Wednesday, March 25, 2009

It just shouldn't be that hard...

Leo and I took a trip to Home Depot last night. You know, because I like it there. The new wood smell makes me happy.

Ok, actually we had to go there in order to return some stuff that the contractor doesn't need for the garage remodel, to pick up a couple of things he does need, and to process the return on my Home Depot card for the additional charges that the stupid fence company (read more about them here) charged me for the upgraded hardware they put on the replacement fence they built us at the end of that whole fence debacle.

Just to be clear, the fence was completed in December. I signed the change order authorizing the additional charges to the card on 12/29. And then I noticed that last week, I suddenly had some random charge for $230 on my Home Depot card. Yeah, turns out it was that upgraded hardware! I mean, holy fuck.

So I had them reverse the charges, because this month, paying that $230 just isn't in the cards, and since the amount is lower than $300, I don't have 6 months to pay it off, but have to pay it right now (or face a 24% interest rate on it). And while I could afford to do that back in January, you know, when it was supposed to be charged to me, I kind of got fucked in the ass since then by the state of Kansas and the feds, and they're getting all my extra money right now. Fucking dumbasses.

Anyway, so we go to the Home Depot and make our returns, get the charge reversed, and then go shop for the new things the contractor needs. Simple enough..we just needed an 8 foot piece of composite wood material (like they use on decks), which he's going to build us new stairs into the house out of. And then we need corner drywall tape. You know, for the corners. Only, they don't have the type he told us to get. So we go to ask for help. And we wait. And we wait. And we...fuck that shit. DONE with the waiting. I'd had a long ass day, I was tired, and I wanted to eat, watch and hour of t.v., and go to bed, dammit. So between Leo and I, we decide on an alternative option that seems to be the stuff we need, and then we go in search of composite deck material. Only, it's not anywhere. At least, it's not noted as being anywhere on those handy end-cap sign thingers that the store puts up to tell you where everything ELSE is located. So we look around a bit, and can't find it, and return up front to see if anyone can tell us at least what aisle its supposed to be on.

Someone has finally come forward to help answer people's questions for the lumber area! So we approach him, and tell him that we're looking for composite decking material, and can't find where its located? He looks at us with a very confused look on his face, and I say, "You know, fake wood?" And he asks me if we want MDF, and I said no, we want the kind of fake wood that's made from plastic. Dude looks like his head is going to explode. He seriously looked like he was in pain from trying to figure out what I was asking for. I almost felt bad, but again...hungry, tired, long day...not so much with the feelings for other people at that point, mkay? I know that might sound pretty awful, but do not tell me you haven't been there before. I know you have, so don't you judge me! (That was for Dan. Because he seems to get off on judging me. :P)

Apparently, there was a manager of the department who was trying to leave for the day at the same time that all of us random people showed up asking questions. (There was also some weirdo guy there that I think was probably on something - meth, cocaine...not sure what - that also had questions, and had been doing some fruitless wandering throughout the department before he got help as well. He scared me a bit. Just thought I'd mention that.) So guy-who's-head-might-explode points us over to her, and he tries to tell her what we're looking for. "They, um, need some fake wood? A did you say that?" looking at me. I tell her we're looking for composite decking material to build steps out of. She also asks if I mean MDF, and I tell her that it's made of plastic. ::sigh:: Not EVERYTHING can be made out of MDF, yo!!!

Anyway, she was able to point us in the direction of the stuff we needed, and we were on our way. There was more tomfoolery at the check out, but at least the guy was nice to us in spite of my mood (which exploded all over him when he had no idea how to ring up our composite piece of decking, since it had no markings on it, and I wrote down the MODEL number in hopes that he could pull it up that way...silly me, even though the model number is written in BIG BOLD NUMBERS, it is not helpful at the cash register at all. No, he needed the SKU or the item number. Not gonna lie, there was some cussing out loud involved at that point.), and we were able to leave and go home finally. Leo is always trying to make excuses for the store. "They've had to make serious cut backs on their personnel." But my argument, time and time again, is as to why they seem to have decided to keep the dumbest ones alive as employees? Unless these are the smart ones. In which case, good fucking luck, Home Depot.

Today is better. I slept last night. I worked out this morning. I'm going to eat lunch right now. It's a productive day...


Stacey K said...

never never never go into one of those time traps unless you've had a full night's sleep and a good meal. They suck you in and nothing you need is where you think it is. Then the other things you need are on the other side of the store and the employees have the power to blend in so that you won't see them and talk to them.

glad today is a better one!

Faith said...

Yes! That's what it is!!! A time trap. Man, every time we go in there, I intend to be there for maybe 25 - 30 minutes, and we wind up getting stuck for a fucking HOUR! What is that about?

Dennis said...

Do you shop at the Home Depot on Johnson Dr? If so try 95th and Metcalf store I usually have better luck with the help there. Usually

Bill the Painter said...

Why are YOU buying the materials? Isn't that the contractor's job? I hope you're getting a good deal on all of this work.

When I do a job, it's MY responsibility to make sure that all of the materials are there when they need to be there.