Wednesday, March 04, 2009


Well, something is going wonky with my blogroll. And I know that Blogroller crapped out a few months ago, and that's why I haven't updated it at all, and I knew that I really needed to find a new way to post a roll aside from using Blogroller, but I was being lazy, ok? I admit it! I'm a lazy beyotch, and I wanted to ignore the problem.

Well, now I've done appears as thought something happened today, because first my roll didn't even show up, then it did, but it was all out of order (I'm an alphabetical kinda gal), and none of the links work! Fuck, fuck, fuck...

And I can't check to see what the status is with Blogroller because my work put a fucking BLOCK up on it! WTF? WHYYY???

Anywho...I know there are other roll options. But that would entail me moving everyone's link somewhere else, and ::sigh::...don't waaannnaaaaa!

My anxiety isn't getting better this week. I barely slept last night, and I had hoped to get up and hit the gym this morning, but getting as much rest as possible seemed a better idea, for some reason, even though I know that working out will greatly assist with the anxiety. But I hadn't slept... wasn't thinking clearly. And then I got out of bed to pee at 5:30 when Leo's alarm went off, and I was SUPER-dizzy. I thought it might've been a fluke. When I woke up, I tried sitting on the couch sipping tea, and watching t.v. until it calmed down. Which it did a lil' bit, but its still there now...I'm all spinny and shit. Not in a fun way.

So I hope tomorrow will be different, and that I get sleep tonight, and can get up and work out tomorrow and not be dizzy...

This all just sucks.


Old Fart said...

The blogroll that blogger has is the best. Easy to use, just copy the URL into it and it does the rest, plus its accessible from your blog Layout/Page Elements setting in the dashboard.

Faith said...

Yeah, I just spent the last hour doing that. Man! What a mess!

I totally lost a blog (called "is it just me?") because I can't find it in google, and I don't have the url for it. GAAAAHHHH! Waitaminute! I just remembered she goes by wiscolizard...::runs to update list::

Dan said...

I hope you feel better soon - that sucks to be spinny when you don't want to be.