Thursday, April 30, 2009

Long weekend in New England... New Hampshire considered to be part of new England? It is, right? Oh hell...doesn't matter. I'm going to New Hampshire this weekend, and I could not be more excited if I tried. Not possible. I'm having to hold back from jumping up and down all the time, I'm so excited.

About a year ago, I was in the middle of a board war over on The Knot that became so involved and messy, several of us "left" to join a separate board that one girl created for us. We have been spending lots and lots and loooots of time together ever since. There have been fights, and pregnancies, and marriages, and break-ups throughout the year, and we decided it was high time we tried to get together all at once, in one place, that did not involve a keyboard and a monitor. So a bunch of us are flying to New Hampshire (where a surprising number of the girls live in or near) for a GTG/get together this weekend.

And I could just about pee my pants, I am so over the fucking rainbow excited about it.

You won't hear from me tomorrow, because I'll be on a plane, and then I'll be eating and drinking with my person...and I will be so worn out from all the laughing and smiling by tomorrow night, I expect to sleep soundly until the next day when I get to hang out with all of them all over again.

Fuck. Yeah.

Have a good one.


Logtar said...

Does this cult involve sacrificing pigs?


Have fun, meeting people that you talk to all the time online is awesome.

Old Fart said...

Live Free or Die!

You'll love being able to buy stuff without paying a sales tax.

Thats about all I ever went to NH for when I lived in Mass.

So, bring us all back some tax free maple syrup! Or booze... your choice!

Nora said...

Oh! I wish I read this last week! I live about 45 minutes from NH!!! I would have loved to meet up for a drink!