Monday, April 06, 2009

::shaking head::

I'm stressed today. I've been feeling all out of sorts because of meeting issues for my boss, and since that's what I know, arrange meetings, and stresses me out when my planning doesn't go smoothly.

Isn't that STUPID? I feel so fucking stupid for feeling stressed out about someone else's damned schedule!!!

But it's the way it is. So whatever.

Twin has food poisoning. Which is kinda ruining her trip to NY with her daughters, I think. Just a little bit.

BAH! This week SUCKS.

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faithstwin said...

I'm doing a bit better- 12 hours after it started. I still can't eat anything but I've been able to take water and got my insulin so I don't feel terribly dehydrated right now. The girls want to go to the pool so I need to test my ability by getting up and getting dressed in a bit. So I should be fine come Tuesday. :)