Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Follow up to the garage post...

So I mentioned the shelves we ordered for the garage in the last post, but I didn't have a photo of them. Which makes me a bad blogger! Being all unprepared and shit. ::flogs self::

But this is what we got. Well, at least I started the order last night. It's weird...I entered the order, and gave them my address and shit, and they need 24 hours to process my shipping costs, at which point I need to enter my credit card info and stuff somewhere so the order can be completed and processed. Um, don't most companies that allow people to order shit online have a way to automatically process the shipping and tax costs? I don't get it.

Anyway, we're getting the "IVAR" shelves, which cost $72.50 each. (We're getting two of them.)

We would have gone with a nice, normal, local company like Target for the shelves, but their selection confused me, and Leo and I couldn't decide on one option we both liked. So Ikea won. Ikea also has a coffee table to replace our old, broken down (but still sellable on Craigslist!) table that we keep banging our legs on. This is the new "VEJMON" coffee table in black-brown...
We wanted one similar to this from West Elm for a while, and while it did go on sale for something like $244 from $315, or some shit, they ran out of the color I wanted by the time I was ready to buy it. Um, and VEJMON up there only costs $169, yo. YEAH. That is correct. It might as well have had a neon sign blinking the words, "BUY ME, BITCHES!" on it. Because that is what we did. UNGH.

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mike said...

Yeah, that shipping is going to end up being like $150 from Ikea. I've gone down that road before and turned back once we called them. They don't like to deliver. Not for cheap anyway.