Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Air Canada is being forced by the Canadian Transportation Agency to provide extra seats to overweight (and disabled...but I don't take issue with that, really) passengers at no additional charge. (Read story here.)

How does that make any sense? Being a mite (i.e. 50 fucking pounds) overweight myself, I know exactly what it is that's gotten me to this point...myself. I'm still able to sit comfortably enough in coach seats on most flights I'm on, but I have to say that the last time I flew to Orange County proved to me that I can't get much bigger unless I plan on upgrading to Business Class when I fly. Those coach seats are a little tight for my taste.

But then again, I do like my personal space, even when I'm on a plane or what have you.

Anyway, I think this ruling is total CRAP. If people are so overweight that they need two seats in order to be comfortable/for others to be comfortable around them, they should have to pay for it. If they think otherwise, then they are in denial, and need to seek counseling.

What do you think about this kind of rule?


Sizzle said...

Some people are overweight because of a disability or health-related problem. Not everyone who is overweight did it to themselves. It seems like being fat is that last acceptable "ism" in our culture. While I understand the reasoning behind being a "healthy size" I don't think it should be mandated by airlines. It's incredibly shameful the way some overweight passengers have been treated on planes in recent times.

Faith said...

Yeah, but statistically, its a very, very small number of people that are overweight due to something other than eating too much and not exercising enough. And those that gain weight due to medical issues aren't gaining enough for it to affect them to the degree that they need two seats on an airplane to be comfy.

As far as people notbeing able to exercise due to injury, or something like that, they should be able to adjust their caloric intake to offset their lack of activity, IMO.

Saying "not everyone..." doesn't minimize the fact that the majority of people that are overweight are in that position because they did it to themselves. I'm no different! I put myself in the position I'm in today!

I think far too many people have a tough time admitting that they are responsible for the situation they have gotten themselves in a good amount of the time. And obesity is no different from any other scenario.

Airlines just have to suck it up? That's not fair. As shameful as it may be, the way that extremely obese people just expect the passenger next to them to give them half of their seat for however long of a flight they're on together is bullshit. It goes both ways...

Nuke said...

I'm torn on this issue. I willingly admit that making all the seats comfortable for somebody my size is not cost effective, and to legislate this is undue interference in the airlines business.

However, even when I was fit (in the Navy, it's been a while) I thought the seats were too small. And in the fattest country in the world I am surprised at the lack of options for heavy people (regardless of how they got there).

Faith said...

Nuke, you're what? 18 feet tall? Yeah, no doubt those airline seats would be uncomfy for you, man! I feel bad for Leo on planes, and he's only 6'3".

Wemay be the fattest country in the world, but I wonder if we're still in the minority as overweight people in the U.S.? I don't know what tha stat is, but just looking around me on an average day, I'd say that being me being a Fatty McFatterson puts me in the minority for sure. And the seats on my last trip in coach were really uncomfy for me. I was so lucky to have at least a seat open between me and my neighbor, if not a whole row to myself. Upgrading to business class (bigger seats) only cost $30 more, and I did it whenever it was made available to me. Unfortunately, it was only available on the shorter of my two flights, but it still worked!

I honestly don't know what I'd do if I weighed another 30 - 40 pounds heavier.

Nightmare said...

As a large land mammal myself I think it is total bullshit. But if they are making it part of their national health care plan then I am all for it. I mean if you can't get extra seats for free when you super size it, and decent medical care, that what the hell good is Canada really? It is just America's hat, the great white north, Celine Dion is from there! What more do I need to say?

m.v. said...

You are all looking at it wrong. Screw the people who can't fit in the seat. I am in the "fat but still can fit in the seat" category and there is no reason I should relinquish any part of my seating space to anyone. I have flown next to a guy who couldn't fit in the chair and his fat ass overflowed into my space and made already uncomfortable flight even more so. In any case it should be decided between the passenger and the airline not between two passengers. If I am stuck in this situation I should be able to get a refund equal to the amount of the space I paid for and didn't get.