Friday, November 14, 2008

License Plate Game!

Last night on the way home, I saw a car with a license plate that said "HTEFUL" on it. It made me cock my head to the side, since, as a well-known hateful person myself, I can't imagine I'd just advertise that quality in such a manner.

Am I reading the license plate wrong? What do you see in those letters? Or is it too late now, and my power of suggestion has caused you all to see exactly what I see? Sorry about that...just add it to the list of things you can hate about me! :P

Also, I have a note in my notebook that I wrote a while ago, but forgot about until now. I made the note while I was behind a car that had a bumper sticker (which are hideous and awful and blech-inducing in their own right) that said "Jesus is my Homeboy" on it. And it was a 20-something chick driving the car.

Um, WTF?

Not that I have a problem with Jesus being one's "Homeboy" of course, but it just seemed a bit...out there to me. First of all, the term "Homeboy" is sooo, so 90's. And to refer to Jesus that way, even with the respectful capital letter at the beginning of the word, just seems to be sacrilege to me. Almost as much as sticking the sticker onto the car in the first place.

Its Friday! I get to have sushi tonight! With friends we haven't seen in a while! Woo!


Alisha said...

I see hateful also. And the "Jesus is my Homeboy" is a series of shirts that were popular a couple of seasons ago at places like UO and Journey's. There were some others to for the Virgin Mary and such.

I want sushi! I miss Friends; both the restaurant and the people.

faithstwin said...

I'd rather He be my homeboy than my hellraiser.

There is a car that drives around here that bugs the shit outta me- their lisence plate is 'BAKEAST'. It doesn't make sense unless you read the holder around it that says, "I'm never going" on top and "during winter again" on the bottom.

Then there's the other one I've told you about- "BRBFMLY" that I read as "Be Right Back Family," but you have corrected me in saying it means, "Burb Family," which still bugs.

Last week leaving the restaurant with Dad and Step Mom, Dad pointed out a plate he really enjoyed. It was on a newer model of Mercedes and it said, "1000000," and he wished he had thought of it. Not that he would ever be so ostentacious, but he was a bit jealous.

faithstwin said...

I always spell license wrong. Sheesh...

Nuke said...

A lot of times I have to sound out the plate to understand it's meaning at all.

I did try to get a plate that read "NUKE 718" once, but in MO you are limited to 6 alphanumeric characters (plus a hyphen if you like).

As for sushi, Mmmmmmmm... it's been since August I think. It's not cost effective to have by myself, as I like a little variety and even a big guy like me can't finish off 8 rolls.

Have fun tonight!

Faith said...

Dude, next time Leo and I are gonna head out to grab sushi at Friends on a Monday, I will so invite you along. :D

We're actually going to a newer place in Brookside tonight, since our friends we're meeting with live in that area, and it's a nice place. I haven't been there in a while, so I hope its still good stuff!

m.v. said...

I like personalized plates, here are some I collected