Friday, March 13, 2009

Partying like we're Romans. Greeks? Meh...who cares? PARTY!

So, remember back to when I posted about when Leo and I went on vacation? In February? Yeah, there were more pictures from that trip that I hadn't posted yet, because I'm a fat, lazy, blaaawb of a person at times. Apparently, one of those times happened to be over the course of the past 4 weeks. Ok? Ok.

We were lucky enough to not only get to spend time with one of my oldest friends and his new fiancee, but on a beautiful Valentine's Day in Malibu, CA, no less. At a gorgeous museum. And then at dinner afterward, which was so beyond delicious, I can still remember what it tasted like. (And I want some NOW, in my mouth. Ungh!)

This is the Getty Villa in Pacific Palisades (right south of Malibu), CA. I visited there years ago when I was at Pepperdine, and hadn't been back since they shut it down for renovations in the mid-90's. It reopened in its new carnation in 1999, I think, and I had been thisclose to being the assistant to the curator of the antiquities for the museum, that I still cry about it at night sometimes. But they blew me off, so they can go fuck themselves, is how I figure it. Anyway, pretty!

I'm going to post more pictures of the museum, along with the girl's tits that we had dinner with, later in this post. But in order to keep your interest for now, I thought I'd start with some of our favorite art found inside the museum. The Greeks knew how to partay, yo! This is a wine cup that was used back in, um, the day for drinking wine from. I like how they had pictures on the bottoms of the cups, so it was more fun to drink out of them, and then figure out which cup you had after you downed your first glass of wine. "Dude! I got the vomit dish again. Euphronios, why you always gotta give me this cup, man? It's gross! Now poor me some more, so you can help me act out the scene later, fucker..."
You think I'm joking, but I'm not. Here's the explanation for the dish, as provided by the museum...It got more interesting as we continued to look closely at the cups in the collection. I want the sexy times cup!
Dude! He got to do it with the stripper! Check out the description for this cup... I so would not have done well living in 450 - 400 BC in Greece. I'm waaaayyy too much of a prude!
This cup was more boring...dude is just helping his friend home from the party. WTF didn't they where clothes? No wonder all the parties turned into erotic something or others. Jeezy...
Naked, naked, naked!
More art discovered from another gallery proved that, I, too, could have been an artist back at the beginning of time... I could SOOOO carve that shit! C'mon!
Here's a typical statue found in the museum. This was an idealized Roman figure from...oh, I don't know when. We didn't think to take pitures of the plaques until we got to the wine cups, and that was a few rooms after this one. Anyway, my hypothesis as to why all the penisis (penisi?) were so small on the statues (because none of these dudes were very impressively endowed, lemme tell ya) is that they didn't want them to break off. I dunno any other reason for it...
"I am PISSED at you right now. I don't remember what about, or when it even started, but boy am I mad! Hrmph!"
("And I have to pee. Anyone know if there's a spare wine cup lying around that I can use? I really gotta gooooo!")
The grounds at the museum are really beautiful. This is another angle of the entrance to the villa.
Just inside, there was a really lovely interior courtyard that was very peaceful, even though there were people buzzing all about.
My favorite part of the grounds, though, is the exterior reflecting pool.
It's surrounded by promenade walkways like this one...
And this view is at the opposite end of the reflecting pool from the villa...
Leo and I took the opportunity to pose ourselves. Seems that when I make that face, I look FAT. Wow!
(Could be because I am FAT, but whatevs.)
This is another exterior garden that we walked through on our way back to the cars.
Then we went to dinner at Duke's in Malibu. Being that it was Valentine's Day, the restaurant was fucking PACKED. But we were seated in a decent amount of time (my friend had made the reservations for us...), and had drinks, and dinner, and then ordered dessert.
Throughout dinner, my sister and my friend's fiancee were giggling and talking about the woman that was sitting behind me. She was kinda OUT THERE with her bewbehs, and she was also drunk as a skunk, they said. Oh, and she had daddy issues, because she was with a dude who was waa-haaaay older than her. But I couldn't very well spin around to look at her! So I did the next best thing...I asked them to take a picture, as though they were taking one of me, but really get her in it instead. Here's how that went...
Ok, all we see is half of my fat head, and then right over my shoulders, some cleave that cannot be ignored.
I asked them to please try again. Leo and my friend got together to pretend to be photographed, and then friend's fiancee took a picture that was so obviously aimed at the chick, even she figured it out. Holy chreezy, look at the shelf o' bewb, though!
FUCK! What was she thinking? Soon after that, she and her date got up and left, with her walking out as though she had had sand pounded up her ass the entire time she was sitting there, and her date following her like a sad puppy. It was fun.

And that was the last big thing we did on vacation. It was AWESOME to see my old friend, and to meet his fiancee (who I really liked, and I'm so happy for them both!), and to be back in Malibu again. I kinda miss it. A lil' bit. Not much, but a little.

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faithstwin said...

OOOoooooHHhhhh...THAT wine bowl. I forgot that one. I personally enjoy the sex one. Classic.

How drunk WAS Ms. Boobs? See that tropical looking concoction? That was her second one AFTER her Daddy had filled her with wine. Personally? Her boobs were the only thing going for her so Daddy should have been the one getting wasted enough to take her home, IMO.