Wednesday, March 18, 2009

How about a level of conservative realism here, ok?

There are so many things that disturb me in this story, that it's hard to put them all down into one concise and thoughtfully composed post. But I'm gonna try...

It's a Newsweek article about the Quiverfull (stupid name, btw) "movement." And while I'm kind of meh about the whole thing, because really, they're just another whacky branch of fundamentalists that aren't exactly convincing everyone to be like them, they do have this way about them to woo the world into thinking that what they are doing should be considered normal.

And I, for one, do not think they are normal in any. way. I think they are a wee bit fucked up, actually, and they are raising their own little "armies" of fucked up offspring to boot. And the last thing we need is MORE fucked up people on this planet, ok?

I know, I know...I'm not really one to talk, as I think the general halt of ALL procreation for a while (like a decade, or so...not a super-long time, really!) would be good for us all. But that kind of stems from my overall hate for people. Because they annoy me.

This specific fear I have for the Quiverfulls is that people look at them and think, "My, how awesome they are, raising their children to be good little men and women/contributors to society..." And I just have a hard time accepting that, ok?

Wanna know why? Ok, here ya go:
They think that if enough of their followers have enough behbehs...
- they could eventually control CONGRESS.
- They could work to reclaim cities that have "fallen" to "sinful lifestyles," such as San Francisco, and Laguna Beach, and Miami, and Las Vegas, etc, etc...
- They could organize effective boycotting of companies that do not "comply" with Christian views on morality.
- They could basically turn back time, and make the world go back to the way it used to be, with women at home, barefoot and (duh!) pregnant, cleaning, cooking, and in general making life easy-peasy for their MAN. And apparently gay people would cease to exist (because of COURSE none of their "mighty sons and daughters" could possibly be so BROKEN as to be something like GAY, right???), government would be synonymous with church, and all companies would be run by people who believe in Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, and run without any kind of mistreatment of employees or customers, in a morally savory manner, without corruption and greed involved.

Riiigggghhhht. Because THAT'S all gonna happen. ::rolls eyes::

Look, I don't mind saying that I think these people have all lost a cookie or two in their brain, probably partly due to all the fucking and the subsequent noise they've created in their households. Anyone else with me? Because I just cannot get behind the thought that the Duggars are normal, good, and wholesome people to broadcast on t.v. the way they do. Not at all. ::shaking head:: They disturb me from head to toe, and the info above is largely the reason why.


Nuke said...

These people creep me right the fuck out. Instead of overthrowing the government with revolution, they aim to do the same thing with sheer numbers. Raise enough little voters and the rest of the country will have to do things their way. Can't fight Democracy, but you can sure rig the game.

Anonymous said...

This strategy seems pretty darwinian to me.
If it enhances reproductive success then its a good thing. Nest pas?

Faith said...

Darwinian? Enhancing reproductive success? WTF?

I'm kinda anti-reproduction in any case. Even if you just stumbled across this post accidentally, and know nothing about me from previous reading, I mentioned that specifically in the post. So why the HELL would I approve of this whackadoodle-type behavior based on it enhancing reproductive success, as you say, Jimbo? I would most decidedly say that no. No that is NOT a good thing.

Good Lord...

faithstwin said...

I like the Duggars. Always have. Even have dreams with them involved. I guess I don't see them being very influential in the philosophy of Quiverfull.

Besides the fact Quiverfull would NEVER pull off a full on take over anyway. I just don't give a shit.

I care about this Nadya Suleman bullshit, though. SHE pisses me off. The Duggars don't because they are self sufficient. Jon and Kate Plus 8 are, basically, the same in my book: self sufficient.

Octomom is the ONLY one who is literally USING people, IMO, VERY openly, VERY carelessly and VERY pompously. I want to punch her and take the kids away.

She should suffer. The kids should be placed in other homes.

Faith said...

Dude, do you understand what Quiverfull is? Did you even read the article? This has nothing to do with people having multiples. This has to do with people trying to populate the earth with little "armies" of JesusCamp-type kids. In order to get laws passed that would make our country a more "Christian" place, and to erradicate homosexuality, and to control free enterprise. Why that isn't disturbing to you is beyond me...

This isn't about whether or not they can take care of their overpopulation of their homes! It's about them taking the bible literally, which is something I have NEVER been a fan of, nor do I understand.

JJSKCK said...

I looked at the article, and they're at 18 pages of comments and counting.

I've tried to figure out why debates like this are so polarizing. Each group thinks the other is blind, but why do we get so worked up? Why does it frustrate me so much when I see the woman comment that "Yes, I submit to my husband. God gave him much more responsibility."

It's not MY life. It's not MY relationship.

Why do I have the urge to tell them how reprehensible I find that attitude to be? Why can't I leave well enough alone?

Faith said...

"Why do I have the urge to tell them how reprehensible I find that attitude to be? Why can't I leave well enough alone?"

Because we all want to be heard...we want our opinion to be listened to, and respected. I totally get that. Hell, it's why I have a blog!

I think its part of the scariness of it, too. The fact that the Duggars, and others like them, have 10 - 18 kids, and are willing to have more, and then those parents are teaching those same values to their kids, who are likely to soak that shit up, and go forth and have 10 - 18 of their own kids...dude. The numbers and the multiplication of the craziness (which I perceive as existing...I understand that's just an opinion of mine, mind you) being so exponential is staggering. Fear is a motivator for commentary on lives that have nothing to do with our own. There's nothing wrong with that, IMO.

18 pages of comments? Wow.

Cate said...

That's why we have to combat it by having liberal, freedom-lovin', peace-totin', non-Christian babies.