Friday, March 27, 2009

The culmination of an already *fabulous* week.

Jake got out today, while I was getting ready for work. We have a new neighbor that just moved in down the street, one house over from us. She's a renter, and I noticed with glee that she has 2 St. Bernards and a little yappy fucker of a dog that afternoon. I felt kind of bad because, although I'm sure she's a very nice person, I still have an issue with having two dogs that already bark like asshole maniacs at the neighbor dogs we already had. (They wish they could play with them...they aren't mad at them, or anything.) We have a dog behind us, one to the north of us, and then both yards cattycorner to both corners of our yard also have multiple dogs in them. It sucked already.

So this woman moved into the house that's one yard over on the south of us, and I just felt like it was a perfect storm of fucked-upness. Jake can already get over a barrier that's about 4' tall. So our 3.5' fence we just installed over there is not good enough to keep him from getting over. And over he went this morning.

I had to tromp through mud and nastiness in order to get him, and then carry him back into the house without managing to tear him to pieces like I wanted mood was already in the pits (see Twin's blog if you want to know why), and this would make me late for work. Work I didn't even feel like going to in the first place. My shoes wound up covered in mud, so its a good thing they're flip flops...I left them on the front porch before I deposited Jake in the bathtub for a rinse down.

It was hard not to be mean to him. I admit, it took me a bit before I cooled down, but mostly there was just yelling. A loo-hooot of yelling. And then I finally just allowed myself to sob. Just cried, and cried, as he stood in the bathtub wondering why the crazy lady with the red hair was being so awful to him. ::sigh::

I'm tired. I thought I'd want to go out tonight to watch the KU game, but I don't. I want to crawl into my bed and cry, and sleep, and cry some more. I'm so done with this week.

I'm closing comments, because I don't need snarkiness today. I don't need asshole comments about my behavior or my moodiness or my whatever. I know that the majority of people will probably want to be nice and understanding about what's happening to me and my family right now. But all it would take is one person. And I just don't need that right now.