Friday, February 27, 2009


Ew. Ok, the stress test went fine, but ew! I didn't know I had to walk as long as I did, as fast as that, and at such a high incline. Thank goodness I have a regularly high heartrate as it is...I got there, and got hooked up and it was already at 105 - 110. They needed me to get to 157. And then they just wanted to make sure I could go for 10 minutes, and I was all, yeah, it shouldn't be a problem...I'm not as much of a cow as I appear to be! But then I started the treadmill and it went right up to this crazy incline, and I asked where it started and they said, "Oh, it starts at a 10% grade, and increases from there." Oh, GREAT! I mean, I can walk forever on a 5% incline at a pretty decent speed, but 10%? Mutherfucker.

Took about 5 minutes to get my heartrate where they wanted it, and it was at the 170 range by the time we were at 8 minutes, going a normal 3.4 RPM (which is what I do at the gym for 30 minutes, usually...), and what I would guess was 12% grade. And then it went UP and the speed went to God knows what, and I was all, "You know, I have to go back to work! And now I'm all sweaty...I did NOT know it was going to be like this!" They were all nice, though. Got me a towel and some water when I was done, and I just wound up going home to change after it was over. Nothing else I could have done, really. I was a mess.

Everything came out kosher, though. Nothing looked weird. They suggested that what I'm feeling would likely be due to anxiety, which is natural in lots of women. I think that's what accounts for the facial ticks, too, so I think in a month or so, I'm going to make an appointment to get with a doctor, and get on some medication for my anxiety/mood swings. It just seems the best route, really.

Ok, I'm off to float about on the internet. Happy Friday! Have a good weekend! (Even though the fucking snow around here is happening on a fucking Saturday, instead of during the week, which might've given me a day of working from home, but noooooo. HAD to happen on the weekend, right? Douchey weather...)

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Dan said...

I had to do one of those once. I think if I did them more often, I'd work myself into good enough shape I wouldn't have to worry about my heart.