Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Quick follow up on the headache thing...

I have an MRI scheduled for tomorrow. I've been taking the medicine that was prescribed to me for almost a week now, and have noticed some level of improvement in the frequency of headaches, so that's good. Although I still have gotten 2 this week already. So it's not super-improved as of yet. I can say that the headache I got yesterday afterlunch responded well to the Tylenol Extra Strength I took. That made me happy.

I still feel like there's a ridiculous amount of pressure in my head that I can't quite place. I'm wondering if this is all due to some sort of inner-ear disturbance, but wouldn't someone have figured that out by now? Can something causing inner-ear crap be seen on MRI's? I guess I'll find out, anyway.

Just wanted to give a quick update...the headache monster has been tamed, for now. I can't tell you how happy that small fact alone makes me.


mike said...

I'm sending good vibes (or is that magnetic energy) for your test. I've had some massive headaches lately that I think are coming from these crappy weather changes and mold.

Spyder said...

Hope they figure it out soon!!