Monday, April 13, 2009

Aren't you supposed to wake up earlier as you get older?

I slept until 10 a.m. yesterday. I felt like I could sleep even more, but I forced myself out of bed...there was t.v. that needed watching, and I was the one to do it, dammit!

I could have slept until 10 again today. I woke up at 2, and had a hard time sleeping again until about 4:30, which was only 20 minutes before I needed to get up and go to the gym anyway. Yeah, that didn't happen. Gym is being pushed out to tomorrow, and I'll just muddle through today as best I can on 4.5 hours of sleep. ::Zzzzzzz.....::

I noticed something this morning that caused me to have a conversation with myself while in the shower...which I generally welcome, as I get bored easily in the shower, and even conversations with myself help alleviate that boredom to a certain degree. Anyway, I saw a commercial for a local car dealership asking the question, "Wanna Chevy?" And this makes no sense, because "wanna" is a colloquial conjunction for the words "want to," not "want a." It bugged me for a good 5 minutes. Kind of like the recent Nebraska Furniture Mart commercial with that woman who wears clothing that looks gawdawful on her. Their latest campaign seems to revolve around "cheap" being "cool." Which,'s not cool, but more power to ya if you wanna (heh!) believe that kind of crap. I can certainly understand when cheap is necessary, or even prefered by some. But "cool?" Nuh-uh.

Anyway, at the end of their recent commercial, this chick says something about how if you find a lower price someplace else, "they'll" beat it, guaranteed! Which made no sense to me at all. It hurt my brain. Because I think we were supposed to just assume that the "they" who was referred to was NFM, but the way it was worded, it sounded as though the other places with lower prices would beat...their own prices.

I just wish that these commercials would get slightly better editing than they are, is all. Hell, gimme $20 and I'll do it for you! It just isn't that hard. For fuck's sake...


Coley said...

Actually, I hate to burst your shower train of thought ( how's that for a mixed metaphor) "wanna" is appropriate for both "want to" and "want a".

Faith said...

Hm. I never remember using it in that form at all.

Ok, fine...I'll lower my editing price to $15, then.

Coley said...

A bargain at any price... muwahahaha

Faith said...

Hahahaha! I love your ass.