Thursday, April 02, 2009

You should enjoy the weather.

So, we won't be buying those items from Ikea after all. I remembered to look at the email from them regarding shipping and taxes last night when I was resting after a long day of reading a goddammed book (srsly...I read over 400 pages yesterday. I was exhausted.), and found this information from them about my purchase:

We have listed below your Order Totals:

Subtotal: $314.00
Shipping & Handling: $307.68
Tax: $0.00
Order Total: $621.68

Call us at 1-800-434-IKEA (4532) with your credit card information or if you would like to use an IKEA Gift Card. Our hours are: Monday - Saturday, 8am - midnight EST or Sunday, 9am - midnight EST.

Ok, first of all, Ikea? CATCH THE FUCK UP. The rest of the modern damned world of commerce allows purchases in an online format, which I find a bit safer than me just calling up and talking to Sven, and giving him my goddammed credit card number over the phone. I mean, C'MON!

Second of all, um, those shipping charges? Bwahahahahaahahahahahaha!!! Dude, you have a store in CHICAGO. If they can't ship to me for a standard $35 - $50 fee for all of that crap? Then you can SUCK IT.

I know they couldn't care less if they get my business or not, but seriously? THAT is what they wanted to charge me for shipping? After I have to make the additional effort of checking my email a day after I request the purchase online in order to see how much the shipping is in the first place, and then they want ME to call THEM in order to get fucked in the ass for $300 worth of stuff?

Um, no thanks. No thank you at all, Ikea. Fuck. You.

I'm on to the third book in the Twilight series already. Unfortunately, the last two are only available in hard cover right now, so toting them to the gym with me is not a possibility, dammit. Also, they appear to be longer with each book, so they're enormous. And while I did read through over 400 pages of the 2nd book yesterday, finishing it just before my day was done here at work (mind you, I did do my job as well. I didn't completely ignore my responsibilities in order to get sucked into a damned vampire - and werewolf, as it turns out! - novel. That would be bordering on the ridiculous...), I have to say that I think a good 150 - 200 pages could have been cut out of that book had it been in smaller print. But then I might've lost my eyesight all together, so who knows.

Next week, I should be done with the fuckers, and back to doing important things like reading other blogs, and paying attention to the rest of the world as it exists in reality, and not in print. We'll see...


JJSKCK said...

No kidding! I considered ordering a bed and two night stands (about $400 in merchandise), and the shipping was almost $500.

My master plan eventually kicked in: A couple years ago, I had to travel to Ames, IA for business. I had to rent a car because it was cheaper for my company than paying me I rented a cargo van.

After I was done in Ames, I chugged up to the Twin Cities and spent 8 hours in IKEA buying components for wardrobes, beds, and all the other crap friends had "ordered" from me. I think we had a literal ton of stuff, but it didn't come close to filling the van.

Seems like a lot of work, but when you compare it to the "modern" furniture in KC, you're saving tons of money at IKEA on a big purchase.

Don't be so hard on them Swedes!

Cate said...

Ah, yes, the IKEA shipping charges. I don't get it either! I've heard through the grapevine that they're considering an IKEA in St. Louis. But who knows.

I love the shelving you had picked out. I would like to make one suggestion: I'm a fan of the 6-tier chrome shelf at Costco ($79). They are ideal for basements and garages. Modern-looking and won't go wonky with changing temps and moisture!

Faith said...

JJ, I had a boyfriend yeeaaars ago that wanted to open an Ikea here in the KC area. He wanted to go east with it (like the Lee's Summit area) and I thought it would be best to stick west (like even out in Lawrence...). So we got in touch with Ikea to see how we could get in on the franchising. Which involved (at the time) writing them a letter and then UPSing it to SWEDEN. They already had an exclusive franchise agreement with a North American company. And a far as they knew, that company had no plans to put an Ikea in anywhere near us. Stupid fuckers.

Cate, that is SO GOOD to hear! Leo mentioned checking at Costco last night after we saw the email from Ikea. I'm excited to hear they have an option that might work! :D

faithstwin said...

Holy cow! That's hilarious. How do they ship it? Wrapped in goddanged gold leaf to protect the boxes? Sheesh. I know their stuff is really heavy but you'd think they could work a deal out with a shipping/freight company to give the customers a break somehow.

Eclipse is good. I don't know how you willNOT be able to read it allll day long, though. Good luck with that!

Nuke said...

It was awful pretty for a garage shelf. Costco maybe, I'm not a member. But Home Depot/Lowes has lots of industrial shelving.

I got a 5 tier (black rather than chrome) for like $50 a few years back. Works great in the garage, and would totally be appropriate in say a modern media room.

faithstwin said...

I bought mine at Lowes and they were in the $50 range. Heavy duty, sturdy suckers. I think the chrome ones would look sweet AND they would be more in your level of decor even though we are only talking about a garage.

Faith said...

Yes, it is only a garage. But it's MY garage. Again, for everyone that knows my prissy fat ass, that should make all the difference in the world!

(I'm already about 1/3 of the way through Eclipse. Stupid vampires and werewolfs...)

Dan said...

We had a similar experience with Ikea shipping. That sucks, because they tend to have the coolest stuff for the cheapest price.

I recently bought a bunch of shelving for my homebrewing equipment, and found the best deal at Sears, or whatever they call themselves now. But they're not very attractice. I've seen the chrome ones at Costco, and they're pretty nice. You can see them online.