Tuesday, April 07, 2009

No! Don't touch me!

The garage still isn't done. That is stressing me out.

This week is a SHITTY one for my boss's calendar. THAT is (for some unknown, and IMO, stupid reason) stressing me out.

I'm almost done with the Twilight series, but I have about 100 pages of the last book to go, and I can't finish them because work is too busy, and so that is stressing me out...

Leo is sad, and that is stressing me out.


We went to the Drop last week for dinner on Friday. It had been a while since we'd gone out someplace in midtown, and we really love hitting the Drop when we can, so it was a nice time. Dinner (just some hummus for an appetizer, and some bruschetta for the main course...) was delicious, as always. And the peoplewatching was at just the right level, with a bunch of hippie-types in the center of the one dining room that were interesting because they all were so skinny but were managing to put away gargantuan quantities of food and drink, and then some random older people scattered all over the place that made us go "Hm," along with the normal happy-hour hipster crowd...and the videos were awesome, too. I got to see a Radiohead video that I hadn't seen since college, and that held me captive for a good enough amount of time that Leo even went to the bathroom while I gawked at it, he was so bored. ::shrugs:: Not my fault. Check out the video for yourself and tell me if you blame me! It's fucking awesome, kay?

Anyway, I'm trying to cheer myself up today, trying to keep productive, and what not. Hope you're doing the same.

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