Monday, March 30, 2009

Stupid boob zits.

I have a zit-like thing on my left boob, that's in just the right spot to be noticeable in everything I own. Awesome.

The weekend helped. I feel rested, and a little less on edge, and a lot better than I did on Friday. I really fell off the edge that night when I went home. I think it was more tiredness than anything else, but I'm glad I wasn't alone, and that Leo was so willing to help me feel better.

The garage remodel is taking longer than any of us (including the contractor who's doing all the work) expected it to take. I feel awful for the contractor, but really appreciate the time he's putting into the project. He's a good guy. I'll put up additional pictures this week of the progress being made. I totally hope he'll be able to help us in the future with other projects we'd like to do. This is going to be the last one for a while, though. I need 8 - 12 months to recover our debt/asset portflio, I think. After that, we'll rip into things like the kitchen floor, and replacing the doors in the house. Woo!

Ok, back to work...hope everyone had a good weekend, and has a decent Monday.

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Berta said...

Try some neosporin and a bandaid when you get home...if it's really a zit, that should help it go away.

Zits suck, no matter where they are!