Monday, March 02, 2009

Anyone know a good rock I can live under?

It happened again. Kids in a bar. I know I’m asking for shit when I talk about stuff like this, but my story is different this time, so bear with me for a minute.

I went to the Moose yesterday to meet up with friends and watch the KU game. I got there first. The bar itself was empty. I expected at least 2 friends, so I saved 2 seats. The rest of the bar area was full of KU fans taking advantage of the $7 Bud Light pitchers, and the upgraded brunch the Moose has started serving on Sundays. Because of the brunch going until 2 p.m., there were less tables than usual in the bar, and seats in there were at a premium. In fact, while I was there, only one table became free, and it was gone almost as soon as it opened.

It wasn’t long before someone came in and sat on my left at the bar. He respected the chair I was leaning on, and took the one on the other side of it. He was meeting 2 people as well…they showed up over the course of the next 30 -60 minutes, respectively.

On the other side of me (I like sitting in the center of the bar), I had my coat and scarf on the chair to signify it was taken. About 15 minutes before the game started I heard someone say, “You guys just wanna sit at the bar?” I looked over to see a family of 4, mom, dad, and their son and daughter – I would guess the kids were about 11 and 13. The dad had his laptop open as soon as he set it down...mmkaay. Then the mom started to try to take the seat I had my coat on, and I had to stop her…”I’m sorry, I’m saving this seat for someone.” Oh, she said. They scooted down one, and took up the final 4 seats at the right-hand side of the bar. (Who the fuck does that? There was a fucking COAT on the chair! Dude. Get out more. For those unaware, the coat/purse/jacket slung over an empty chair is the universal sign that (a) someone is sitting there, and will be right back from wherever they've gone to or (b) its being saved for someone that will arrive shortly. DUH.)

I called out to the bartender, “Hey Nick, have fun with this one. [pointing with my thumb in the direction of the family] Unbelievable, eh?” As most of you well know, I don’t mask my derision with families sitting at the bar. Particularly when they aren’t there just waiting for a table in the main dining room, and when they seemingly have no clue that a big game is about to start, and that maybe GROWN UPS who are there to watch it with their friends would like a place to sit and have a few beers while they watch the game unfold. I shot more than one dirty look their way while they were there, and when my friend Jim came in right as the game began and needed a seat, I moved my coat and said he was more than welcome to that one, as long as he didn’t mind sitting next to a kid.

The family ate their food that they had ordered, and went on their way as halftime ended, and the people who had been sitting back behind a post in the waiting area for the restaurant descended on the open seats like vultures. I had heard the bartender apologize to the family for something…not in a huge way. Just a “sorry ‘bout that” and I wasn’t sure if they had complained about my mouthiness, or if the manager had actually told them they couldn’t sit there and needed to move along, or what. As far as I’m concerned, Nick was too nice, and should have told them they needed to move into the main dining room as soon as they sat down. (Isn't it illegal for minors to sit at the bar? I can't find anything online about it, so correct me if I'm wrong on that. It should be if it isn't.) But he works for tips…I totally get that he makes a living from being nice to whoever may cross his path.

Anyway, it didn’t exactly set me off on the right foot for the rest of the day. I should have stayed at home, in hindsight. Because MAN! WTF???


Maine said...

I get this whole phenomenon. I had a friend who used to argue against non-smoking bars because bars are "places of decadence" and smoking falls under that umbrella. Here are a few things to consider though:

1.) If the place is a good brunch place, they probably just wanted the good brunch and couldn't get a table. If they had a place to be afterward (which they might have since they dipped out at the half), they probably couldn't stomach the wait for a table. The bar may not have been their first choice. God willing anyway.

2.) Anyone can sit at a bar - they just can't be served alcohol. Not sure if there's a state law about it there, but I've never heard of one. Sometimes places have restrictions on underaged people entering a bar, but that's not likely during brunch hours. At that point, they're just chairs where you don't get a waiter.

3.) If they brought their kids into the bar area, odds are they don't care if the adults around them drink, swear and generally do bar-type stuff. I imagine that's factored into the decision before they sit down. You don't have to hold back. Maybe the kid would have turned around and given you a fist bump after a particularly hellacious and expletive-laden Cole Aldrich dunk.

faithstwin said...

It's illegal in CA- when we were in Lake Arrowhead with the kids once the wait at El Pappagayo was long so some of the kids started to sit down at the bar and the tender told them they couldn't as it was illegal.

Maybe he just didn't want the seats taken for possible customers who would sit at the bar and order shit? I dunno. I know when we go to Islands or somewhere similar we can sit IN the bar area just not AT the bar with the kids. *shrug*

Faith said...

I totally get that decadence argument. (Although I'm kinda pleased with the smoking ban around here...its kept me from falling back into the habit, and I smell better after being at the bar, to boot!)

1.) It is a good brunch place, but its not usually busy unless its Mother's Day, Father's Day, or Easter Sunday. No joke. There were an abundance of tables available in the main dining room, as there usually is at 12:30 on a Sunday afternoon at the Moose. They simply walked in, took a right at the hostess stand, and decided the bar was a fantabulous place to sit with the fam.

2.) Good to know. Thank you!

3.) Well, I hope they didn't mind, because I certainly don't hold back at. all. And I know we haven't met, but I'm sure it goes without saying that I'm a girl who has a voice that tends to carry...

Logtar said...

I could have sworn that I saw you driving on that access road in front of hooters... but maybe it was not you but just a lookalike...

Arizona's is the local bar for me and well, I don't ever see kids in there... this must be a phenomenon around you. I think the more you dislike a type of person, the more you seem to attract them.

Faith said...

That very well could be, Logtar. We went to Target after the game, and there was a child there wandering around with a plastic harmonica. Just blowing into it randomly. Once I found the source of the noise, I expected it to be a 2 or 3 year old that didn't know better, attached to a mother/father that was deaf and had no arms. But to my surprise, the kid was at least 9, following around a mother who seemed to have all hearing capacity and limbs in tact! Once I saw them, I loudly announced to Leo that I was going to shove the harmonica into that kid's throat if she didn't stop it soon. Magically, she stopped.

I have no shame in being vocal with my annoyances. Especially if they have no shame in being so fucking annoying in the first place.

clw said...

Steve used to hate it when I was "too vocal" about things like this (targer) - he'd be embarrassed or something I guess. Now he's the one doing it more than me. I have a child and I still have zero tolerance for such behavior - ask my son - I annoy him often!! lol

Dan said...

So, you had a lousy time, and (perhaps) caused a family to have a lousy time, too. Way to spread the sunshine!

OTOH, I'm completely with you on her trying to steal your seat.

Finally, you're a KU fan, right? Well, if so, congrats - as a Mizzou fan, I'd say you more than made up for the squeaker of a victory we got in Columbia.

Faith said...

Ok, must have me confused with another blogger, I think. I'm NOT a sunshine spreader...which I'd think wouldn't exactly be news to you, you goofy man. :P

I didn't have a lousy time. Not in the least. When did I say that? I ate brunch with my friends and got to see a great game amongst fans. The family being retarded didn't bring me down at all. They're idiots, yes, but I still had seats at the bar for me and my friends. I just felt for the GROWN UPS that didn't have a seat at the bar for the first half of the game because, you know, it was important, for some reason, for those people and their kids to sit there instead of sitting in a booth in the main dining room.

Yeah, the seat-stealing attempt was the 2nd clue for me that I was dealing with people who must not get out very often. Not cool.

And I was pleased with the outcome of the game, indeed. They need to keep it up this week, boy! Woohoo!!!

Maine said...

1.) If there was seating available in the main dining area, then let me be on the list of people that say that family can go fuck themselves. They should go to a hotel or motel or some other place where they'll have enough space, turn on some music so they don't get distracted, then spend the entire day fucking right off.

Here's the deal... when you have the kid... (which is voluntary)... you're saying "Yeah, certain things I used to do, I can no longer do." And that includes eschewing the main dining room for the bar when there are tables available. Sorry. Thems the rules.

Anonymous said...

Funny, but them's not the rules. At least not in these parts.

Faith said...

Oh Anonymous...see, they are the rules to all generally civilized, unretarded people who go out to a restaurant/bar to watch a game with their grown up friends. So you must be one of those special types who thinks the world revolves around them because they have kids. Isn't that cute? (Answer is it is not at all cute.)