Friday, January 30, 2009

Tap water is A-Ok...

In an effort to continue to try to reduce our carbon footprint (as well as our weekly grocery bills...), Leo and I have been moving our way towards stopping with the bottled water purchases over the last few months. We had been using a Brita water filter pitcher that I'd had for years, but it was finally falling apart, and it was time to move on. So I bought him (i.e. "us") a Cuisinart countertop water filtration system for Christmas. It's plugs into the wall, and puts out hot, cold, and room temp water. But then it started blowing the circuit on the plug we had it in near the sink. So we moved it. And then the cold water just...stopped coming out last week. And the room temp water tastes funny.

And then on Saturday, I went to fill up a bottle, and noticed that the water in the tank had all this orange stuff floating around in it. Leo emptied it, and cleaned it, and we reloaded the thing to try it one more time. Sunday morning, it was back to orange water, and the filter resevoir wasn't filtering...there was water sitting in it, and not getting processed down into the main filtered water tank.

Fine. Fuck that shit. We need to return the mutherfucking thing. WOOHOO! I just found the receipt for it in my checkbook. I kick mutherfucking ASS!

Anyway, so I'm on tap water, and I'm fine with it. It doesn't taste bad at all, and we'd finally gotten the aluminum bottles that I ordered from Target for us last weekend, so I cleaned them up Sunday, and then filled mine with water. And one of them has a goddammed little itty bitty crack in the bottom of it, so it was leaking in the fridge, and creating a big puddle, and GAH! Gaaaaaahhhhh!!! I think the earth is trying to tell me something. It doesn't want to be saved.

Maybe the world IS going to end in 2012, and this is the universe's way of telling me not to worry so much about its precious resources? Because, GODDAMMIT, I'm TRYING over here!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

I have such perfect timing...

I think I might be coming down with the flu.

Hopefully not THE flu, but definitely some strain or another.

What fabulous timing! Let's see...some of the worst weeks EVAR are happening at work this week, and the next couple to follow; Superbowl Sunday is only a couple of days away; and Leo and I are flying to California for vacation in about 10 days.


Ugh. I need a nap...

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Birthday discussions...

Me: "I want boneless buffalo wings from Chilis for my birthday."
Leo: "I thought you wanted lobster for your birthday..."
Me: ...
Me: "Well, I do want lobster for my birthday. But I want boneless buffalo wings, too. With ranch dressing."
Leo: "As, like, an appetizer?"
Me: "Yes! That's what it'll be! We can make the rounds to the shittiest retaurants on the planet, eating bad food. Boneless buffalo wings at Chilis, and then on to Red Lobster for the lobster I want!"
Leo: ...
Me: "Do they have lobster at Red Lobster? Or is that just gimmick to get people in the door?"
Leo: ...
Me: "Hm. I want boneless buffalo wings, dammit. Surf and turf. A really bizarre surf and turf, but one nonetheless."
Leo: ...
Me: "Or BBQ. Ooh! Let's go to BB's Lawnside for my birthday!"
Leo: ...
Me: "We haven't been there in a while..."

Ok, so maybe it wasn't so much a discussion, per se, as really more of an exclamation. Whatever. I want what I want...the onus is on HIM to figure out how to do it. IMO, anyway.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Daylight is my friend.

Last night, Leo and I were waiting for enough "No Reservations" to be recorded so we would be able to fast forward through the commercials as we watched it. So he went into the list of what was saved in the Tivo, and lo and behold, there were new Paranormal State's recorded. He clicked on the one that was done, and started to press play.

Ok, first of all, he hates all my paranormal shows. So WTF?

And second of all, NO! "Nononono!" I said. He looked at me with his hand on the play button and a quizzical look on his face.

"Not when it's dark out," I continued. "I only watch it when its daylight out, and I can have a bowl of popcorn. Sorry!"

I wonder when he'll realize that he's married to a complete freako.

Monday, January 26, 2009


Things might be a bit spotty around here over the next couple of weeks. Due to work stuff, I feel like throwing up pretty much constantly right now, and don't know when that'll get better. So if I don't write every day this week or next, just know it's totally about me. Not you.

In the meantime, why don't you let me know how you feel about this Blagojevich character. I think he's a retarded slimeball, personally. And his interview on GMA this morning only cemented that opinion for me.

How about you? What do you think? Think he's getting dealt a bad hand because of the impeachment trial process being handled the way it is? He wants to bring in witnesses for his case. Thinks its unconstitutional to do otherwise. Swears that the context of the tapes of his conversations has been grossly misinterpreted. The dude has compared himself to Ghandi, Nelson Mandela, and Martin Luther King, Jr. He is a fucking nutcase.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Dude, why can't I look like this still?

Um, this was me. Blond. In 1999, I think. (And the Twin off to the right there...I LOVE this picture of us!)
Man, I wanna look like that again! Sheeit...


::deep breath:: Aahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!

Ok, srsly, though...this kid is in the 3rd grade. I could write in cursive by the time I was in 3rd grade, dammit! What is happening to kids these days? Also, why does this kid insert the fact that horses "can put thir legs strait up." Huh? Um, when they're dead, maybe. What kind of sick parents does this kid have, anyway?

Andplusalso? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!

Obnoxious! Oh, that how people feel when trapped in conversation with ME? Ooohhhh...

I wasn't able to log in all morning, due to Google going through its monthly "we think you're a virus" schpiel on my computer at work, dammit. Clearing the cache didn't help, so I finally just stopped making an effort anymore, and left it alone for an hour, and just now was able to get in! Woohoo!

But srsly, WTF is up with that happening all the time? It's really obnoxious.

It. Is. Friday muthafuckers. I don't really have anything else to say but that. It's been an exhausting week...the VP of my division has been in town, and I've been serving double duty on the admin front helping out with stuff he's needed (and then not needed, in most cases), and then we had a meeting with him yesterday afternoon that went for 2 hours instead of 1, and it was mentally exhausting. I haven't been feeling tip-top all week anyway (I think its allergies, but I'm not sure..I have headaches every day and I don't know why. I might have a tumor...), so being on my a-game on top of feeling crappy has taken quite the effort. And this all makes me wonder that if its so exhausting just assisting these people in their jobs, how exhausting is it to have to do what they do? Gah.

Anywho, I'm off to read some blogs and catch up before I have another meeting at noon-thirty. At least its kind of a bullshit meeting...just a few admins discussing a new policy and how to handle it. The worst part about it is hearing the fucking dumb and useless questions other admins manage to come up with, but I'll survive. As long as people can't hear as I roll my eyes umpteen gazillion times through the phone line, it'll be fine.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Seen at lunch...

While on my way back from dropping off my shirt and sweater that I had been given for the new job that I quit last week, I saw a woman sitting and waiting to turn right.

Yeah, she had a green arrow. This bothered me even though I wasn't behind her waiting to turn, and was just a bystander observing her idiot behavior. So I yelled and gestured, as though it would make any difference at all. It's what I do.

And then I saw her license plate.


Um, yeaaah. Not so much with the clever there, sista. Not so much.


I just purchased a supply for my use at work. A desk calendar refill.

Purchased with my own credit card, I might add.

It sucks that I can't even get approval to order 4 boxes of pens, and a few stacks of sticky notes to replenish our current supply. And which would (should, anyway) last for a minimum of 6 months.

My boss is afraid he might get called in front of the CFO of the company to explain our last supply purchase, which totalled a whole $143.

I have a wall calendar that I bought with my own money a well, but its an Anne Taintor calendar that spices up my space. So I would never expect the company to cover anything like that! My desk calendar, where I write down meetings, and keep track of things that have occurred, though? Work-related things? Yeah. That should be covered, IMO.


BUT. At least I have a job. Right? ::sigh::

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Feels like Monday...

I watched the inauguration stuff on the computer today, so I didn't miss much. Good speech, I thought. I have a hard time grasping the desire for so many people to be there as it happened, in this day and age of television, internet, and all that good stuff. But I have a hard time understanding any kind of desire to be a part of a large crowd. Even when it comes to things like football games, concerts, amusement parks, etc, etc...I was talking to my neighbor about it on our way to work. He said something about me being the same kind of agoraphobic as he is. That nailed it on the head.

If you couldn't already tell, I don't like people very much. Put me in close proximity with many, many of them all at the same time, and you have yourself a recipe for Pissed Off Faith Soup, dammit.

I was glad to have a comfy seat in a warm place where I was able to see all kinds of different camera angles of it, personally. I know it's historic, and amazing, blahblah, but still...too many people! GAH!

I'm glad this is a 4 day week. Ooh, and Leo and I watched a really great documentary about 1968 with Tom Brokaw last night on the History Channel. Awesome program. Highly recommend it, if you get the chance to watch it. I know I learned about all the things that happened in 1968 through all the history classes I was in over the years, but I don't think I ever put 2 and 2 together to realize how so very much happened that year it was utterly ridiculous. Watch it, if you get the chance.

Friday, January 16, 2009


Does anyone know what's up with Heather? Is she ok? She wasn't at the meet up on Tuesday (and neither was XO, which sucked also, dammit...), and she hasn't posted in a week. WTF?

Question re: your take on "news"

Something has been bothering me lately. (I know, I're probly all, "Um Faith? What HASN'T been bothering you lately?" And that is a can o' worms you just don't wanna open, really. Just walk away from that can. Save yourselves!)

Every morning on the news this week, I've noticed that they've reported on at least one house fire that happened overnight. They spend time and money focussing on these stories as though they matter to anyone other than the homeowner, their family, and possibly their neighbors and insurance company. I mean, unless a whole block has gone up in flames, really, who is it news to? Why would anyone else care about someone's house lighting on fire besides the people who live in and around that house? And I'm pretty sure they're already aware of the occurrence after its happened, so yeah. News? Really?

Um, not really.

Is this just a stupid opinion I have? Or do other people share this same grievance with me?

Thursday, January 15, 2009

It's your ASS, ok? I wouldn't lose any sleep over it.

I take issue with toilet seat cover users. Its not that you bother me so much as I just don't understand you. It's your ass. Are you able to magically eat a sammich with your ass, and I just don't know it? In that case, fine. Understandable that you're trying to keep the germs off you when you sit down. Andplusalso, let's never go to lunch together, mkay? If you are NOT able to magically eat a sammich with your ass, then tell me, why do you use a seat cover? (And for those magic ones out there, did you know that it's not really helping all that much, anyway? Hope that helps you save a few seconds the next time you hit the stalls...)

I have a favorite stall here at the office, and as of late, it has been a problem for me to head into the bathroom, and find that the last person who used my favorite stall has forgotten to check and make sure that their toilet seat cover got flushed when they were done. This pisses me off verily.

After this happened two days in a row, I had HAD IT. Usually, if it happens once a week, I get slightly ticked, but two days in a fucking row? I mean, look, this ain't your private fucking bathroom, ok? Fucking make sure that everything flushes, you mental giant!!!

So I felt there was only one option left for me to take. I had to write a note. And hang it inside of that stall. (And yes, there was only one place for me to take this picture from, so just try not to think about that as you look at it...)
What, you can't read that? Does this help?
For those that are having a hard time reading that it said:


Did you use a toilet seat cover? Bully for you! Your bum must be clean as a whistle.

Just a quick question for ya, though...did it flush when you were done? Why don't you check and make sure, eh? Because, if it didn't, then how disgusting is THAT for the next person who needs to use that toilet?


I was friendly...I used the word "bum" instead of "ass" which was the original way I had it. And I said thanks at the end. So hopefully that helped.

Thus far, it has been successful. We've gone two whole days without a problem. But if it happens again, I might have to find new and more exciting ways to get my point across. Dude...I might just steal the toilet seat covers, and stash them in the file cabinet outside the bathroom! Hahahaha! Then EVERYONE'S ass will be exposed! I'm so eeeviiiillll....

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

That was a much better idea...

So I called the other job yesterday, and told them that the whole "on call" bit wasn't going to work for me. I felt bad, and I'm never flakey like this, honestly. But I clearly misunderstood that it was going to be required of me to have to deal with shifts like that, and being that it isn't my main job? I just don't have the gumption to deal with it. For $8.50 an hour? Huh-uh.

It really is too bad. ::shrugs:: Oh well!

I had a great time at the meet up last night, though! Met some new people, like Zach and Obervant Bystander, which is always fun. Got to see Erin before she goes and moves this coming weekend. Ate some pizza. Drank some $2 beers. Good times.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

UPDATED. Dammit...Well, I can say that I don't like it much.

I'm not sure yet if we can make it to the meet up tonight, just as an FYI. I have one of those silly "on call" nights scheduled at the 2nd job, so I won't know until 4:30 whether or not I'm working. My guesses are that I won't be. But it remains to be seen.

I hope I see a bunch of you locals there! I'll text Heather, or something, if we aren't able to make it.

I hate this "on call" shit...

UPDATE: Yeah, they're "using" my on call tonight, whateverthefuck that means. I think I'm going to talk to them about how I really don't like being an "on call" employee, and if I can't just get regular shifts from now on, then I'm gonna have to give back the uniform and say goodbye. Sucks, but it is what it is! I don't even have dinner planned, goddammit. I was ready to eat my first Waldo pizza tonight...

Update to the UPDATE: Yeah, I think I'm going to call them back and quit. I don't like this "on call" thing at all. And I really don't need the job as much as I thought I did. I hope you all still respect me in the morning!

Monday, January 12, 2009


Lost another couch cushion over the weekend, dammit. It didn't happen while we were gone getting food on Friday night from Lulu's downtown. And it wasn't while we were out at the Moose for a good portion of the afternoon on Saturday. Nope. It was while we were having some alone time on Saturday night in our bedroom that Jake decided it was time to kill another zipper on a couch cushion. All it took was 20 minutes, dammit. Little asshole. He's already taken out the big cushions, so he's been working on one of the smaller throw-pillows over the last couple of weeks instead. ::sigh!:: Little dude really sucks ass when it comes to that kind of thing. As I sat on the couch on Sunday, trying to get the zipper to come back together again (he chews it until the zipper undoes itself from the zippy mechanism, so it's just hanging onto one side of the zipper and I have to rehook it onto the other side...which really, really sucks to have to do, dammit), he sat on the floor staring at me as if to say, "Hm. That was a nice treat. I can't wait until I have another chance to suck on it again!" And I just looked at him and said, "Grrrr! Bad dog, Jake. Bad, bad, bad..." over and over. As if it makes a difference.

But still, I'd much rather take my awesome puppies to any children at all. On New Year's Eve, I had the chance to meet an old friend's kid for the first time. He was sweet, though, so I'll give him that. And he didn't destroy any couch cushions while he was in my presence, so he has that going for him, too.

As we sat on the couch talking, our other friend tried to take a picture of us, and I said, "No fair! I don't have a baby to help block all the fat I got going on over here!" So she threw a cabbage patch doll at me. And as the other friend fed her baby, I fed mine as well...

I like how she caught the sincerity on my face. Sometimes, it can get lost in the moment, you know?

There was also a puppet in the area. I have a hard time leaving puppets just be like that, so I brought it to life. I was unaware of the fact that I take on the facial characteristics of the personality I give said puppets when I'm manipulating them...

Hahahahaha! Baby vs. puppet!
(The puppet totally won, btw. Babies should know better than to try to go up against MY puppeting. Silleh babehs. We didn't get any pictures of the aftermath, as it wasn't a very pretty sight. Believe me.)

I don't care how sweet they can be at certain times, I'd still take puppies over babies any day. Nyah.

Friday, January 09, 2009

That little nagging feeling of defeat.

I have no passion for anything right now. None. I feel worn out, all of a sudden.

I wonder if its a side affect of the fear for my job I have right now. Hm.

The other blog I started about a month ago? Yeah, I haven't updated it since Christmastime. And I have no interest in updating it. I read other design blogs for inspiration, and I feel like they are so heads and shoulders above mine, there just isn't a point to even trying. (They're Decor8, Door Sixteen, Making It Lovely, and Desire to Inspire, in case you were interested.) I'm still interested in decorating, but I'm not as gung-ho about it as I was for a while there. Is it because I'm pretty much done with the house for the time being? I dunno.

Its sad that I feel like this. ::sigh::

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Oh no. Nononononono...

Please send good, healthy, get well vibes to my dad today. I was just celebrating the almost 1 year anniversary of dad's new lung! Dammit!

Also, Twin? I kinda don't like finding out about this shit by reading it on your blog, mkay? For future reference.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

The beginning of the year is always like this.

Nothing is going on. Nothing. Getting back into the swing of actually having work to do at work finally caught itself up, and now I'm back to being a little bit bored, but still wildly grateful to be employed.

I didn't get called in to my 2nd job last night. And I call in about 20 minutes to see if I go in tonight. I'm guessing it'll be a no-go again, but we'll see.

This moring started out rough. When I went to drop the puppies off at the playplace, several people were all arriving at once. I got out of my car and inside the vestibule before this other guy who arrived at roughly the same time, though. Douchebag apparently couldn't have waited 5 seconds for me to get inside with my 2 15 pound dogs before he tried to crowd into the vestibule with us with HIS 160 pound Bermese Mountain Dog at the same goddammed time. (This dog was the size of a person, no joke. And it was big and scary looking. Which makes sense, since it has a douchebag for an owner...) So as we waited for the inner door to be opened for us, his dog barked a big, deep, scary-sounding bark at Jake, who apparently had the balls to look at him or something, and set Jake off into a barking conniption that he wasn't easily calmed from.

You know, just a wee bit of patience and consideration would have been all it took...he just needed to wait a few seconds before taking that dog out of his car and trying to come in at the same time. But, NOPE! I'm sure his time was much too valuable for that kind of thing.

To prove how awesome he was, I was backing out of my parking spot, and as I cranked the car to the right, I saw that he was pulling out of his spot at the same goddammed time. I honked. I mean, c'mon man! You can't be THAT unaware and toolish, can you? Ugh!!!

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

My new (2nd) job...might be starting tonight? I dunno yet.

I don't know how to feel about this, so I thought I'd bring it here to "talk" it out. (Although it appears as though something is wrong in the comment area, since my last post with all the pictures was tres witty, and no comments? C'mon guys! At least tell me how awesome my cleave is, dammit. You know what a comment whore I am! Fuck.)

Ok, so my new job at West Elm kicks in this week. Sort of. I went in to see if I was on the schedule at all last Friday, and I was! 3 nights this week! But they all said "(OC)" next to the shift times. So I checked and that means I'm "on call." Meaning that I have to call in an hour before the shift starts to see if they need me.

Um, I haven't even had one training shift yet. So is the "on call" thing the best they could do? Its nerve wracking enough just starting a new job, meeting people, etc, etc...but to not even know if you'll be working until an hour before the shift? That, IMO.

I know that hours might be limited, and I'm grateful for whatever hours they can give me, of course! But to start me off like this...kinda just sets me in a semi-irritated mood with the place. I can understand doing an on call shift for the 3rd or 4th shift I work...but the very first one? Rubs me the wrong way.

Am I weird for thinking that way, do ya think? Also, when I called in about a problem with the time they had down for my on call shift tomorrow night (they have me starting at 5, if they'll need me, and I don't get off my regular job until 5, so that isn't possible), the manager told me they probably won't need me this week at all, but they did it just in case. I don't like that, either.

But I keep telling myself that beggar can't be choosers, dammit! And I need to just deal. And if they call me in for a shift, then great. If they don't...fine. Maybe I'll have more definite shifts next week, right?


Monday, January 05, 2009

Christmas Photos! Just hear those ice cubes chinkeling, ring ching chinkeling too...

Ok to begin things, first and foremost, this is the ever-important sequence to remember with Faith around the holidays, no matter who you are...Pre-drink:
During drink...
Looking like its a good one!
Ahhh! Happy Faith! Well done.
Ok, now on to the rest of the silliness. Leo and his brother both received identical sweaters from different people. They were different colors, at least. This kicked off mucho shenanegans throughout the holiday...such as posing in the kitchen together:

And then Leo's brother wanted to take pictures with the funky hat-helmet thing that their dad had given Leo for his birthday this year. (Apparently, all the students were gonna be wearing them this season at the game. Um, no they didn't.)
Me posing with brother-in-law when we were out at the bar. Hey, he might as well know now what kind of crazy sista-in-law he got when Leo married me, right?
Ah, Leo and his mama cooking in the kitchen. I was off in the distance, drinkin merrily at this point. Yay!

FIL fell asleep afer breakfast, or a mid-day drink, or somethin'. He looked so peaceful...PHOTO OP!
Smell mah belleh, pops!
Thumbs up to the big guy napping!
FYI, I didn't find these photos until after he'd woken up. Had I known this was going on while I was drinking in the next room over, I would have definitely offered up some makeup for them to "experiment" with on his face. That would have been so fucking awesome...
The puppies were troopers throughout the visit with the in-laws. Izzy got used to them...eventually. Jake just gets in his own world whenever he needs to, but likes going after people all the same for the attention he can get from them, so he was loving every minute of it. Although he did have a need for some quiet reflection now and again...
This was likely a momentary respite before he found a twig or a patch of snow that he felt needed a good barking at.

Not to worry...if he can't find something to bark at to release his frustration on, he takes it out on the kitteh. The new camera is AWESOME with the close-up photos!
Izzy would just collapse on the blanket when she needed a moment. Poor girl! Everyone wants her to like them! She just coudn't give two shits, and would prefer if they'd just let her hate be...
After everyone had gone, Izzy was able to get back into her usual position of attempting to smother Leo's belly. And Jake tried morphing into a spidermonkey...
Because he apparently isn't cute enough already.

I'm a bit behind...

Sorry for the delay on a post. I'm just taking more time to catch up this week than I expected.

I had food poisoning on Friday night into Saturday night, and didn't feel better until Sunday morning, if that makes ya feel any better. Got it from a sandwich that, by all identifyable purposes, seemed just fine for consuming, and so I did. And I paaaaiiiid for it, dammit. (And no, I won't tell you where I got it, because I think it was a fluke. Ok, was at Dean & Deluca in Leawood. I grabbed a club sandwich from the deli case. I think the bacon might've been past its prime, but its hard to say for sure.)

I finally have photos from Christmas that I plan to put up in a bit, so keep an eye peeled for those. Later!

Friday, January 02, 2009

Its just Friday, is all.

Nothing eventful is going on, so I don't have much to write I'm afraid. New Year's Eve went was a quiet night with friends at their house after watching a good portion of the KU game at the Moose with other friends. It was nice.

Until I turned to kiss Leo at midnight, and he was on the phone with his parents wishing THEM a Happy New Year. Nice. Real fucking nice. I wasn't much less than a bitch to him for the rest of the night. It was an awesome way to begin 2009.

Yesterday, he woke up sick, and stayed home to sleep while I went to watch games with friends at the Moose. He came up to watch part of the Rose Bowl game with us when he felt better, but only stayed for 3/4 of a beer and then went home again. I hope he's feeling better today!

So yeah...glad its Friday, and quiet around the office. Hope your New Year's Eve and Day were nice ones!