Thursday, April 16, 2009

Chit chat with me...

I'm having severe girly issues today. Talk about funny things with me, and make me smile, please???


faithstwin said...

My co-worker was telling me about her experience with a colonics treatment she got once. You KNOW how much I love talking about that stuff! eeeeeewwwwww.... but she lost something like 13 lbs with one of 3 treatments she got! Can you imagine?

I got nothing else. Ummm, did you hear Octomom is getting the name 'Octomom' trademarked and she is gonna put it on shit like clothing and diapers? I thought she HATED that term. And I bet she came up with that alll on her own, right? Riiiiiggghhhht.

Maybe I should go trademark the name Crazy Bitch and put it on diapers so you can say some Crazy Bitch put diapers on your kids ass.

Faith said...

Hahahahaha! I would so be the type of mom to buy Crazy Bitch diapers.