Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hey there brotha, dancin' down the aisle of a plane...

Well, we arrived safe and sorta sound yesterday here in the OC. The flight was ok from KC to Dallas. No complaints, really, except that I had hoped that we would be offered some business class seats, and we weren't. S'ok...we get to Dallas, and they ask for volunteers to give up their seats on the plane due to a weight limit thingy they're dealing with in Orange County on their runway, because of the weather. We jump up...they were putting us on a flight at 1:15, which would arrive about 2 hours after our original flight was arriving, and they'd give us $200 vouchers - EACH - that we could use for future travel for up to 1 year. WOOHOO! Sign us up! This would give us the opportunity to eat lunch, have a beer, and maybe for the weather to clear up a bit in OC.

But they told us not to call anyone yet. It wasn't for sure until they loaded everyone else on the plane and then they'd let us know if they needed us to go later.

We were feeling pretty confidant that we were getting free money, and stuff. I was all, "Hey, maybe this is the universe's way of saying sorry about those taxes, eh? And let's take advantage of everything else we can while we're on vacation, too! Like at the Hilton in San Diego? Yeah, let's get all the hair and lotion products we can from those suckers. Mwahahahahaha!" Apparently, the caffeine I'd grabbed when we got off the first flight was kicking in. Leo was all, "Um, ok." (No amount of caffeine can make him anything other than mellow, most of the time. It balances things out in our relationship.)

But then they called us up, and told us that the luggage all weighed less than they thought, so we could get on after all. "But I weigh 200 pounds. You're putting LIVES in danger, man!" They ushered us on the plane anyway, apologizing for getting our hopes up.

So not only did I have to subsist on nothing but an english muffin and an egg at 6:20 in the morning through to 12 p.m. when I was able to get some tomato juice, thank goodness, but then I had to wait another 3 hours before I was able to actually eat food.

But before that, we had to go through some of the worst turbulence I've experienced since 2003, which sent me into a panic attack, but made Leo throw his arms up in the air and say, "WOOHOO! It's like a rollercoaster!" Glaring at him, I told him to put his arms down, dammit. Stupid random fucking caffeine highs.

We got on the ground safely, thank goodness, and I texted the Twin that we had just landed, but not before we had almost died! But we didn't, so that was good. And that we'd see her soon. And then we went to wait for the car rental people to slowly figure out how to pull their thumbs out of their asses, and then we were able to drive off the airport property to find some affordable food. And it was the most delicious food I've had in a loooong time.

Looking forward to the week. Hope all of you have a good one!

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Nuke said...

Hope your flight back is a little less colorful.