Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Well, that was quick and painful.

Watched the election coverage off and on last night, and at one point, I'd switched off to watch a House Hunters episode on HGTV, when Obama had 207 electoral votes and McCain had 147, or something, and then I switched back, and it was all over. Craziness! I watched McCain's concession speach, but I didn't watch Obama's acceptance. To be honest, I had a pretty bad headache at that point, and I wasn't really in the mood for him or his crowd. ::shaking head:: Not in the mood at all.

All I can say is that I certainly hope that he lives up to that pedestal he's been placed on by his supporters. I really, really hope he doesn't let you all down. Its bound to happen in some way or another, because he isn't magical or some sort of god like it seems some have made him out to be. He seems to have been placed in such a revered place in his supporters' brains that I can't help but wonder how everyone will feel about him after 6 months or a year of his being in office. He is just a man. And he's got quite a row to hoe, you know? I don't envy him one. bit.

I'm looking forward to a more positive attitude in this country, that's for sure. So I'm gonna think positive, and of course will support him as our new President and Commander in Chief while he's in office. It truly is a historic time. I never thought he would be voted into office, and as I said in all those comments I left, mostly on XO's blog, I eat my words now that its actually been done. I'm amazed at the forward thinking of our country. Shocked in a happy way, really.

So, with that done and over with, let's look at pictures of the further completion of my master bedroom, shall we? Yay!

Last week, we received the bench I ordered from Target (which comes from a whole suite of furniture that I covet, dammit, and I wish I had a whole 'nother room in my house to furnish with it!), Leo put it together for me, and it is perfect in the room. PERFECT! See?
Ok, I just realized how that picture doesn't really show the bench off all that well. But it does show how the room is coming together, which was the point really. ::sigh!:: It's a really nice bench. With cool storage! I like it. A lot.

We still have some work to do. Art to hang. And the side tables still need to be stained. But we'll get there eventually. The room is a super-comfy one, and it is stylish at the same time. That was a goal of mine, and I feel I fully achieved it.

I'm home sick today. I got a cold on Sunday that I kept at bay with some Zicam, but it apparently just hung around somewhere inside me, only to attack me this morning. I feel like crap. So I'm glad that I brought my computer home with me, just in case McCain had won last night, in which case I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have wanted to leave my house today, healthy or not. I'm currently watching a "The Presidents" marathon on History Channel, and have little bits of work to do throughout the day that should keep me busy, I s'pose. Hope everyone else is having a lovely Wednesday.


faithstwin said...

Sorry you succumbed to the cold dude! I dig the bench, too. It looks good in there.

Sizzle said...

I think many of us who have supported Obama throughout the campaign realize he's just a man. That's why he's so inspirational to us. He has already made a huge impact on our country- not by being the first African-American President- but by how his campaign brought SO MANY of us together to take action. The record voter turn out, the people giving to his campaign. . .it's all phenomenal as far as American politics go.

He has a very hard job ahead of him but hopefully those who supported McCain will be able to give him a chance to prove himself. It's going to take all of us trying to work together to change this country.

Faith said...

I don't know what to tell you Sizzle. Obama supporters throughout the past few months have sounded as though they feel like the man can walk on water, perform miracles, and fix everything with a bit of hope, dreams, and cooperation if he were to be elected to office. Just the opinion of a McCain supporter here, so no reason to take my POV to heart, really.

And we have no choice but to sit and wait for Obama to "prove himself" right? Yeah. So again, I sure hope he lives up to all these fantastic expectations y'all have for him.

I'm a big proponent of working together with my family to make my home a happy, peaceful place. To work with my coworkers to make my workplace a pleasant place to go day in and day out. But as far as this country goes? Well, I'll just leave that to the politicians. My life is my life. I want them to stay out of it as much as possible. I'll keep being the best citizen I can be, but I certainly don't feel like I can have any kind of pull or say in changing this country. I don't have any interest in it beyond contributing to my community, to be quite honest. And I know I'm not alone in that.