Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I was feeling a bit down yesterday after a conference call with the VP for our group didn't go the way I thought it would so soon after we dismissed so many people from our team, and so I decided to hit Target. I have this current goal to go for 3 months without buying clothing, unless it's absolutely necessary, and as I dressed yesterday morning, I found that I was lacking in the 3/4 length sleeve black cardigan department. And that was necessary enough for me.

I also needed some Method handsoap. They have the best price on the stuff. So off to Target I went!

So I found a cardigan without too much trouble, and then I went searching through the rest of their stuff for anything else that might catch my eye and make me feel my life was unliveable without it in my possession, but I had no luck at all. The clothes they have right now are downright FUGLY. I did finally find a nice lounge-around-the-house dress in the bathing-suit coverup area, and I grabbed my soap, and checked out.

It was an overall "meh" visit, I have to say.

I'm not feeling inspired over here much. Maybe my latest post over at the decor blog sapped me, I dunno. But go read that if you want more content, ok? Ok. :)


faithstwin said...

Sadly, I have bought a couple of shirts from Tarjeh recently. :( I am hoping this is a Mid West vs West Coast thang...

Sizzle said...

I've been very meh about the current fashions. It's rather depressing as I need some new clothes!