Monday, February 02, 2009

Ok, on to the important stuff...

Alright, here it is as I see it:

1. The Doritos ad with the crystal ball. It was hard to stop laughing after that one, boy.

2. The E-trade ad with the new baby who suddenly broke into "Take These Broken Wings." Fucking. A. Loved it!

3. A distant third, but still at the top of my list...the Bud Light ad where the guy gets thrown out the window for suggesting they give up Bud Light at meetings in order to save cash. That one was mildly funny, if only because of the situation many of us are in when it comes to trying to find ways to save money in the office these days.

Big loser for me? That fucking GoDaddy bullshit. Those were never funny or entertaining to me at all, though, so its not like its new.

I also am excited about the Jack Black/Michael Cera movie "The Year One" that will be coming out soon, because it looked funny as hell.

And if you don't know what I'm talking about, then you probly missed the best Superbowl ever, so I hope you had a fun day outside of that. Go look at those ads. Enjoy.

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