Thursday, April 23, 2009

Do you ever get this way?

I feel like I'm coming off as a total asshole to some people. I don't know if it's just my perception of myself, or what, but I just feel it's happening.

Anyone else ever get that way about themselves? How do I fix it?


Logtar said...

I think it is a byproduct of getting older. The more we know what we like and don't the less patience we start experiencing. It can be hard to contain sometimes, but the more you hang out with people that don't annoy you, the more fun you will have and the more saved up patience for other people.

Faith said...

Nah, it's not so much a patience vs. being a jerk kind of thing. It's more of a deal where I'm sharing experiences in my life, or that my family has had, and I think I wind up sounding like a total douche as opposed to sounding helpful, as I intend it to be received. Do you know what I mean? For ex.: yesterday, a friend expressed concern with a problem she and her husband are having with money they owe to a credit card company right now. They might need to declare bankruptcy to deal with it. So I told her that my parents had to declare bankruptcy back in the late 60's, and now dad is a millionaire. My intention was to show her that the problems can be overcome. That although it seems bleak and scary now, they can get through this, and be very successful in the future. But instead, I'm afraid I come off all, "My daddy has money. :P" Which is not my intent at all. It's just a good example of someone who I know that succeeded in the face of adversity, you know?

I just feel like I need to stop talking and sharing, until I have a better grasp on it. "Asshole" in this case means "idiot". You know what I mean?

Layla said...

If it helps, when I read what you told the person, my first response wasn't "wow, that sounded bitchy", it was "hey, good to know you can really come back from that!"... At least on me, the intent wasn't lost, so I'm sure it's not getting lost in translation with others either. You have to be who you are and if they can't take the good from it, then screw 'em ;)

faithstwin said...

Yeah. Though our lifestyle isn't easily relateable I think what you said was a perfect example of how someone (whether we are related to them or not) can bounce back.

Then there are the times when it just sounds wrong and there's no way you can control how people perceive, right?

Don't sweat it.

Faith said...

I go through this every once in a while. I think its a form of self-doubt, or self-consciousness, but I don't know what it stems from.

I'm glad you guys get what I mean. I get to meet some of the people I'm worried about in person next week, and I'm hoping that helps with both my worry of how I'm being perceived, as well as their ability to understand my "voice" and intentions of what I write better.

Dan said...

Faith - I would LOVE to be a sarcastic asshole here, but, really, you're fine. You've got to have faith that people are going to take things the right way most of the time, and know that you will be misunderstood some of the time. As long as your heart is in the right place, people will usually get it. When they don't, well, that is just a problem inherent in human communication. Not your fault and certainly not anything to beat yourself up about.