Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I'm sick again. I was ok last week...still sort of recovering from the flu nastiness that I'd had the week before, but was feeling better. And then I started getting stuffy on Friday again, which turned into a full-blown attack of awfulness overnight into Saturday. And I haven't been able to shake it since. I'm thinking its allergies, but its a cough, and head stuffiness, and just unhappy. I'm taking basic meds (benadryl and sudaphedrine) for it, but I'm thinking I'm gonna have to go to the doctor soon to make sure I don't need an antibiotic instead. Dammit.

So forgive me for my lack of creativity, but all I can do lately is focus on getting the house ready for guests in a few weeks, dream of our wish-list of items we want to get, and then actually purchase the things we can (sort of) afford to get. So I thought I'd share. If you aren't interested in how we decorate our house, or what I'm wearing today, you might as well just stop reading now. ;)

This is the framed picture we plan on getting from Z Gallery for over the dresser in the bedroom. We went, we looked, we fell in love. We didn't buy it right away because we wanted to think about it more, but we've decided we can't stop thinking about it, so it's the winner. It's Matisse's "Tree." We love it!
This is the shelf we wanted to get for the bedroom from West Elm, but with shipping and handling (it isn't in the store, so we can't buy it there), we just cannot justify the cost. But its a future possibility. Maybe...
Instead, we bought two of these from Target when they were on sale last week for $112. All of the buyer comments are raving about it, and one of them suggested leaving off the back when we put it together, which is what we plan to do. We'll place them side-by-side in the master. Of course I'll take pictures when they are in the room.
It matches the bench we already bought for the room...
Another wish-list item from West Elm is this sectional they have. I think I'd like it in leather, but Leo doesn't like that. Plus, its kinda pricey in leather. Anyway, the scale of it would be perfect for our living room! But again, we cannot justify the expense right now. I'd try to sell our current couch, if Jake (asshole) hadn't chewed up one of the pillows to the point where I need to replace the zipper. Oh, btw, anyone know how I get a zipper replaced on a couch cushion? Please advise in the comments if ya do.
Over the weekend, I stopped to grab a sandwich after a particularly productive Saturday morning flurry of activity hanging shelves, photos, and generally cleaning up the spaces of the house that have been a mess since we moved everything back in after construction. There was a girl at the sandwich place that was wearing an adorable outfit I tried my bes to somewhat replicate on Saturday night when we went to the Moose, but it was impossible due to a lack of one very important item. A retro-style jacket that pulled the whole thing together. I was very sad.
Sunday, Leo and I stopped by Target to grab some baskets for storage in the office, and on our way out, I found this!
It is PERFECT, and exactly what I needed! I'm wearing it right now, in fact. And I feel adorable. (If stuffy-headed...)


faithstwin said...

That's a cute jacket.

I dig the couch but for all the time you all spend on it do you really think leather is a good idea? I mean, it's so slippery when you put a blankie on it to get cozy with. I dunno. I'm not a fan of leather. I can just imagine how scratched up a leather anything would get in my house because of the doogays.

Faith said...

I was thinking that the leather would be more durable when it comes to the dogs, but yeah...their toenails can get petty long.

Anyway, Leo doesn't like leather at all. So its not an option.

I still want the fucking couch, regardless of what material it is, dammit. :(

Cate said...

Love the jacket! Maybe I need one, too?

The print is lovely. Keep in mind that if you're ever looking for other artsy stuff to hang on the walls, you should consider etsy.com. I have founds some really wonderful artwork there, and you're supporting regular folk who are also crafty and talented. You can type in all kinds of keywords to help you find exactly what you want. Just an FYI.

I regularly have dreams of a new couch. *sigh* I'm just not ready to drop $2000+ quite yet. I think that leather is great. If you buy a quality leather couch and take care of it, it should last you a very long time and age nicely.

flowerparts@yahoo.com said...

you should be able to go to any upholstery shop in town and get a quote for replacing a zipper in a cushion cover. don't have any recommendations though on where to go...

as for the leather couch - our puggers shed like....i don't know WHAT - but a lot....so leather is the only option in our house. and even though their nails can get on the long side when they're being butts, they've never damaged the leather (at least in the 3 yrs since we've had the leather couch/chair)... and they have free reign over the furniture (i know - they're spoiled). but if leo doesn't like the leatha and your doggies don't shed like mine do then yeah - prob. not worth the cost! not that you cared to know all that - ha!

Melody-Jane Symonds said...

You have good taste. I can't wait until the time comes to upgrade my own furniture.