Monday, April 27, 2009

The drops as big as your hands and face

I have a problem with the windows in our bedroom. When it rains, the drops sound like tiny pellets of glass hitting the window, rather than just water. WTF is up with that? And how do I fix it???

Because it KEEPS me UP when I should be ASLEEP, dammit!

I'm a light sleeper, so thunderstorms at night, or even just rain at night, do not mix well with me. I can't think of anyway around it, besides building an overhang that keeps the rain from hitting the windows so directly. And that just seems stupid to me, yanno?

I can wear earplugs, yes, but I have this weird habit of losing patience with them after wearing them for only a couple of hours, and I take them out without even knowing it (it's like sleepwalking, but it's really just sleepearplug removing...less dangerous, but still disconcerting - I once lost an earplug back in 1997, and I actually went to the doctor the next day because I had convinced myself I had sleepshoved it in my ear canal), and then I wake up what I guess to be about an hour later confused about being able to hear things and also unable to fall back asleep again very soon. Especially if its still stormy out, or what have you.

I think I need to move into a cave. That would solve the problem...


faithstwin said...

I hear cave living is overrated. Damp and musty.

Are your window frames metal? I know this sounds weird but they make those air conditioner redirect things that maybe you can attach when it rains? Or get a retractable valance made (when it's in the budget)?

Maybe coat your windows with some bubble wrap? THAT'S the thing! BUBBLE WRAP!

NOW who's the wise one, eh?

Faith said...

Bubble wrap will just blow right off in a decent storm, dude. ::taps head, raises eyebrow:: I still win in the wise department.

The window frames are vinyl. That must be what makes the difference, because I don't remember the windows being this noisy when they were wood. Fuck.

faithstwin said...

It's called duct tape.

You didn't like the retractable awnings idea?

I'm out of thoughts.

Logtar said...

awning + strong storm = da fail.

How close are you to the window?

Faith said...

Yeah, plus awnings make me think of my great-aunt's house. Blech.

We sleep right under it now, but it used to bother me even when the bed wa parallel to it, and not under it.

I guess I should just be glad we don't live someplace like Seattle, or something.

faithstwin said...

Oh...I guess. Now I can think of all the times I have driven through and no houses have awnings that I can remember...