Tuesday, April 28, 2009

From point A to point C to point man, that happened a long time ago...

Driving home from work yesterday, I found a need to put on my sunglasses at a certain point in the ride. As I did, I wondered how many people who saw me with my sunglasses on, on a day when I was driving home with my lights on due to the dreary weather, would think I was a freak.

Thinking about that made me recall a time back when I was in college in Malibu when I was talking to a guy on campus that I was acquainted with through some class we were in together - not sure which one, but it was probably English or World History, or something. Anyway, he commented on how he'd seen me as I drove to campus over the weekend, down at the corner of PCH and Civic Center Way, as I sang along with whatever music was playing. He thought I looked odd. It was a rainy day, and while I had my lights on my car on, I also was wearing a funky little hat (which was de rigueur for me in college...I like wearing ball caps backwards, or plaid driver's caps, which is what I was wearing on that day) along with sunglasses. Which he didn't understand, since it was raining.

Now, I couldn't tell you for the life of me who the hell this boy was. But I remember feeling flattered that he'd noticed me like that. That he even knew who I was as he passed me in such a quick moment in time. And that he felt comfortable enough with me to tell me that he thought I was strange.

I explained my issue with my light-colored eyes...they cause me to have a significantly higher level of sensitivity to light than most other folks might have. So I wear sunglasses even when its raining outside. (Cloudy days are murder on me...clouds reflect light more than a clear sky does, so it can be tough heading out without some form of protection on my eyes at all.) And the hat? Well, it was Sunday, and I was heading to the library on campus to study or do research or something, so I didn't care how I looked, really. Plus hats in the rain help to cover the hair. Ta-da!!! Makes sense, no?

Thinking about that memory made me remember a time when an even more random acquaintance once told me that he thought I was an unusual person. In a way that he liked. I happened to be checking a book out of the library that time, and he was the one performing the check out. I told him, "...thank you? I guess?" And we chatted about random crap. And then I went home. He didn't ask me out, ever. He just said that to me that one time, and then another time, he told me that he liked it when I wore my hair in a ponytail, because it looked nice with my face.

The two thoughts came to me quickly as I drove. And immediately I started wondering why I think about shit like that, 15 years after they've happened, in such detail.

I don't know why...I wish I did...


"The D" said...

I wear sunglasses all the time when Im driving. I tell people "When your cool the sun always shines".

So you can just tell people that. Or tell the to GFY. Either way its all good.

clw said...

I have the exact same issue - I always wear sunglasses!

Thanx again for the tickets- my cousin thanx you too - she had a blast!!