Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Oh, hi douche!

Douche in the red Ford F-250 Dickmobile with KS license plate 598 AEQ that thought it was oh so clever the way you cut me off this morning at 75th and Nall?
Yeah, you're a DOUCHEBAG. Just because you turned on your turn signal before you started to muscle into my lane doesn't mean you were ok to go. You need to wait until I acknowledge your intention to move over by either giving you some ROOM to do so, or waving or something. Fucker. Can't just move over because your blinking light has been activated. Or maybe the fact that you were on our cell phone made you just forget that simple rule of the road, eh? In which case, maybe you aren't actually as able as you think you are when it comes to the multitasking while driving dealio.



Stephanie said...

Gee, I can't imagine... OH WAIT! The samedamnthing happened to ME this morning! Except I never intended to acknowledge the rudlyforcingmyway over Asshat!

They were trying to ditch an entire line of cars and I was actively trying to NOT let them over and force them back into their lane. They still kept coming. Batshitcrazy driver.

At that point I had to brake and let them get their way otherwise they would have hit me (perhaps I should have let them? I'll note that for next time). Of course I laid on my horn, but you know. Still totally pissed me off.

I feel ya Faithy.

Faith said...

That is EXACTLY what he was doing. He was avoiding having to "wait in line" because the lane he was in became a right turn only lane after the signal.

I was just singing along with the music, and talking to my puppehs in the backseat (today is a puppy daycare day) when I noticed his signal, and I probly would have backed off a little, IF HE'D GIVEN ME THE CHANCE! But he didn't. So instead, he got me looking at him with a mouth wide open at his douchebaggery, and then me calling him names every time I noticed him looking in the rearview mirror. Oh, and me taking pictures of his rear end, too.