help soon.

And more than anything else, I'm truly thankful that my dad has continued to get better and better ever since his lung transplant he got in February. When I saw him in October, it was amazing to see the strides he's made in his road back to health. And it sounds like he just is getting better and better. He gets to see a bunch of family tomorrow when he and the rest of my family (that're in California, anyway) go to my aunt's house for Thanksgiving dinner, as is custom in our family. The Twin and I talked about it the other day, and it should be exciting to hear about how everyone responds to seeing him as healthy as he is now. I think the last time a lot of them saw him was at my wedding last October, when he was on the verge of death, and couldn't go for longer than 20 minutes without being hooked up to his oxygen tank. He no longer needs that oxygen tank.

And as always, I'm thankful for all my friends and blogging cohorts that I've become acquainted with over the years. I love you guys, and I love that you continue to come and read here, and that you continue to entertain me as well. Keep it up, or I'll have to make fun of you. Yeah. No one wants that, I'm sure.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Hope you guys have a great day, whatever you spend it doing.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Air Canada is being forced by the Canadian Transportation Agency to provide extra seats to overweight (and disabled...but I don't take issue with that, really) passengers at no additional charge. (Read story here.)

How does that make any sense? Being a mite (i.e. 50 fucking pounds) overweight myself, I know exactly what it is that's gotten me to this point...myself. I'm still able to sit comfortably enough in coach seats on most flights I'm on, but I have to say that the last time I flew to Orange County proved to me that I can't get much bigger unless I plan on upgrading to Business Class when I fly. Those coach seats are a little tight for my taste.

But then again, I do like my personal space, even when I'm on a plane or what have you.

Anyway, I think this ruling is total CRAP. If people are so overweight that they need two seats in order to be comfortable/for others to be comfortable around them, they should have to pay for it. If they think otherwise, then they are in denial, and need to seek counseling.

What do you think about this kind of rule?

Monday, November 24, 2008

Whew. All done!

I spent a good portion of the morning creating a new blog based on my love for all things design and decor.

Well, wait...not all things, really. I mean, I don't know who or what inspires people to love things like this rug...

...or this bedding ensemble...

So I guess I should just say that the blog I created was to save you all the posts about my latest obsession. So I can get back to the real fun. The fun of making fun of people who, say, buy things like that rug and bedding ensemble up there! Woo!

I'm gonna give a link to the new blog here and only here. And maybe in my blogroll eventually...we'll see. I don't want anyone to be alarmed, but I used my real name on it. ::gasp!:: I know, I scared me, too. But I know that some of the people who read here are still interested in my design and decorating crap, and I also want to bump readership of the new blog as best I can to get it going, and how better to do that than to link to it from my incredibly popular and awesome current blog, hm? That's right.

It's called "Inspired By..." because it's all about inspiration that I run into day to day. Whether it be inspiration for how I want to decorate a future or our current home, or how I want to be able to dress next weekend, or how I wish I could decorate the Twin's home if she'd let me...that's what I'll be posting about there. The things that I'm drawn to the most. The things that I covet the most. Wish lists, and fantasies about what I'd do if... You know how it goes.

Anyway, visit it if you want. Ask questions here or there or whatever. Hope you like it!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Local honey?

Ok. I gave up and finally went to the doctor today for whateverthefuck it is that I have. (Remember I had that flu a couple of weeks ago? And then last week I was relatively ok, but over the weekend, I started getting stuffy and coughy and sneezy? It's just gotten worse, and worse, and worse this week...)

First of all, she reminded me that we need to change our air filter in the furnace. It's been at least 6 weeks, and it needs to be done right away, because I'm pretty sure it was one of the flimsy-need-to-change-it-weekly kinds that we got for the house during construction. Now that we don't have construction dust of any kind flying through the air nonstop, we can go back to the $30 allergen reducers that only need to be changed every 3 months! WOO!

Secondly, she looked at the back of my throat and could confirm both the severe allergies I'm being attacked by (red with white spots that are really, really bad now that I've let it go so long), as well as the sinus infection (snot running down the back of my throat...pretty!), and prescrbed shit accordingly.

Hopefully, that means I'll be back to full fighting strength as of Monday. I haven't been able to work out regularly or sleep well for the last few weeks, and both those negatives add up to a body that can't fight things on its own so well, dammit.

But I've also lost 6 pounds over the past 3 weeks, as of last Saturday. I thank my lowered appetite for that though.

I had a friend suggest that I eat local honey to ward off the newly born allergies, as it works super-well for her husband. I'd forgotten about that tidbit until she mentioned it, as I remember hearing about it a while ago, but its never applied to me until now. I've never had allergies before. Not like this, anyway. This is baaaaad.

Anyone know of where I can pick up some local honey? Whole Foods? Regular old supermarket? Online? Point me in the direction of my possible salvation, wouldya? Danka!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Good gawd on a pogo stick.

This chick can't be real. No fucking way.

Style Rookie

Thanks to Erin, I'm pretty sure that my life has lost all meaning.

In the mood to share.

Last night, we had the opportunity to "test" (i.e. use) the new ultrasonic dog bark deterent we bought from Hammacher Schlemmer in an attempt to save our sanity, and that of our neighbors.

It. was. awesome!!!

Apparently, Leo popped it onto the deck first, and Izzy had a reaction to it that was immediate and very, very wussy. Which is just like her, so yay! (She then had a hard time feeling comfortable going back outside without whining a bit first and seeming uncomfy with it. I wish she could understand me when I tell her that she's long as she doesn't fucking BARK! But she doesn't, so oh well! Hopefully she figures it out over time.) Jake seemed confused. He'd bark, and then stop. But then he'd bark again a little bit later, and then stop. And we aimed it at the neighbor's hound dogs because they are what cause Jake to bark the most, and while it seemed to work on them initially, and we thought we were going to be the fucking saviors of the neighborhood, eventually they just continued to do their howling thing, somehow, and the ultrasonic noise seemed to fail to have any further affect on them. No matter...Jake is our concern. And he was just sitting on the deck staring at them as they barked. So we done good on our end of things, dammit!

I thought about it later, and wondered if it would have a negative effect on dogs like our neighbor to the east, named Zoe. Who is the sweetest dog in the world, and I don't wanna hurt her ears! I asked my neighbor that I carpool with on Thursdays if he noticed any problems with his dog, Lebo. He said she was fine. He said she did seem to suddenly want more attention than usual, though. So I don't know if that was her reacting to the sound or not. It really shouldn't have been able to make it into their only has a 50 yard radius, and they're beyond that.

I was also worried that it would hurt the dogs somehow. But a little research just told me that its not painful, just uncomfortable, and that's what deters the continuous barking.

So I am happy to report that if you have a yappy dog, and you feel sorry for your neighbors because of it, but you love the dog so you don't plan on getting rid of it or, you know, killing it, or anything, this product is SUPAH-helpful. You can't use it indoors, though...only outside. It's too, too loud to their sensitive puppeh ears to use inside a walled space, so that would definitely be mean to do.

We're thinking of getting another one to put on our deck, so we can keep Jake mellow when Lebo is out in her yard, too. The fence that separates him from her is outside the 50 yard radius (we have a big mutherfucking yard, yo!), so we need another one set at a lower radius (25 should do it), so he can keep quiet when he's visiting with her through the fence. I don't know why he gets so excited when it comes to visiting with puppies through the fence! I think it's because he wants to play with them, instead of just being able to see and sniff them, but I'm no dog whisperer, so there's no way to tell for sure. Often, his jumpy excitedness just makes the other dogs move away from the fence faster. So I'm hoping that if he can visit with them without being all high-pitched-barky-obnoxious about it, it will work in his favor.

All in all, this seems like an awesome solution thus far, so I wanted to share in case it would be helpful to anyone else who has an issue with an exciteable puppy in their house. Because people who have issues like we do, but don't do anything about it? Well, that's just mean.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Oh, hi douche!

Douche in the red Ford F-250 Dickmobile with KS license plate 598 AEQ that thought it was oh so clever the way you cut me off this morning at 75th and Nall?
Yeah, you're a DOUCHEBAG. Just because you turned on your turn signal before you started to muscle into my lane doesn't mean you were ok to go. You need to wait until I acknowledge your intention to move over by either giving you some ROOM to do so, or waving or something. Fucker. Can't just move over because your blinking light has been activated. Or maybe the fact that you were on our cell phone made you just forget that simple rule of the road, eh? In which case, maybe you aren't actually as able as you think you are when it comes to the multitasking while driving dealio.


Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I'm sick again. I was ok last week...still sort of recovering from the flu nastiness that I'd had the week before, but was feeling better. And then I started getting stuffy on Friday again, which turned into a full-blown attack of awfulness overnight into Saturday. And I haven't been able to shake it since. I'm thinking its allergies, but its a cough, and head stuffiness, and just unhappy. I'm taking basic meds (benadryl and sudaphedrine) for it, but I'm thinking I'm gonna have to go to the doctor soon to make sure I don't need an antibiotic instead. Dammit.

So forgive me for my lack of creativity, but all I can do lately is focus on getting the house ready for guests in a few weeks, dream of our wish-list of items we want to get, and then actually purchase the things we can (sort of) afford to get. So I thought I'd share. If you aren't interested in how we decorate our house, or what I'm wearing today, you might as well just stop reading now. ;)

This is the framed picture we plan on getting from Z Gallery for over the dresser in the bedroom. We went, we looked, we fell in love. We didn't buy it right away because we wanted to think about it more, but we've decided we can't stop thinking about it, so it's the winner. It's Matisse's "Tree." We love it!
This is the shelf we wanted to get for the bedroom from West Elm, but with shipping and handling (it isn't in the store, so we can't buy it there), we just cannot justify the cost. But its a future possibility. Maybe...
Instead, we bought two of these from Target when they were on sale last week for $112. All of the buyer comments are raving about it, and one of them suggested leaving off the back when we put it together, which is what we plan to do. We'll place them side-by-side in the master. Of course I'll take pictures when they are in the room.
It matches the bench we already bought for the room...
Another wish-list item from West Elm is this sectional they have. I think I'd like it in leather, but Leo doesn't like that. Plus, its kinda pricey in leather. Anyway, the scale of it would be perfect for our living room! But again, we cannot justify the expense right now. I'd try to sell our current couch, if Jake (asshole) hadn't chewed up one of the pillows to the point where I need to replace the zipper. Oh, btw, anyone know how I get a zipper replaced on a couch cushion? Please advise in the comments if ya do.
Over the weekend, I stopped to grab a sandwich after a particularly productive Saturday morning flurry of activity hanging shelves, photos, and generally cleaning up the spaces of the house that have been a mess since we moved everything back in after construction. There was a girl at the sandwich place that was wearing an adorable outfit I tried my bes to somewhat replicate on Saturday night when we went to the Moose, but it was impossible due to a lack of one very important item. A retro-style jacket that pulled the whole thing together. I was very sad.
Sunday, Leo and I stopped by Target to grab some baskets for storage in the office, and on our way out, I found this!
It is PERFECT, and exactly what I needed! I'm wearing it right now, in fact. And I feel adorable. (If stuffy-headed...)

Friday, November 14, 2008

License Plate Game!

Last night on the way home, I saw a car with a license plate that said "HTEFUL" on it. It made me cock my head to the side, since, as a well-known hateful person myself, I can't imagine I'd just advertise that quality in such a manner.

Am I reading the license plate wrong? What do you see in those letters? Or is it too late now, and my power of suggestion has caused you all to see exactly what I see? Sorry about that...just add it to the list of things you can hate about me! :P

Also, I have a note in my notebook that I wrote a while ago, but forgot about until now. I made the note while I was behind a car that had a bumper sticker (which are hideous and awful and blech-inducing in their own right) that said "Jesus is my Homeboy" on it. And it was a 20-something chick driving the car.

Um, WTF?

Not that I have a problem with Jesus being one's "Homeboy" of course, but it just seemed a bit...out there to me. First of all, the term "Homeboy" is sooo, so 90's. And to refer to Jesus that way, even with the respectful capital letter at the beginning of the word, just seems to be sacrilege to me. Almost as much as sticking the sticker onto the car in the first place.

Its Friday! I get to have sushi tonight! With friends we haven't seen in a while! Woo!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

I love carpooling!

Today was my neighbor's day to drive to work. There's something nice about being driven to work by someone else, and not having to worry about parking and all that crapola. Its like a free day for my arteries and blood pressure. Aaaaahhhhhh....

I have pictures and stuff that I need to upload in order to tell proper stories, so I don't have anything real to post today. Except that I knew that this would eventually come out as a hoax, and can't believe I didn't say it last week. I also wish that politics would just go away. Just go away NOW! ::sigh!:: But its still everywhere, thanks to the crappy state of the economy, and how the government is seeing fit to try to "fix" it. Its really tiresome to someone a apathetic as myself.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

On which occassion, there was some cake. And martinis.

A couple of weeks ago, Leo and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary. Being as awesome as I am, I'm just now getting around to sharing some of the pictures we took that night.

We drank multiple martinis...
This caused us to take pictures like this...(no Jakes were harmed in the drinking of those martinis)
Later, after finishing a dinner of boneless leg of lamb with homemade vinaigrette and chickpea puree (which was fucking fabulous...I've never been so excited about having leftovers before in my life. NEVER!), we drank a couple more martinis and then had cake, which Leo had toiled over all day long. He made a raspberry reduction to put in between the layers of the dark chocolate devils food cake he made, and then he frosted that with dark chocolate icing. Fucking. A.

Ok, again, I just want to remind you about the drinking of martinis that had taken place for several hours...

We have a cake...together, no?
That's MY piece!
Srsly. Gimme my cake...
It was a lovely night, and hardly any hangover at all, which was weird. Because, did I mention the martinis? Yeah. I don't get it.

Anyway, there ya go! Back to work with me now...

Monday, November 10, 2008

If its not one thing, its another.

At the outset, I'd like to state that I know that the "problems" I have in my life might not seem like a huge deal to other people. There are people dealing with death, and bills they can't pay, and evil exes that are a PITA, etc, etc...

So don't think that when I go on and on about issues that have to do with my contractor, or my fence, or my horrible nighmares I had last night (whichwere downright fucked the HELL up!), that I don't realize that I'm lucky. But I'm also just feeling run down and stressed by it all, too. So that's why I vent about it here. Ok? I hope that's ok...

Because while it seems like the contractor madness of last week might be settling down (at this point, I have to wait and see if he's going to install the window, and then decide if I just need to move on and wait to see if I get served with a lawsuit, or if I should go ahead with a complaint to the Contractor Licensing Board, or I don't know were we stand with all that, really), the fence issue is just getting fired up. And thinking about having to sue someone like Home Depot (because they're the ones I bought the fence through, so I can't go after the idiots that actually built the ugly mutherfucking thing) makes my head spin. And gives me nightmares, apparently.

Basically, they askd me las week what Iwas expecing to have done on the fece to make it acceptable. I replied tha cant see it being fixed without them completely staring oer and building a new fence, since I want it to look like this...
...and not like this...
But they don't wanna rebuild it. They have all kinds of excuses for why my fence looks the way it does, including the ugly fucking hardware being the reason for the gap in the gate, and all, so it sounds like they aren't planning on working with me afer all. Which leaves me wondering why they even ASKED what I wanted, since they were just gonna disregard it anyway!???
Its retarded. And tiresome. And makes me want to drink heavily, so I need to stop thinking about it now, really. Except that I need to call the Home Depot rep to see where they stand on all of this, since I haven't heard from her since last Wednesday. ::sigh:: Yeah, yeah...I know. Woe is me. Blah.

Friday, November 07, 2008

::sigh!:: Good lord, there's more...

Unbelievable. He sent another email. Wow.

"It's unfortunate to read your responses and see so much hatefullness after the effort that has been applied to this project. I only asked for a statement about our final billing, and instead received a threat. therefore, you can pick your window up at home depot at 135 th and 69 hwy. we will weigh our options and respond."

I don't know what he though it was to tell me that I had two options, either to go to arbitration or he'll contact his lawyer, but apparently, I was the one who sent a threat to him. Riiiigggghhht.

I couldn't help it this time. I let loose a little bit in my response (Twin, hopefully I made ya proud):

"I’m not trying to be hateful, [contactor], but I’m tired. This project exhausted me, and you’ve taken it beyond the limit of insulting by telling me that because of a software glitch on *your end* of the line, *I am* responsible for an amount beyond that which is in our contract, which you signed as well. If you had a software problem, why don’t you take it up with the software company?

Also, I wish you’d stop saying that you brought the error to my attention, when it was ME who brought it to YOUR attention. I have the email proof! I have your response! I don’t understand why you’re making this out to be an issue that I somehow am responsible for. It’s tiresome and annoying to have to keep stating the same thing over and over. We signed a contract. We abide by that contract. For some reason, I am the only person in this professional relationship that seems to understand that concept.

Your installers broke the window when they installed it. I am not going to be held responsible for the installation of the replacement. You need to install it in order to comply with the contract. Since you don’t apparently stand by anything that a contract stands for, I have no choice but to file the complaint, as previously stated in my email earlier today.

I’ve been counseled throughout this process by my father, who has been a general contractor for over 35 years in the commercial as well as the residential field in California and Nevada. I trust his judgment when he tells me that the contract is a binding agreement. He asked me if we had made any changes to the project as we went along, I told him that we had. He said that any changes that occur need to be done through change orders that are submitted and agreed upon and paid separately, which is what we did per the contractual agreement we both signed in April. He advised me to file the complaint through the Contractor Licensing Board if you decided that you weren’t going to uphold your end of the contract, and that is exactly what I plan to do.

I’m being honest. If you see that as “hateful” there’s nothing I can do about it. Except stop responding to your emails, which I plan to do from this point forward."

I wish I'd pointed out the fact that he was the one who made a threat first, and that I had no choice but to reply accordingly. I mean, basically, he told me that I can't have my window until I agree to give him more money. Helloooo? Extortion? (Is that extortion?) Whatever, it's RUDE. And so I replied as I'd been advised to!

I hope he stop sending me emails. Because, good GOD, I already have enough incentive to get drunk as hell tonight! I don't need more, thanks. Jeesh!

UPDATED: Feeling better, but didn't count on the sickening emails.

You guys won't believe this. My contractor is prepared to sue me. (For the long, detailed version of how we last left off on this situation, clickedy on this linkedy.)

I know, I know! Dude is NUTS, right? Yeah, I think so, too. It's too bad, really. He has a young family, and everything. It must be so hard to raise children when you're insane.

Anyway, he sent me an email yesterday that said the following:

"your window is now in. I thought i would hear back from you regarding our final invoicing, but unfortunatley have not. My dilema is how to handle the difference in pricing that was originally sent (in error) and what was supposed to have been sent. While i fully understand your position based off of your previous emails, i still am left with a project that did not meet it's costs simply due to a programing error in our computer. We notified you [oh my GOD!!! NO HE DIDN'T! I notified HIM. GAH! GAAAAAHHHH!!!] that this contract was flawed shortly after we began the work. (back in may). If you had intentions to not pay us, we could have and probably would have either not choosen to continue, or shown why this project would not have met it's costs.

so, at this point, we both need to consider options. I will heavily consider any type of partial payment towards the correct totals, and call it even. I'm sorry to bring this up, but i can't do work and end up having to pay for the privelage of completing the job. I could have left the place unfinished, but i would not do that as well.

If you feel you have no obligation to pay us any additional money [which I don't, DUH], then i will have to consider two other options:

1/send the contract to an arbitrator to get a ruling. that will mean both of us will probably have to go and explain what circumstances surrounded this remodel.
2/send to attorney for reiview.

i don't prefer the latter, but i also can't see working on a project and end up doing it for negative numbers. I am very sorry this has to surface. i'm happy with the results of the job, and hate to bring this up due to a stupid problem in our computer program."

So I talked to dad last night again to make sure I had my ducks in a row, and he agreed with me that I just needed to send a note in response saying the same thing I did in October, but also restating the fact that we would like the broken window that's in our closet to be replaced by either himself or a member of his team licensed to do so, as it was broken during installation in the course of construction. Here's how I responded:

"As I stated in my email to you on October 13th, 'At this point in time, I feel very uncomfortable discussing anything related to the payment on the project since it remains incomplete. Once the carpet is installed, our window is repaired, and the key to our home has been returned, I will respond accordingly.'

Right now the only thing left on that list is our window remains unrepaired. I have spoken with a trusted source who has advised me to not install that window myself, so if we could set up a time for you or another professional who is on your team to install it that would be the preferred course of action. It was broken during construction, and thus is a part of the project that needs to be completed on your behalf.

[Leo] will be home on Monday and Tuesday. Please let me know if either of those days are convenient for you or a member of your team to come to replace the broken window. He’s also home by 3:30 Wednesday – Friday, if a time on one of those days would be more convenient for you. I’m going to request that the window be replaced within 10 business days, so just let me know what time/when will work best.
Thank you."

If he fails to complete the project by not installing the window, I'm going to let him know that I'm filing a formal complaint with the state Contractor Licensing Board. If he threatens, again, to sue me, I'm gonna tell him that he can go right ahead.

This guy is a piece. of. work.

Received this response from him:
"we will be happy to do so. First, we will need a statement from you regarding your intentions about our final balance."

My response back:
"In that case, since you are refusing to complete the project you are under contract to complete, I have no choice but to file a complaint with the state Contractor Licensing Board."

His response back to THAT:
"Fine, and i will assure you a law suit."

Mine back to him:
"Good luck with that! See you in court."

Awesome. I feel so, sooo happy now. Anybody have a bottle of wine I can dive into? I know its only 10:30 in the morning, but I think I goddammed deserve it.

Thursday, November 06, 2008


Still very sick. Can't believe I came to work today. The internet is hurting my head.


Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Well, that was quick and painful.

Watched the election coverage off and on last night, and at one point, I'd switched off to watch a House Hunters episode on HGTV, when Obama had 207 electoral votes and McCain had 147, or something, and then I switched back, and it was all over. Craziness! I watched McCain's concession speach, but I didn't watch Obama's acceptance. To be honest, I had a pretty bad headache at that point, and I wasn't really in the mood for him or his crowd. ::shaking head:: Not in the mood at all.

All I can say is that I certainly hope that he lives up to that pedestal he's been placed on by his supporters. I really, really hope he doesn't let you all down. Its bound to happen in some way or another, because he isn't magical or some sort of god like it seems some have made him out to be. He seems to have been placed in such a revered place in his supporters' brains that I can't help but wonder how everyone will feel about him after 6 months or a year of his being in office. He is just a man. And he's got quite a row to hoe, you know? I don't envy him one. bit.

I'm looking forward to a more positive attitude in this country, that's for sure. So I'm gonna think positive, and of course will support him as our new President and Commander in Chief while he's in office. It truly is a historic time. I never thought he would be voted into office, and as I said in all those comments I left, mostly on XO's blog, I eat my words now that its actually been done. I'm amazed at the forward thinking of our country. Shocked in a happy way, really.

So, with that done and over with, let's look at pictures of the further completion of my master bedroom, shall we? Yay!

Last week, we received the bench I ordered from Target (which comes from a whole suite of furniture that I covet, dammit, and I wish I had a whole 'nother room in my house to furnish with it!), Leo put it together for me, and it is perfect in the room. PERFECT! See?
Ok, I just realized how that picture doesn't really show the bench off all that well. But it does show how the room is coming together, which was the point really. ::sigh!:: It's a really nice bench. With cool storage! I like it. A lot.

We still have some work to do. Art to hang. And the side tables still need to be stained. But we'll get there eventually. The room is a super-comfy one, and it is stylish at the same time. That was a goal of mine, and I feel I fully achieved it.

I'm home sick today. I got a cold on Sunday that I kept at bay with some Zicam, but it apparently just hung around somewhere inside me, only to attack me this morning. I feel like crap. So I'm glad that I brought my computer home with me, just in case McCain had won last night, in which case I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have wanted to leave my house today, healthy or not. I'm currently watching a "The Presidents" marathon on History Channel, and have little bits of work to do throughout the day that should keep me busy, I s'pose. Hope everyone else is having a lovely Wednesday.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Did you get your sticker yet?

Hey! case that's hard for you to see, what with all the cuteness of my face being distracting and shit...
If you didn't get out and vote yet, GO DO IT! I don't care if you think that your vote doesn't count (it does) or if you don't wanna stand in line (all the pre-voters saved me time, I think...took me about 20 minutes in line at my polling place), or what. Just go vote, ok? Ok.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Creature comfort

The puppies, on a good day, like to sit around dad on the couch, staring out the picture window in our living room as they wait for a neighbor or a squirrel or a falling leaf to bark at. Saturday, Jake wanted to sit like this...
Hahahahahahaha! I love it when he does this!

But oftentimes, they prefer my lap. Both of them at the same time. And its becoming increasingly crowded on my lap, as my belleh grows by leaps and bounds (no, I'm not pregnant...just fat), challenging their positions of comfort and happiness.
They don't seem to mind...