Friday, April 17, 2009


Headache from yesterday never went away. It got worse. It's now a full-blown migraine, near as I can figure.

The doctor prescribed tylenol w/ codeine, and told me to go home, take some, and go to bed.

Now I'm in the hell that is a brightly lit Walgreens waiting for my Rx to be filled so I can go home.

I also have an appointment with a neurologist for the headaches and the facial twitch I have that happens on a regular basis. (Sometimes, when I blink, the left side of my mouth responds by pulling downward. Last night as I tried to go to sleep, I closed my eyes, and my mouth was twitching like mad! Then it went numb, which can happen with migraines, I read today online.)

I'm exhausted. Hope everyone else is having a good Friday...


Pensive Girl said...

yes, the facial stuff is part of migraine. i get it. sorry you're going through this. you need to get a better Rx that works for you that is not tylenol w/ codeine. let us know how the neurologist appointment goes.

Faith said...

I had to do the tylenol w/ codeine today because my blood pressure was too high to take any other prescription migraine meds, apparently. It was high because I was in so much pain, but still...I appreciate the precaution.

Looking forward to the neurologist appointment. I can't deal with anther headache like this one. (It's being managed by the Rx I have for now, but you're right...I get another one like this during the day during a work week? I can't just keep going home to deal with bad headaches....)

Spyder said...

Hope you're feeling better!