Monday, April 20, 2009

I've gotten a big head, I s'pose...

I dealt with headaches all weekend long. In between headache issues, I did a horrible job with the base coat for the primer in the garage, but I tried! I really did. Surprisingly enough, painting did not make my head hurt more. I found that interesting.

I got another horrible headache last night, after being an idiot and drinking some wine. (The sulfites can make a migraine worse...) I am really, really hoping I'm not allergic in some way to wine. Given that most of my headaches start during the day at work, usually in the afternoon, I'm thinking that's not the problem. But we'll see.

They called and moved my appointment with the neurologist to today, so hopefully I'll know more after this afternoon. Or at least have some tests lined up, or something. Because its getting ridiculous. I have a headache right now, but it's really low-level compared to what I was dealing with over the weekend. I took some Tylenol Extra Strength as I felt it coming on, to try to head it off at the pass, as it were. It seems to have helped.

Cross your fingers that it isn't a tumor! (Srsly.)

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