Thursday, November 20, 2008

In the mood to share.

Last night, we had the opportunity to "test" (i.e. use) the new ultrasonic dog bark deterent we bought from Hammacher Schlemmer in an attempt to save our sanity, and that of our neighbors.

It. was. awesome!!!

Apparently, Leo popped it onto the deck first, and Izzy had a reaction to it that was immediate and very, very wussy. Which is just like her, so yay! (She then had a hard time feeling comfortable going back outside without whining a bit first and seeming uncomfy with it. I wish she could understand me when I tell her that she's long as she doesn't fucking BARK! But she doesn't, so oh well! Hopefully she figures it out over time.) Jake seemed confused. He'd bark, and then stop. But then he'd bark again a little bit later, and then stop. And we aimed it at the neighbor's hound dogs because they are what cause Jake to bark the most, and while it seemed to work on them initially, and we thought we were going to be the fucking saviors of the neighborhood, eventually they just continued to do their howling thing, somehow, and the ultrasonic noise seemed to fail to have any further affect on them. No matter...Jake is our concern. And he was just sitting on the deck staring at them as they barked. So we done good on our end of things, dammit!

I thought about it later, and wondered if it would have a negative effect on dogs like our neighbor to the east, named Zoe. Who is the sweetest dog in the world, and I don't wanna hurt her ears! I asked my neighbor that I carpool with on Thursdays if he noticed any problems with his dog, Lebo. He said she was fine. He said she did seem to suddenly want more attention than usual, though. So I don't know if that was her reacting to the sound or not. It really shouldn't have been able to make it into their only has a 50 yard radius, and they're beyond that.

I was also worried that it would hurt the dogs somehow. But a little research just told me that its not painful, just uncomfortable, and that's what deters the continuous barking.

So I am happy to report that if you have a yappy dog, and you feel sorry for your neighbors because of it, but you love the dog so you don't plan on getting rid of it or, you know, killing it, or anything, this product is SUPAH-helpful. You can't use it indoors, though...only outside. It's too, too loud to their sensitive puppeh ears to use inside a walled space, so that would definitely be mean to do.

We're thinking of getting another one to put on our deck, so we can keep Jake mellow when Lebo is out in her yard, too. The fence that separates him from her is outside the 50 yard radius (we have a big mutherfucking yard, yo!), so we need another one set at a lower radius (25 should do it), so he can keep quiet when he's visiting with her through the fence. I don't know why he gets so excited when it comes to visiting with puppies through the fence! I think it's because he wants to play with them, instead of just being able to see and sniff them, but I'm no dog whisperer, so there's no way to tell for sure. Often, his jumpy excitedness just makes the other dogs move away from the fence faster. So I'm hoping that if he can visit with them without being all high-pitched-barky-obnoxious about it, it will work in his favor.

All in all, this seems like an awesome solution thus far, so I wanted to share in case it would be helpful to anyone else who has an issue with an exciteable puppy in their house. Because people who have issues like we do, but don't do anything about it? Well, that's just mean.

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