Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The garage remodel marches onward...

Ok, so for those of you that are following along with this mini-saga, here is what our garage looked like before.

The laundry used to be out here, so I had to look at that exposed insulation way too much for my liking, and it got tired. Tired, old, and icky. It was water damaged, foul, ugly, and just rightly pissed me off to look at most days.

So we tore it all out!

Which created this big pile o' stuff. Probably toxic, in its own way. It was naaasty. By the following day, however, Leo proved his awesomeness yet again, and did THIS to the pile o' stuff!

That's right! He made it disappear into those boxes! Somehow, we managed to time our destruction of the garage with the big item pick up they do every other spring in our neighborhood. So we didn't have to rent a big dumpster for the construction trash..."we" (i.e. Leo) just boxed it all up, and we put it at the curb, and they took it away! Brilliant!

Underneath all the walls and poorly hung shelves...

...and also throughout the attic area above the garage, the contractor found pretty old, fried, and horrible wiring issues. So the additional time on the project has been due to all the painstaking efforts he put towards replacing all of that bad wiring for us. There was even a fire in the attic at one point, and they just patched up the old wires (probably sometime in the 60's or 70's, we figure), and left it all there for future possible fires to occur. Awesome. I'm so glad that shit is all gone now! It's been replaced with nice, clean, white wires, like these...

Aaaahhhh....fire hazard avoided!

Also, in that picture up there of the side door, hopefully you can see how...um, nice the old one was. It was a hollow door, like the kind usually used for the INSIDE of a house. Not one for the outer entrance to the garage. We needed a sturdy, proper door there. One that wasn't held in place by some sort of foam insulation stuff that turns yellow when it hits the air. Blech. So we replaced it with this door:
::angels singing from the heavens:: Good GOD it looks so much better! I feel safer and safer with every change made.

We're also changing out the interior door that opens into the kitchen. We bought a new 6-panel number that will be installed this week (I hope), but the contractor did get the framing done last night. AND...installed a new step into the house! ::angels singing...again::

Something else that needed updating was the entrance to the attic. It was just an open hole in the ceiling, over above the door that leads to the side yard outside the garage. It was small, and OPEN, and not safe since it was now located directly next to all the electrical lines for the house, since we moved them last year. And did I mention it was just a big, open hole? Because it was. Sooo not conducive to proper temperature management in the house!
Here's what it looked like when they cut the new hole over the garage door...

And as of last night, it is framed in, and has a DOOR panel that covers the hole! HOORAY!
So the garage is well on its way to being finished. We plan on painting the ceiling and walls with some paint that an acquaintance had lying around her house, so we can protect the drywall even better from the elements that enter the space. And also to make it look even more pretty. Because I cannot WAIT to have a pretty garage!!!

We'll be putting some shelves I got from Ikea along the east wall, here, for storage of all of our paint and gardening stuff.

And then were working on a better place to keep tools...probly with a pegboard system we hang somewhere. There seems to be a LOT of space out there right now, but that's likely because all of our stuff is in our guest bedroom waiting to be replaced in the garage. So we'll have to see how that all works out.
I can't wait until its completed! Am I irrationally excited about this garage makeover? Maybe. But if you know me, it all makes sense, I'm sure.


Cate said...

How do you manage to get this stuff done so fast? I'm terribly jealous. We've been working on the same second bedroom at our house for, like, a year. It's pathetic.

Faith said...

Cate, I wanted to do it myself. Like tear down the walls, remove the insulation, put in new insulation, put up new drywall, etc, etc...all by our lonesome.

Thank goodness Leo convinced me otherwise! Because all of those electrical issues are utterly ridiculous. I'd never have been able to handle them!

Net/net, we do it all quickly with the help of contractors. And this was a job he expected to last a max of 20 hours, I think? And its gone waaaa-haaaay over that. Way. He's been super-kind about it, though, and has only charged me for an additional 5 hours past what we agreed to on his labor costs prior to starting. He's a good guy...he's Heather's(General Blather) "Mr. Recommedation" if you've ever heard her talk about him. I'd highly recommend him myself! :)

faithstwin said...

Sounds like you found one of The Good Guys out there.

The garage looks fabooolus. I am jealous.

Go look at my blog and see what ELSE I am jealous of other people for having what I don't...

Faith said...

Oooh...I can't wait to look! Are you jealous of me having time/quiet anough around me at work to finish reading Twilight at my desk this morning?

Oh, wait...you didn't know I did that. Ok, going to go look now!

faithstwin said...

No because I have enough time to create friggin spreadsheets lately. We are sllloooooowwwww. Now I want to go read Edward's version - did you know there was one of those? Ohhh yeeaaahhhh. It isn't the complete story but it gives a good idea of what Edward was feeling when he met Bella. Here is the link:

Faith said...

YOU are an obsessed freako.

I recently read a story about that kid that played Edward in the movie, and how he goes for months - MONTHS - without showering. I don't know if he thinks it's funny, or what. But it's gross, is what it is. He smells, according to the people he has to work with.

faithstwin said...

It's all a bunch of crap. He jokingly said that was how he styled his hair the way he did- by not showering- and it became a 'thing'. He has very much said he showers all the time in subsequent interviews and noted how people in the states don't get sarcasm...*shrug* He also joked that he asked his co-star to marry him a million times while they filmed and suddenly she was running away with him leaving her boyfriend she lives with.

And his answer to people who have said they can't work with him? He hadn't even been on the set yet. (It was referencing the most recent movie being shot- New Moon)

I am obsessed. I LOVE Twilight and I LOVE me some Robert Pattinson. He is too cute. Clean or not...