Friday, February 27, 2009


Ew. Ok, the stress test went fine, but ew! I didn't know I had to walk as long as I did, as fast as that, and at such a high incline. Thank goodness I have a regularly high heartrate as it is...I got there, and got hooked up and it was already at 105 - 110. They needed me to get to 157. And then they just wanted to make sure I could go for 10 minutes, and I was all, yeah, it shouldn't be a problem...I'm not as much of a cow as I appear to be! But then I started the treadmill and it went right up to this crazy incline, and I asked where it started and they said, "Oh, it starts at a 10% grade, and increases from there." Oh, GREAT! I mean, I can walk forever on a 5% incline at a pretty decent speed, but 10%? Mutherfucker.

Took about 5 minutes to get my heartrate where they wanted it, and it was at the 170 range by the time we were at 8 minutes, going a normal 3.4 RPM (which is what I do at the gym for 30 minutes, usually...), and what I would guess was 12% grade. And then it went UP and the speed went to God knows what, and I was all, "You know, I have to go back to work! And now I'm all sweaty...I did NOT know it was going to be like this!" They were all nice, though. Got me a towel and some water when I was done, and I just wound up going home to change after it was over. Nothing else I could have done, really. I was a mess.

Everything came out kosher, though. Nothing looked weird. They suggested that what I'm feeling would likely be due to anxiety, which is natural in lots of women. I think that's what accounts for the facial ticks, too, so I think in a month or so, I'm going to make an appointment to get with a doctor, and get on some medication for my anxiety/mood swings. It just seems the best route, really.

Ok, I'm off to float about on the internet. Happy Friday! Have a good weekend! (Even though the fucking snow around here is happening on a fucking Saturday, instead of during the week, which might've given me a day of working from home, but noooooo. HAD to happen on the weekend, right? Douchey weather...)

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Like all things, this too, shall pass...Yay!

Well, it seems that the Man Cold might be moving on. Leo was feeling better yesterday, and even cooked us a yummy dinner after work, which I really appreciated since it was my day to feel off kilter, apparently. (My lower back was achy and being mean, so I wasn’t interested in cooking.)

The physical went well. We talked about my heart flutteriness, and the tight chest feeling I get sometimes when I’m feeling stressed and moving quickly. We also talked about the development of the facial ticks I get when I’m tired and/or stressed. And the mood swings. My blood tests all came back with decent numbers, with the only concern being in the triglycerides area. My good cholesterol is in a great place, and while my bad cholesterol is a bit high, it’s not a scary high. (I’d still like to work on it, though…probly need to cut out any and all ranch dressing intake, dammit. It’s not a lot, I swear! Gah. Stupid body…) I probably don’t have any cancers, I’m not on the verge of diabetes at all, and my thyroid hasn’t given up on me yet, which is all good news.

So. To battle the triglycerides, the doctor said that giving up the beer intake would really help. Done, I said. I’ll give it up for Lent. (Vodka is ok, she said. So I’ll just be switching back to having a couple of blueberry Stoli’s and soda with lime on Saturdays instead of the 4 – 6 Bud Lights that I had been having. No big deal.) The wine I drink is fine, especially because I don’t drink it to excess. So that’s the plan. And before anyone goes making “helpful” suggestions, just know that we rarely eat red meat – and when we do, its usually lamb, I eat a lot of beans and tomatoes and veggies, and while I’ve been working on incorporating dairy back into my diet, it’s only lowfat/2% options like cottage cheese, sour cream, and goat cheese. No ice cream. And butter is used sparingly. We eat buffalo (which is an ultra-lean red meat that processes in your body like turkey or chicken), turkey, chicken, and fish. So really, the beer thing makes the most sense for me. We’ll see what happens after I cut it out for a year…I bet the numbers go down!

The heart stuff concerned her a bit, so she’s sending me for a stress test and EKG tomorrow morning, just to be sure nothing is too far out of whack. I expect things to be fine, but we’ll see. I noticed last night when I took Advil for my lower back pain, and then laid down on the couch, that the fluttery feeling was there for a little bit. Not in a terribly bad way at all…but it was there. I thought that was an interesting correlation, and plan to bring it up with whoever is running my stress test tomorrow morning.

The facial ticks – well, I’ve had them for years. My eyes tick almost constantly. It used to really bother me when I was at my old job with the mortgage company, so I looked it up once. Said that a major cause of the ticks is stress and being tired. Both of which I was dealing with on a regular basis.

Lately, I’ve noticed a new tick. When I blink, the left side of my mouth responds by twitching with the blink. Sometimes, it’s more pronounced, and that’s usually when I’m really tired and/or stressed. So I don’t think much of it, but the doctor wanted me to pay attention to it, and thinks that a visit to a neurologist might be in order as well. Just to be sure. I’ll monitor it over the next month, and figure out what needs to be done. If it weren’t for my regular bouts with headaches as well, and the horrible moods those headaches put me in, I’d dismiss any worry at all. But putting all of those things together, along with the fact that the mouth tick just started happening over the last couple of weeks, and I think getting checked out by a neurologist might not be all that bad of an idea. We’ll see.

Coupling the renouncement of beer with my current Weight Watchers movement should help with the poundage loss as well. I’m down a few pounds (like 4…so not a huge amount by any means) since I started WW, and tend to lose about a half a pound to a pound a week. Superbowl week threw things off…I’d lost 3 pounds up till then, and then gained it all back after the game! So it was like starting from scratch again, and I’m not letting that happen from here on out. While I ate like a queen when we were on vacation, we moved around so much between our trip to San Diego, visits to the local beach at dad’s, and the museum visit in Malibu, that I didn’t gain anything while away. And I’m looking forward to the weather improving, so I can incorporate more walks into my daily routine soon.

So, basically, I’m on the road to good health after taking a few months off. I wish I didn’t have to give up beer, but it’s for the best, I suppose. So long, old friend! I’ll see you again when I’m in my 70’s, and I just don’t care anymore about what you do to my body!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

For God's sake woman, he's a man...

Our household has been in a little bit of a limbo pattern over the past few days.

Why? Well, the dreaded "Man Cold" hit it, and its like death stopped by to hang out for a few days with us until the worst passed. You'd think someone lost use of their limbs, things have been so draped with an air of tragedy, for chreezy sake.

::sigh:: But such is the nature of the Man Cold. Those who live with someone afflicted with it just have to stand by and wait it out.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Holy SHIT, I look awful today! I keep catching glimpses of myself in the little mirror at my desk, and I just look bad, bad, baaaad. Oh well. My outfit is cute! So there's that...

Things have been mercifully quiet as of late. I'm going in for a physical tomorrow, and will be getting blood test results on things like cholesterol levels, and thyroid stuff, and whatever else it is they test us for these days when it comes to physicals. I haven't done something like this since, oh, the year my mom died. Soooo its been about 11 years, almost. I'm so cool.

But the thing is, I've been feeling fine until lately! But over the last few months, I've had a heart fluttery feeling thingy happening, and my mood goes from mellow to crappy in about .01 seconds for random reasons, and of course I'm heavier than I've ever been. So its a good idea. I'm hoping the results won't be too, too terrible. But we'll see. I've been working on losing weight via Weight Watchers for a little while now, and while it's been successful every week except the week of Superbowl (I gained back everything I'd lost to that point in that one week...because I'm awesome), and I'm down a few pounds, and expect to keep losing if I continue on the path I'm on. But I still need to get back into the swing of working out. Warmer/longer days help. So with spring right around the corner, I should get back on track effectively here pretty soon.

In the meantime, how 'bout those Jayhawks, eh? FUCK YEAH, mutherfucker! Way to kick some OU ass last night, yo. What a fucking great game that was...

Monday, February 23, 2009

Videos, just for you.

Ok, so I suck a taking video of things with the camera. So just bear with the stupid-ass angles in some of these...

I give you The Dancing Penguin (FYI, the person that sounds like they're talking to themselves about the dancing penguin? Yeah, that's actually me and the Twin. We sound exactly alike. I swear it was not one person having a conversation with themself):

And some Shamu lighthearted funness (this is a pretty short video, so yeah):

Aaannnd some non-vacation fun in the form of Jake in the bath. Scary fact: I did not remember making this video at all. I remembered giving him the bath, but grabbing the camera and making the video? Nuh-uh. I'm cutting back on my drinking, thankyouverymuch. This is a longer video, and there's a bit of buffering happening here and there, even on my computer that should be able to handle it. So yeah. It's annoying, but I'm all over AWing my cute puppeh...:

Hope you liked 'em!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Vacation photos, anyone?

Ok, so I still haven't uploaded my videos to Google yet, but I promise to get to that this weekend. For sure. (Maybe...depends on my mood. Which hasn't been all that stellar as of late, so we'll see.) For now, I do have quite a few photos, and this batch doesn't even include the day Twin and I spent with my old friend Markus and his new fiancee. We took LOTS of pictures, yo.

So we flew into town on Monday, and then we hung out at dad's, and went to dinner that night with Twin, her girls, and dad and step mom. It was great hanging out like that again. And it was a nice way to kick off the vacation.

The next day, I took Leo to a local greasy spoon for breakfast. We used to go there all the time after mass on Sundays with dad, and I hadn't been there in years. It is right next to the train tracks in San Juan Capistrano, and for a Tuesday morning at 8:30 a.m., it was really bustling! We had a delicious breakfast that was way too huge, and then we went home and rested for about 10 minutes before heading back out to meet Twin and her coworkers at the house Twin works in. We were going to lunch with a bunch of them at 11:30. Fortunately, lunch was kind of a clusterfuck, thanks to the wondrous serving skills our waitress had, so I didn't actually get food in front of me until about 12:15-ish. So I was hungry enough by then. It was fun meeting Twin's coworkers, and being able to put faces with names, and see them in real life. And Twin's boss picked up the tab, which was so, soooo nice of her! I need to send her a thank you note...

That night, Leo and I were scheduled to meet up with his family that live in the area for beers and pizza. Being such a heavy food day, and being that it was so flipping gorgeous out, I suggested we go down to Dana Point to walk around a bit. So we did...

See? Gor. GEOUS! Such a pretty day...

We made our way over to a path that runs at the bottom of this cliff. It got really warm around the base of it, what with all the rock absorbing the sun and stuff. So for a 60 degree day, I was pretty warmed up.

Here's the view from the base of the cliff back towards the beach...

I've always loved going there when I have some down time. You can't tell from the pictures, but again, for 2:30 p.m. on a Tuesday afternoon, there were a surprising amout of people on that beach. Weird.

Wednesday, we drove down to San Diego after a lovely lunch at the old Ruby's Diner I used to work at as a waitress back in 1998. We got into town a bit early, but planned on leaving our luggage at the hotel and then going to a wine tasting and culinary center that was just a minute walk away from our hotel. Unfortunately, their hours had changed since the online info I had gotten on them was updated, and we weren't able to go in. So we found a bar instead, and drank beers and watched basketball. That night we had one of the best sushi meals we've ever had at a place calle Kiyo's not too far from our hotel. We told the sushi master behind the bar to give us what he thought we should have, and he did. It was perfect. Absolutely delicious.

Thursday, we went to Balboa Park, which was a few blocks from our hotel, and was a really great place to visit on yet another perfectly gorgeous day. (The temps while we were there were lower than they had been in the previous weeks...usually about 55 - 63 degrees out. But it was mostly sunny, and we were very happy with it.)

The park is filled with museums, and we loved the architecture...

We went to 3 different museums before heading back to the hotel to change for dinner. We met up with Lyn at Confidential (also within walking distance of the hotel), where I ate WAY too much food, but it was all so delicious, it was hard not to! After dinner, Lyn took us to a coffee/dessert place she likes a lot. Leo and I shared a pot of Hawaiian coffee that was really yummy and hit the spot. We also shared a scoop of carmel salted ice cream that was out of this world. But by the time I was done with that, I was totally ready to explode, I was so full! I had wanted to show Leo a favorite hangout that Lyn goes to, called Lamplighter, but I would have surely made a fool of myself if I'd gone there. I really needed to lie down and just moan it out for a while. They frown on that kind of behavior in public places.

Friday, the Twin and her daughters drove down and met us at Sea World. It has been yeeears since I've been, and I was really looking forward to it! Leo, not so much. But I think he wound up having a decent time.

I mean, how could someone NOT love Sea World!? Beluga whales!


...frolicking about!

Gah, I just love that I caught those shots! There is nothing more majestic or fun than watching killer whales frolicking about and having fun.

But then you see their size compared to people...
...and you're reminded of just why they're called "killer". They will eat anything. But NOTHING eats them. They're the top of the mutherfucking food chain of the sea, man. That's not something to fool around with.

Dolphins, on the other hand, are littler. (Did you know that whales are just big dolphins? Yeah, they are. We learned it while we were waiting for the Shamu show to start...) And so they're easier to imagine in the frolicking sense.

Oh hai...I'm a dolphin floating by you...

I got some really fun video of penguins, as well as Shamu, and I'll put that up next week, promise. In the meantime, happy weekend!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Stupid criminal? Or just a general idiot?

Local folks will know what I'm talking about when I discuss this Pernice chick and her douchey husband. For those who don't know, just click on this link, and then read the stories that are linked at the bottom of the page for all the background info. Go ahead...I'll wait.

Ok, you get all that? The basic run down is this: this chick in north Kansas City disappears in early January, right? She seems to have vanished into thin air, except for her cell phone and a few other belongings which were found about a mile from her home a couple of days after she'd gone missing. Her husband has been acting weird since the disappearance. I think he did it. Apparently, he had filed for divorce from her in 2007, but they reconciled "for the kids" (:rolls eyes:) soon after, and were working on making their marriage work.

Now he's posted (and taken down, due to the news story) an online dating profile claiming he's a divorced dad of two looking for a date? Are you fucking KIDDING ME???

It hasn't even been 2 months since his wife went missing! Her body hasn't been found! And he's a total suspect in the case of her disappearance!!! THEY AREN'T DIVORCED - HIS FUCKING WIFE IS MISSING!!! GAH!!! Asshole.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Midweek blah.

No pictures or video yet. It took me an hour last night just to get the stuff downloaded, and then renamed on most of the files, an I haven't had a chance to resize any photos or uploa videos to Google yet. So hopefully I can finish it up tonight to share soon!

Leo got violently ill in the middle of the night. I thought he was having a coughing fit, but then realized he was wretching into his sink in the bathroom. He was lucky he made it there, he said. He was finally able to get to the toilet and finished up there, I guess. He figured it was food poisoning. I was fine, though, so it couldn't have been from dinner! Then I remembered that he had told me about how he started eating a granola bar that my dad and step mom gave us for our trip home on Monday. We hadn't eaten them then because we'd had time to grab food before our plane took off, thanks to the delayed flight. So he was eating one around lunchtime yesterday, and after he took his second bite, he realized that it had peanut butter in it. He HATES peanut butter. So he threw them away.

We didn't even think about the fact that they might have been tainted granola bars. But now we know! I need to call my dad and step mom later and make sure they throw those suckers away immediately.

Anyway, he was better this morning. He was able to get a few hours of sleep after his episode, and he was going to get some gatorade on his way in to work. He also ae his normal breakfast, and felt fine, he said. I hope it holds out! He said he lost his entire dinner when he threw up. I don't know if it was a good thing or a bad thing that all we ate was tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches. Poor dude! But if dad or step mom were to eat one of those things? I shudder to think of what could happen!

Alright, I'm off to start my day. Is it bad that I wish it was already over? Blech...

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

MUCH better...

We returned safe and sound to the hometown of KC last night, managing to successfully complete our travels without killing any of the fellow travelers on board the planes with us, and without too much bumpiness along the way this time. ::high fives self for maintaining track record for a murder-free existence and a panic attack-free day::

While sitting in the airport yesterday morning, we heard several announcements for idiots. Apparently, the idiots were allowed to roam freely at John Wayne International (a.k.a. Orange County Airport) while we were there, as we heard not one announcement...not TWO announcements...but FOUR ANNOUNCEMENTS for items that were left all over the damned place that people needed to retrieve.

#1 was a belt at the security checkpoint
#2 was a BAG at the security checkpoint (and, ok I can kind of understand the belt, if someone is in a hurry...but your BAG? WTF???)
#3 was a purse at baggage claim 2
#4 was a watch at the security checkpoint again

Srsly? I've never heard so many fucking announcements for items left behind - and big ones, too! - while waiting for a flight. It was ka-raaazy. And those people are stoopid.

I was in a pretty foul mood yesterday. I don't like to travel...I like getting to where I'm going, but I don't like the process of getting there part. Strangers + Faith = Trouble with a capital T. Saying a pleasant goodbye to my parents was hard because (a) I hate to leave them, and (b) I hate that leaving them always involves travel via airplane all the time. My step mom understood. "I hate travel, too, " she said as she hugged me. I'm glad she gets it. It helps.

But then we got to the airport and during check in, I heard the lady behind the counter talking to someone about their overweight luggage, and stuff. And then we had to weigh Leo's bag, and the same lady goes, "Your bag is over the weight limit, so you'll need to pay an additional charge..." And I stopped her and I said, "Um, its the same weight it was on our way out here, and we didn't have any problems with it last week." So she says ok, and asks Leo to put it on the other scale they have, and when he removed it, I noticed that the scale it had been on started at SEVENTEEN POUNDS. Um, nice, American Airlines. Fucking nice. Well done, trying to fuck people over like that, assholes. So I tell the woman, "That scale is starting off at 17 pounds! That's awesome. And you just charged someone for their overweight bag. Very cool of you there." She ignored me, and Leo's bag weighed a normal amount on the scale that started at zero, surprise surprise, and she got my bag weighed and tagged, and then we were off through security.

But MAN, that did NOT help my mood!

Then I realized our flight was delayed, and that sucked a little. But it worked out, so nothing to talk about there.

And then I realized that we had better eat before we left. Because I didn't want a repeat performance of the Blood Sugar Monster that showed up last week. So we got in line at McDonald's, and while we were standing there, a girl suddenly goes, "Faith! Hi, I recognize you guys from the pictures on your blog. I'm a fan, and just wanted to tell you..." or something like that, and I was all, "Whoah! Great! Thanks!" I saw she was wearing a KU t-shirt, so I assume she's from town and that's how she knows me. But after she got her food, she disappeared, and I didn't have a chance to talk to her again. So thanks for saying hi, KU-chick! I can't tell you how much my mood changed after that! It really cheered me up! (Also, the man in front of me in line at McDonald's turned around after she walked away, and looked me up and down. I think it was because she'd said she was "a fan" and he missed that she was a fan of my blog, and probly thought I was some more interesting person standing there, like someone from t.v. or what have you. That cracked me up.) (I'm easily amused...)

Getting back to our car at KCI is always a bit of a process in itself. Its the last leg of a trip that has already exposed you to too many incompetent, ignorant, and discourteous people already, and I hate it a lot. So we get on the bus last, even though we were among the first 4 people waiting for it, and then as we approach the long-term parking lots, the bus driver calls out to ask if anyone is parked in any other lot besides "C".

Quick aside for those who don't live here: KCI is made up of 3 terminals - A, B, and C. Different airlines go out of each respective terminal, and when you park in the long-term parking lots, they correspond with said terminals. Since we were flying on American, and they are out of terminal C, we parked in lot C. Seems simple enough, eh? Yeah...

So these two chicks call back to the driver to say that they are NOT parked in C, and he calls in to his headquarters, or whatever, and lets them know that he has transfers that he's dropping off, and then they get off the bus.

All I want you to take from this is that I was totally judging those women. In my opinion, if you can't figure out how this simple lot process works, then I'm concerned about you having a driver's license in the first place. Your brain scares me.

So I'm telling my neighbor about this on our way in to work this morning, and I'm all, "How can people be so dumb??? I mean, they scare me with their complete idiocy! So annoying." And he, of course, goes, "Yeah, I've been one of those 'idiots' before. I was in a hurry, and I was late, and I just pulled into whatever lot I thought I should without even looking at the signs..." And I try to remove my foot from my mouth as gracefully as possible by saying, "Yeah, well, I can see how it can happen, don't get me wrong! I figure that those people must not travel much, is the thing..." Which is what he said his issue was. And then I tried to make light of it by saying, "Well, just so you know, I'm totally judging you for shit like that." And he said I could judge away! And then he said it totally made him even later because he had to catch a transfer to the proper terminal and everything. And then we dropped it and moved on.

Man. I hate it when I do shit like that! But you know what? I totally asked him to please pick up any packages that were delivered to the house while we were gone, and he didn't, and we got a BUNCH of them, and they were all wet and yeah. We're even, IMO.

Pictures of the vacation will be posted later this week...we got in much too late last night to be able to get on the computer to download and edit all that crap, so stay tuned! There's some fun on the way, boy...

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hey there brotha, dancin' down the aisle of a plane...

Well, we arrived safe and sorta sound yesterday here in the OC. The flight was ok from KC to Dallas. No complaints, really, except that I had hoped that we would be offered some business class seats, and we weren't. S'ok...we get to Dallas, and they ask for volunteers to give up their seats on the plane due to a weight limit thingy they're dealing with in Orange County on their runway, because of the weather. We jump up...they were putting us on a flight at 1:15, which would arrive about 2 hours after our original flight was arriving, and they'd give us $200 vouchers - EACH - that we could use for future travel for up to 1 year. WOOHOO! Sign us up! This would give us the opportunity to eat lunch, have a beer, and maybe for the weather to clear up a bit in OC.

But they told us not to call anyone yet. It wasn't for sure until they loaded everyone else on the plane and then they'd let us know if they needed us to go later.

We were feeling pretty confidant that we were getting free money, and stuff. I was all, "Hey, maybe this is the universe's way of saying sorry about those taxes, eh? And let's take advantage of everything else we can while we're on vacation, too! Like at the Hilton in San Diego? Yeah, let's get all the hair and lotion products we can from those suckers. Mwahahahahaha!" Apparently, the caffeine I'd grabbed when we got off the first flight was kicking in. Leo was all, "Um, ok." (No amount of caffeine can make him anything other than mellow, most of the time. It balances things out in our relationship.)

But then they called us up, and told us that the luggage all weighed less than they thought, so we could get on after all. "But I weigh 200 pounds. You're putting LIVES in danger, man!" They ushered us on the plane anyway, apologizing for getting our hopes up.

So not only did I have to subsist on nothing but an english muffin and an egg at 6:20 in the morning through to 12 p.m. when I was able to get some tomato juice, thank goodness, but then I had to wait another 3 hours before I was able to actually eat food.

But before that, we had to go through some of the worst turbulence I've experienced since 2003, which sent me into a panic attack, but made Leo throw his arms up in the air and say, "WOOHOO! It's like a rollercoaster!" Glaring at him, I told him to put his arms down, dammit. Stupid random fucking caffeine highs.

We got on the ground safely, thank goodness, and I texted the Twin that we had just landed, but not before we had almost died! But we didn't, so that was good. And that we'd see her soon. And then we went to wait for the car rental people to slowly figure out how to pull their thumbs out of their asses, and then we were able to drive off the airport property to find some affordable food. And it was the most delicious food I've had in a loooong time.

Looking forward to the week. Hope all of you have a good one!

Sunday, February 08, 2009


Well, the tax gods were not kind to us this year. Fuck if we don't owe $1200 to the feds and $1400 to the state of Kansas. That's right. You JoCoans, we are single-handedly paying for your nice roads and good schools for your kids, ok? You owe us CUPCAKES, dammit!

Needless to say, this hit us a bit hard. But we'll pick ourselves up and dust off, and pay the fucking government what they think we owe them and move on. It's just a lean year...that's all. Next year we'll do better. (I hope.)

Tomorrow, we leave for vacation, and get to see the family and be in happy Californialand again. Today, I'm cleaning, and cooking, and celebrating my fucking birthday, all right? Because I get to do that now and then, regardless of the government and its evil, evil ways. Mwahahahahahaha! Suck it government! You may be able to take away any savings we had left, and all the landscaping we wanted to do in the springtime, but you can't have my birthday, mutherfuckers!

Posting is likely to be sparse over the next week, so just know that while we're sleeping in, and not working, and traveling around to see awesome museums, going to Sea World, eating at great restaurants and hopefully soaking in some lovely California weather, we're totally thinking about all of you. Totally. (Except not you, government! Nope. Fuck you!!! Hahahahahaha!)

Friday, February 06, 2009

That works for me...

Ok, the day has gotten better. I went ahead and ordered a yummy bento box from a local sushi place to officially kick off my birthday weekend/week, and although the meeting requests for my boss continue to pour in and make life slightly more difficult for me than I prefer, its dealable. And its my job, so yeah...I guess I can field them. Dammit. ::sigh::

Leo and I have our appointment with the tax guy tonight to get our taxes done, which I'm looking forward to, believe it or not. We never know if we're going to get money back or if we're going to owe, so it's kind of like a game of roulette, in a weird way that doesn't actually resemble the official game of roulette in any way whatsoever.

I have some blog links for you, since blogroll is still in a mess, and I can't update my own and add (or subtract, for that matter) anything to it to make things easy for those lazy types out there. So here we go:

Inspired By... is back to being updated a little more regularly. I'm feeling inspired again. So that's a good thing.

A Little South of Normal is a new read for me. Nora started doing that creepy Blogger "following" thing on my blog, and comments now and then on my posts. I like her a lot. I wish she'd update more, but that's just my selfish side showing through, and I try to ignore my selfish side when I can...

Style Rookie is still a regular read for me. She's an interesting, interesting little girl. I like her. You should, too.

Those of you who like the decor thing, these are my regular reads: Door Sixteen, decor8, desire to inspire, decorology, and Apartment Therapy. I branch out a bit more every now and then, but those are my regulars thus far. I haven't added a blogroll to that blog yet, so I figured I should mention it somewhere. Why not here? You guys need some inspiration to pretty-up your places, right? That's what I thought.

Ok, that's my Real Post for the day. It is a better Friday than I thought it was earlier. So there.

I'm going to get wrinkles from all this, dammit.

This day started out down, and then I felt better once I got in the shower, and then the morning routine went well, and I got out the door in a decent amount of time, and the weather is awesome, and I was feelin' good, yo.

But then I got the notification that my lunch with a bunch of friends was I drove away from my house where there was yummy stuff I could have brought with me to eat, had I known that just 10 minutes earlier. Fuck.

But then the puppies were entertaining on the way to the playplace, so I felt a bit better.

And feeling good today is nice, because its the last day before I leave for a little over a week of vacation, and that's how it should be, right???

And then we finally received some information about the company that we've been waiting for all week, and it was good news. And then I went in to pay my bills, and I got bad news. And now I'm sitting here just about shitting myself because I'm back down again.


Happy Friday? I dunno...

Thursday, February 05, 2009

So, we went to Target last night...

Have I mentioned before that stupid people kind of piss me off?

I have?

Good, then this shouldn't surprise you: last night, the parking lot at the local Target pissed me off. If it wasn't bad enough that I almost got hit by a woman who didn't understand that she didn't have the right of way in our situation, the carts blocking two parking spots that were right next to a cart return definitely put me over the edge.

Really, people? Really??? I mean, COME ON! Yes, I was able to just go over to the next aisle and find parking that was closer to the store than those spots would have been, but jeezy almighty in the sky on fire, WHY were those carts sitting in the middle of parking spots instead of being put into the return??? FUCK!

Incidentally, this is the same lot where I had received damage on my car due to a dimwit that was too lazy to put their cart into a return, and instead left it to roam the parking lot to it's hearts desire. I honestly don't know why I still go there. Fucking nimrod shoppers...

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

And it was named after ME!

Maine has an awesome new post up today. If you haven't read it yet, go now. That guy is fucking hilarious...

I reached the pinnacle of fabulosity in my job today when I completed the task of scheduling a meeting between 5 executives and several managers within a 24 hour period of time. I'm currently working on becoming The World's Best Admin Assistant, and the completion of this task in this manner is a HUGE step toward that goal. I know it might seem trite and lame to most out there, but here's the deal: We're currently going through a severe layoff process at my company. People are very, very busy with meetings about their jobs, the jobs of those that work for them, and everything around and in between. It is also the beginning of the year, so budget discussions and discussions about development of new, um, things also abounds. Time is SLIM on everyone's calendar. So the fact that I just received the request to set up this meeting yesterday at 1 p.m. CST, and then managed to find a way to get it onto everyone's calendar no later than MONDAY (that's this coming Monday, btw...not one in the distant future, which makes a difference, believe me) is fucking miraculous, ok?

So I'm gonna be celebrating that for a little while now. Go read Maine. And other stuff. I'm sure it'll be more entertaining than this drivel...

Tuesday, February 03, 2009


I'm tired today thanks to sick (yet again) dog that kept me up last night, and I'm dealing with far too much demand upon my person for being in such a tired state. So I got nothin' for ya.

I'm off to find out more about this Furminator thingy that people keep talking about. Bye!

Monday, February 02, 2009

1 more year...

It's been one year since dad got his lung transplant. I wrote about it here when I was en route to the hospital to be with him and my step mom during his initial recovery from the surgery.

I'm so grateful, it's beyond proper words for me to be able to express. I get to see him next week! I can't wait to hug him, and talk to him, and get advice, and make him laugh...

Some facts about IPF (idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis):
- Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) is a progressive and generally fatal disease characterized by scarring of the lungs that thickens the lining of the lungs, causing an irreversible loss of the tissue’s ability to transport oxygen. IPF ultimately robs a patient of the ability to breathe.

- IPF affects about 128,100 people in the United States, with about 48,000 new cases diagnosed annually. (1) 40,000 people die each year to IPF, the same as to breast cancer.

- Scarring, or fibrosis, caused by IPF thickens and stiffens the interstitium, causing an irreversible loss of the tissues’ ability to transport oxygen.

- IPF is five times more common than cystic fibrosis and Lou Gehrig’s Disease (or ALS), yet the disease remains virtually unknown (to general public and even among some physicians) and IPF receives a fraction of the research funding (IPF: approx. $18 million per year; Cystic Fibrosis and ALS: $85 million and $48 million per year respectively.

And the scariest fact of them all:
- There is no known cause, no FDA approved treatments and no cure for IPF. IPF is one of the few remaining diseases in which this is the case.

Ok, on to the important stuff...

Alright, here it is as I see it:

1. The Doritos ad with the crystal ball. It was hard to stop laughing after that one, boy.

2. The E-trade ad with the new baby who suddenly broke into "Take These Broken Wings." Fucking. A. Loved it!

3. A distant third, but still at the top of my list...the Bud Light ad where the guy gets thrown out the window for suggesting they give up Bud Light at meetings in order to save cash. That one was mildly funny, if only because of the situation many of us are in when it comes to trying to find ways to save money in the office these days.

Big loser for me? That fucking GoDaddy bullshit. Those were never funny or entertaining to me at all, though, so its not like its new.

I also am excited about the Jack Black/Michael Cera movie "The Year One" that will be coming out soon, because it looked funny as hell.

And if you don't know what I'm talking about, then you probly missed the best Superbowl ever, so I hope you had a fun day outside of that. Go look at those ads. Enjoy.