Thursday, November 06, 2008


Still very sick. Can't believe I came to work today. The internet is hurting my head.



Nuke said...

It's cuz you are a loyal dependable hardworking asset to the company Smiddy. That and you are a total bad ass and dedicated to kicking the flu's ass!

Faith said...

I thought that because I didn't have a fever (it was 97.2 today...) I should go ahead and brave it. Also, the dose of Advil Cold & Sinus I took when I got up actually helped the headache that I have on the right side of my head.

Unfortunately, it wore off around 9:30. And the subequent dose I took is doing nothing except making me dizzy.

Its bad when you cough, and it makes your head hurt MORE. That's the clue to me that I'm really sick. That and the sensitivity to light. I'm not hungry, but I'm not nauseaus, so that's a plus. I'm eating what I have to in order to keep the dizziness from getting worse.