Sunday, February 08, 2009


Well, the tax gods were not kind to us this year. Fuck if we don't owe $1200 to the feds and $1400 to the state of Kansas. That's right. You JoCoans, we are single-handedly paying for your nice roads and good schools for your kids, ok? You owe us CUPCAKES, dammit!

Needless to say, this hit us a bit hard. But we'll pick ourselves up and dust off, and pay the fucking government what they think we owe them and move on. It's just a lean year...that's all. Next year we'll do better. (I hope.)

Tomorrow, we leave for vacation, and get to see the family and be in happy Californialand again. Today, I'm cleaning, and cooking, and celebrating my fucking birthday, all right? Because I get to do that now and then, regardless of the government and its evil, evil ways. Mwahahahahahaha! Suck it government! You may be able to take away any savings we had left, and all the landscaping we wanted to do in the springtime, but you can't have my birthday, mutherfuckers!

Posting is likely to be sparse over the next week, so just know that while we're sleeping in, and not working, and traveling around to see awesome museums, going to Sea World, eating at great restaurants and hopefully soaking in some lovely California weather, we're totally thinking about all of you. Totally. (Except not you, government! Nope. Fuck you!!! Hahahahahaha!)


m.v. said...

Happy birthday! Sorry about your taxes. I always up my deductions so this doesn't happen, not the brightest idea but it works.

Donna said...

Happy birthday! Have a nice glass of white wine on me.

Nora said...

Happy Birthday!!! Maybe hearing that I owe $6000.00 (yeah, that's the right amount of zero's) will make you feel a bit better about things! Have a wonderful and safe trip to Cali.

lyn said...

happy birthday! we'll definitely have to celebate in so-cal. i have th/fri off so let me know when.

p.s. it's raining here...hope it clears up!

Nuke said...

Not from KS, but gimme a shout if you need help polishing off the cupcakes.

Till then, I hope your trip is kickin ass like Bruce Lee playing ping pong!

Spyder said...

Happy Birthday Biatch! Have a great time & hug Dad for me. He's in my prayers!