Monday, December 01, 2008

Ha ha...very funny.

It’s been a while since something like this has happened. Back in 2005, I wrote about a similar occurrence that involved a pair of sunglasses.

To sum up for those who don’t wanna click to read, I’d gone home for Christmas (home being California) in December of 2004, and left my favorite pair of sunglasses there on accident. I don’t buy expensive sunglasses, so there wasn’t any sense in having them sent to me, or anything. I just bought new ones at Target to replace them, and moved on with things.

6 months later, I reached into my purse to grab my sunglasses as I backed out of the garage, and I found two pairs instead of one. The ones on top? Yeah, they were the ones I’d left in California at Christmas.

How did they get to my purse? Hell if I know! All I can tell you is (a) I don’t change purses like some women do…I carry one bag for a long while, and when it finally breaks down, I buy a new one and throw the old one away. So it’s not like I just lost the other pair in my bag, and thought that I’d left them in California all that time. They weren’t there. And now they were sitting right on top of all the stuff I had in there that I searched through daily to obtain things like my wallet and cell phone and lipstick. And (b) I have not worn those sunglasses since I found them that day. It freaked me the FUCK OUT finding them like that in my bag, seeming to have travelled all the way from California on their own over the course of the previous 6 months. They currently sit in front of a picture of my father’s mother in my bedroom. Because I honestly don’t know if she’s the one screwing with me, or if it’s my own mom, or someone else entirely.

Anyway. It’s happened again.

Last spring, I bought a couple of racer-back tank tops that were on sale at Old Navy. A gray one and a black one, good for lounging around the house, and layering and stuff. I wore them a couple of times, and then they up and disappeared. I was sad, because they were super comfy, and very soft, so I searched for them in all my drawers, multiple times mind you, and just chalked it up to an accidental discarding during one of my cleaning-out-the-drawers moments, and moved on.

Last week, feeling a bit stressed out already, I had to go in and sort and fold the laundry, like I always do, on Sunday nights. Leo and I do our own laundry separately, so it’s just my pile of undies, socks, and comfy clothes that I need to quickly work through before bed each week. I can’t remember what I was stressed about last week…could have been any number of things really, but when I got to the end of the pile, and I pulled out a super-soft, comfy racer-back black tank that I hadn’t seen in 6 months, it sent me over the edge a bit.

Leo keeps his clothes in separate piles in laundry baskets in the closet, instead of hanging them in the closet or folding them and putting them into drawers. I flipped out, yelling about how living like a teenager who’s just gone off to college isn’t what I signed up for, and it disgusted me to see it, and blahblahblah-me-being-a-PITA-wife-cakes. When I found the tank top, I asked him if he’d had it buried in his laundry all this time, and just failed to tell me about it when he found it, and decided to throw it into my laundry basket without telling me instead? He insisted he had nothing to do with it. I seethed for a bit, slammed some doors, and then went to bed.

Last night was a calmer one, laundry and attitude-wise. I went in to fold my laundry after watching a bit of “Elf” that had recorded on the TiVo, and once again, I came to the bottom of the pile as I sorted out the workout clothes from the work clothes and the socks and lounge-wear, and reached in to grab a bit of gray material that was soft…and familiar…and damned if it wasn’t the other racer-back tank top that I had bought to layer with the black one that turned up last week!

I took it out to the living room where Leo was still watching “Elf” and showed it to him. I asked, again, if he was fucking with me, and if he’d found the tank tops in his laundry baskets and just didn’t want to tell me that he’d had them buried in there all this time? He insists that he has nothing to do with them showing up in my laundry like this.

So there ya have it. Kind of fun, weird, fucked up ghosty activity around the house. What other explanation for it is there? They weren’t just hanging out in my laundry basket all this time…it’s small, and when I do laundry, I empty it every week…so its not like some stuff gets washed while some hangs out in the basket. They weren’t in the drawer all this time, either. Again, I clean it out often, so when I searched for them after they initially disappeared last spring, I would have found them when I looked. Regardless, I know what I throw into my laundry basket every week, and it’s the fact that they’re showing up there, and not just randomly back in the drawer where I store them that freaks me out.

But where does this stuff go when it gets, um, taken? THAT is what confuses me the most.

Anyone else ever experience crap like this? I know it’s called Disappearing Object Phenomenon, but this isn’t the form it generally takes. Usually, with DOP, it’s something like a set of keys, or a remote control that completely disappears, and after a good amount of searching, shows back up in the exact place that you remember leaving it. This lends itself to leaving one feeling like they’re losing it a bit. It’s not nice. Since my stuff goes on vacation for months at a time, it’s not as frustrating to me, really. It’s a teensy bit sucky, but it’s nothing that makes me feel like I’m losing my mind. It’s clearly paranormal, in my case. That makes it easier to deal with, IMO, if that makes any sense.

Share your own experiences with this phenomenon in the comments. I’d love to hear about them!


Nuke said...

I have had stuff disappear, you know like 1 sock from a pair. I have NEVER heard of this tho...

Serenity said...

This happens to me all the time. I am looking for one certain thing and I know it's been in one place for several days and it up and "moves". So, I forget about needing the thing right then and now. A day later or more sometimes it just shows up right where it had been in the first place.

Hound Doggy said...

This kind of thing happened to me. I owned this place and gave tours often. I had a special VHS tape in a TV/VCR that I always showed at the beginning of the tour. One day it wasn't there. I should also mention that at the time there were only 2 of us working there and no one else wandering around.
Anyway...we looked everywhere...I mean everywhere for this stinkin tape. It wasn't anywhere. And then later we looked everywhere again. Nothing.
Then months later I go to the little room where the tv/vcr lived and there was the tape, in the vcr like nothing had ever happened.

We had other "ghosty" stuff happen too...but that was the only missing thing-thing.