Thursday, March 19, 2009

Follow-up to yesterday's post...

Ok, so as a follow-up to my post yesterday about the Quiverfull people of the world, I thought I would pose these few questions, using the ever-so-popular (for some fucking reason) Duggars as my main subjects:

Suppose one of the eighteen children of Mr. & Mrs. Duggar came to them and said, "Mom, Dad...I'm gay." How do you think they would respond?

Suppose one of the girls decided that she, in fact, did not want to live a life of subservience and pregnancy for her husband or for Jesus, or whatever, but in fact wanted to go to college, become a doctor or lawyer, and move far, far away from the family, because she's decided they all ka-raaazy. How do you think they would respond?

Suppose one of the kids completely loses it, goes nuts and kills the 3 siblings he/she has to share a room with. I mean, you have 18 kids of them is bound to have issues, right? How do you think the family would respond?

I just think that they're portrayed as being these amazing, wonderful, fabulous people...and don't get me wrong - apparently, how they live their life suits them just fine, so whatever. Twin was right in her doesn't affect my life, really, except when I see articles about them, or happen to scan past a television channel that broadcasts a t.v. show that is based on their reality, and all. I'm sure NO ONE watches that stuff, or is influenced by it in any way. Because, as we all know, t.v. doesn't influence or inspire or reach out to the masses at all. ::shaking head:: Nah...

I'm just trying to say that their holier-than-thou attitude about the world pisses me off. And they're trying to overrun it with their offspring, which is disturbing. And now I'm done talking about it.


faithstwin said...

No, I GET that part of it I just didn't expound on it beyond saying what I think which is that their way of thinking will NEVER become so huge that it could take over in any way.

Yes, it's scary to think they have ALL of those kids and those kids could go out and have little battalions of kids as well. I still don't subscribe to the idea that any of it will become so large and effecting that I need to worry about it.

Yes, they are freaks but they almost seem like they live on a different earth, you know?

Logtar said...

You need to watch this movie.

Donna said...

I've never seen the Duggers on TV; never felt the desire to see them. Anybody that has that many kids in this day and age with the world so overcrowded does indeed affect us and our children and grandchildren. It's selfish of them.