Friday, February 06, 2009

I'm going to get wrinkles from all this, dammit.

This day started out down, and then I felt better once I got in the shower, and then the morning routine went well, and I got out the door in a decent amount of time, and the weather is awesome, and I was feelin' good, yo.

But then I got the notification that my lunch with a bunch of friends was I drove away from my house where there was yummy stuff I could have brought with me to eat, had I known that just 10 minutes earlier. Fuck.

But then the puppies were entertaining on the way to the playplace, so I felt a bit better.

And feeling good today is nice, because its the last day before I leave for a little over a week of vacation, and that's how it should be, right???

And then we finally received some information about the company that we've been waiting for all week, and it was good news. And then I went in to pay my bills, and I got bad news. And now I'm sitting here just about shitting myself because I'm back down again.


Happy Friday? I dunno...

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