Friday, May 29, 2009

Open letter to my building's maintenance crew

To Whom It May Concern:

When employees visiting the restroom can see spiders lowering themselves into the bowl from their happy web they've built under the rim? It could be time to pull out one of those special wand-tool things, and clean the toilet bowl. Just give it all a good scrub, mkay?

We appreciate it! Since, you know, the idea of a good, relaxing piss doesn't usually involve a bite from a bug, or even a bug crawling on our privates. Believe me, we are NOT judging how you do things at home. But here? We like things to be a bit more sterile in the bare-ass regions of the work place.

The "Assholes" on the 5th Floor (Get it? "Assholes"??? Hahahah...oh, forget it.)

Thursday, May 28, 2009


I'm not in the best of moods, so I'm not reading news, or feeling funny, or anything at all. I kind of feel like bitching about something, so I'll go ahead and do that, and you feel free to jump in there if you agree or disagree or whatever...

I don't read the KC Star (which is our local newspaper, for those who aren't from here). I haven't read it since the Virginia Tech shooting incident that happened a while back, because they were assholes, and refused to take down the disturbing self-portrait of the shooter that was circulating at the time. They left it up for not just a couple of hours, like some news outlets did before they realized how insensitive they were being and took it down. Nope. They left it up for more than a day. And so I stopped reading it. Because I thought that was a seriously DICK move. I don't know how much longer they left it up on their homepage, because I honestly didn't go back there after that day. Fuck that shit.

Anyway, I haven't ever ordered more than just a Sunday paper to be delivered to my house, and that was before the internet became a mainstay in the news world, and I became an online reader, making any kind of subscription obsolete and unneccessary. I ignore subscription offers sent to my home, and I really don't appreciate soliciters of any kind at my house, but particularly Star salespeople.

Earlier this week, there was a relatively scummy-looking dude wandering from house to house on our street at about 7 p.m. He was zig-zagging from property to property, and we finally figured out that he was looking to sell something. We prepared accordingly...we don't like having people even approach the house because the dogs lose their shit so easily when it comes to people passing by - even on the sidewalk 25 feet away. So Leo waited until he saw him coming up our driveway, at which point he opened the front door and called out that we weren't interested in whatever it was he was selling. This dude put his cigarette out in our lawn and then came CLOSER to the front door. Izzy and Jake were both jumping at the window by then, and I was yelling from my position on the couch about how we just wanted him to please go away.

This did not endear me more to the Star. If this is the kind of salesperson they're hiring to try to get people to subscribe to their paper, they are doing it ALL WRONG. Asshats...

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I write about 3 checks per year.

The Twin and I were chatting briefly yesterday about how she hasn't ever set up any kind of online billpay through her bank systems. (I was helping her pay a bill she owed to my company through my own account with the company on our website...I told her that I couldn't set up any auto-withdrawal for her account, it didn't seem, and I suggested she add them to her online billpay. Hence the quicky discussion.) And it got me to thinking...

I've been paying my bills online for at least 5 years now. It's so fucking easy to do, I try to get all of them lined up on there, with the exception of my car insurance and my Home Depot accounts. (The payments are processed quicker for them if I go through their websites specifically, so I just do it that way.)

Aside from construction crap from last year, I wrote probably 3 checks to different people, since I pay them so infrequently and setting them up in online billpay is a waste of time, really. But otherwise, everything - cable, mortgage, phone, electric, etc, etc... - is in my online billpay.

Why don't people take advantage of this offering from their banks, if they have it? I'm curious to know who still writes out and sends in checks for the majority of their bills, and what the reasoning behind it is. Tell me your story...

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Attention Hoar Monday, in addition to other items of note

I didn't get a chance to post anything yesterday, so I thought I'd bump up Attention Hoar Monday to happening today instead. I'll post my video at the end. But first, about my weekend...

We did a lot of stuff. I wound up taking Friday off because it was so very dead in the office, and I had better things to do at home really, so that worked out well. I'll post photos of the projects I worked on once I get them uploaded. Which I'm sure everyone is very excited about.

The weekend was largely uneventful other than me working in the garage, Leo working at...well, work, and then yesterday we went to see Star Trek, which lived up to the hype, IMO. I don't think it was in any way appropriate for the couple of small children I saw there with their dad - both under the age of 7, in my estimation, but hey...he's the dumbass, not me. So I'm trying to let it go. (I hope the 5 year old had vivid nightmares that involved the red ugly monster from that planet called Delta Vega that Kirk got stranded on, and kept his father up all night with them. Fucking tool...) Other than the fellow movie-goers, all was well. I really enjoyed the movie.

We'd been contacted by some friends earlier in the day about whether we wanted to go to their house for a cookout last night, which we did. That was really nice. So, sooo good to see them, to catch up, and to relax with friends for a bit. I told them the story about the blue ball, and how the activity had started up again after a week of nothing happening with it. (Sunday, we came home from hanging out at the Moose with friends, and found it back in the front window again. It had been sitting in the master bath for 3 days without being touched or moved at all until that point. Once Jake discovered it sitting in the window, he wanted it, so we took it down. Our alternate plan was to just leave it there, for however long it stayed there.)

So we finished up at our friends' house, and headed home about 10:15. It was such a nice night out, I opened the kitchen window when I got in the house. Then I grabbed some carrot sticks from the fridge, and as I was feeling a bit wound up, I sat down to watch the end of the Laker game. Leo wanted a snack, too, so he was grabbing something when I looked into the kitchen to talk to him. Mind you, we couldn't find the blue ball anywhere when we got home. It's become a little game for me to look all over the place for it, and it was nowhere to be found this time. I think I was even saying to Leo that I wanted to look under the furniture for it, and I got stopped cold. By THIS:
Yeah, that would be the blue ball, balanced ON TOP OF the window in the kitchen. The very one that I had taken a moment to open when I got home. And I hadn't seen it there at that point in time.

This got me rolling with laughter. Leo didn't know what I was laughing so hard at, and I couldn't talk, so I got up and went over to point at the ball so he could see. He just walked out of the room with his snack. I took a couple of pictures, and sent one to the Twin so she could see, and then I took the ball down an put it on the floor. Jake found it, and we played with it for a while before Leo put it into a safe place when he went to bed. Poor Leo...he doesn't see the funny side to this little game that's being played. I don't know how to make it stop, though! I already tried! So I'm just rolling with it. I still find it absolutely hilarious.

Alright, on with my day. You know what? Since I had stuff to post about, I'll just skip Attention Hoar Monday this reason to waste a good video, IMO. Next week, I'll post a new one.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Garage remodel - finally complete

I know several of you (like, at least two) have been wondering how the garage remodel turned out, now that it's cleaned up, painted, etc, etc...and everything, right? This was the last post I put up about it, I think. There might have been one after that, but I doubt it. Anyway, we finally managed to finish the paint and get the shelves assembled and stuff. Although we haven't completed the replacing of all the items out there that we usully store in the space, we're close enough, so I thought it might be fun to share.

First, though, how about a picture of the house with the new black mulch we decided to spread in the front flower beds this year?
We LOVE it. Looks fucking fabulous, in our estimation. Leo is a powerhouse in the garden, which is a perfect balance for me, really, since I am a complete waste of life when it comes to gardening. I'm MUCH better at tasks that involve, say, sitting and watching the new Bravo version of Project Runway called "The Fashion Show" which I just discovered started up two weeks ago, and now I'm two shows behind, goddammit. But that's ok, because Bravo is famous for it's rerunning of things! So I'll just catch the reruns when they show them. (And for those wondering about the new season of Project Runway, and when they're going to fucking air it already on the new network - i.e. Lifetime - I went ahead and did a lil' research today, and found out it will be starting in August. Mutherfucking AUGUST. Jeezy chreezy...)

Boy, this post isn't a little detatched and discombobulated, is it? Fuck.

Ok, so the garage. Used to look like...this!!!! [cue stabby music from Psycho]

We used to have some rickety, frightening shelves along the one wall where we kept a lot of our supplies of things like paint, garden items that need shelter through the winter, and...more paint, apparently. They were scary fucking shelves, ok? I'm so glad those things are gone!

The ladder was in just the right spot for me to open my door right into it if I parked to close to that wall. The problem was that if I parked too close to the other wall in attempts to avoid the door/ladder connection, the tools and stuff hanging over there became a nuisance to try to get past when squeezing between them and the car on the way out of the garage, or to the passenger side of the car, or whatever. So we needed to change their placement, too.

So! Welcome to The New Garage...
We still need to do the floor...that'll be a future project when we aren't in so much debt, our eyeballs can be seen floating down the street in it. It won't be long. Likely a project for next Spring, I'd think. The wall color is the same as the living room, thanks to the 4 Gallon Miscalculation Debacle of 2006, and I rather like the color on the walls out there, so that turned out well.

Here's the new side door that leads out to the backyard from the garage. It looks so much - wait, scratch looks so, so, so, so, soooooooo much better than it used to, it kind of gives me a little pitter-pattery heartbeat to see it now. I'm not saying I'm in love with the new door. But I am saying that it has the ability to make me sigh heavily still. I'm sure it's just a honeymoon period affect, or what have you.
::SIGH:: (Ok, maybe it is love. I dunno.)
The ceiling, though. Ooooh, the ceiling. I wanted it to be blue. But we didn't wind up having enough blue paint left over to be able to paint it sufficiently, and the idea was to use leftover paint to save money. Once I discovered that I couldn't have my blue ceiling without shelling out the extra bucks, I was all "Fuck that!" And decided I wanted high gloss white instead. It was supposed to look like zees!!!
Oh, the shine! Oh, the gloss! Oh the reflection of it all!!!
But it came out looking like zeees...
::cocks head:: Yeah. I think the paint store stiffed me, or something. Because that ain't right. But the thing is, Leo's arms can only take so much of the painting. So I can't bear the thought of asking him to do MORE after he's done so very much already. So I'm letting it go. And breathing, and not cursing the paint store, and we're walking, and we're moving on... the door that leads into the kitchen from the garage. We got a new one that's up to fire code, and everything. And I think it looks so pretty.
The new step is nice, too. Infinitely nicer than the piece of shit that used to be there, covered in some nasty old carpet remnant...blech.
Also, take note of the new light fixtures. I was the suggestion of the contractor we used to get the kind that had cages over the domes/lightbulbs. They're awesome, and not too expensive, and really a good idea for a location like the garage, where tools and ladders and stuff can sometimes go flying about, threatening to break things made of glass. We really like them.
So there ya have it. We've since hung up some peg board, but we needed to get an additional peg board to hang since we ran outta room on the original peg board for some things, and decided that hanging tools like hammers and screwdrivers by the kitchen door might be handy, and we have yet to hang that up. I'm happy with the way it all turned out, of course, and that was the goal. For me to be happy.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Remember how I mentioned that we'd had Izzy groomed. Awww.....

I love the little bow they put on her. The last time they groomed her, they were able to put bows in the hair behind her ears, it was so long, but since we had her trimmed down this time, we only had the bow on her collar.

So cute!
She looks like a little bear in that shot, I think.
And here is Jake, covered in mulch from head to toe. Which then winds up all over the house as it slowly falls out of his velcro hair...or gets pulled out, since it pokes me when he sits on my lap.


And now I'm heading off to lunch. Ta!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Haunting of Smith House

I'm not sure how many of you know about my past paranormal experiences, since I don't tend to talk about them a lot (here's an example, if you want one)...but usually, once someone mentions their penchant for the paranormal, people tend to remember it. So unless you're new here, you probly already know that (a) I believe in ghosts, and (b) they tend to like hanging out around me. (Not more than they like hanging out around the Twin, but still. I get my fair share of activity.)

So on Friday, I went home after work, and immediately went over to pet Izzy because she’d been groomed that day at the playplace (Leo went to pick them up instead of me, because he pays for grooming), and she was soooo pretty! So I was petting her, and I noticed that one of the dog toys, a small blue ball, was sitting on the teensy ledge of our window.

It was an odd place for it, so I asked Leo if he’d put it there. No, he said. He thought one of the dogs had done it before we’d left for the playplace that morning. Nuh-uh, I said. I would have remembered seeing it there, and it wasn’t there when I left that morning. At least I didn’t think it was. Hm.

Neither of us touched it. I don’t remember why. We just left it there in the window, and went about our business. Leo was making enchiladas for dinner, and I went in to change into my comfy pants, as I call them.

When I came back into the living room, the ball was sitting on the ottoman. I asked Leo if he’d moved it. He said he hadn’t. No big. We figured one of the dogs finally took it down.

We both sat down to watch a little t.v. while we waited for dinner to finish cooking, and in the process, I got hot. (Oven on + muggy, stormy day outside = hot Faith.) I went into the bedroom to change into shorts and a tank while Leo went in to take the enchiladas out of the oven. And when I came back into the living room, the ball was back on the window sill. The dogs were both lying where we’d left them…Iz was on the couch, and Jake was on our chair. They hadn’t moved.

I called Leo into the room, and he was a little freaked out. He took the ball and threw it down the hallway! Hahahaha!

I was kind of intrigued. When we went to bed, I put the ball back onto the ottoman. Jake was super-restless that night. I finally opened the bedroom door to let him sleep in the living room, even though I was worried he’d just chew on the couch instead. But he didn’t…I checked on him a couple of times, and he was just sleeping in the chair. (And the ball was still sitting on the ottoman.) At about 4, I’d guess, he came into the bedroom to get back into bed with me and Leo.

Leo got up and went to work at 6:30, and closed the bedroom door behind him. The puppies and I slept until 9, or so, and then got up and went to the living room.

The ball was now sitting in the corner of the window.

I texted to Leo to ask him if he’d put it there to fuck with me??? He replied, “NO!!! What the fuck is wrong with that ball?” By then, the ball had completely disappeared, so I just laughed and went about my lazy day.

I had a hair appointment at 1, and before leaving, I put the ball (which I had found in our closet) back on the ottoman. I kissed the puppies good bye, and went to my appointment.
I returned home before Leo did. And damned if that ball wasn’t in the other corner of the window this time! If I had thought that the puppies were somehow putting it in the window prior to that point, this move was intended to prove me wrong. The corner it was in is above a table covered in magazines and a lamp. No way the puppies would have been able to put it in that spot without making a mess of the table and the items on it, and I tried rolling it down the sill to the spot myself, and it didn’t work…it would roll off the sill before getting there, no matter how slowly I tried to roll it. Here's video of what I'm talking about...

That cracked me up. Now I was sure that Jeffers (our house ghost) or something was fucking with us. And, to be honest, I found it all very amusing. I’m weird like that. Leo did NOT find it funny when I told him about it when he got home, but he did find it all just a little odd.

So before we went to the Moose, I piled all the dog toys available on the ottoman. The blue ball, the pink kong bone, the kitteh with the big head, the multi-colored rubber ball…all of them. The only other toy that could rest in the windowsill like the blue ball is the pink kong bone, but I wanted to challenge whatever was playing with us.

Leo didn’t like it, but he went along with it.

When we got home, the ottoman was cleared of toys, for the most part. Looked like the puppies had had a good time while we were gone. At least, that's what we hope for while we're away from the house.
But the blue ball was gone. I looked under all the furniture (it’s small enough to fit under the couch and the ottoman and the chair), but it wasn’t there. I checked in the bedroom, and it wasn’t there, either. And it wasn’t under the table or the sideboard in the kitchen, either. Those were the only places I could think of it being in, since the other rooms in the house all get closed off to the puppies when were out.

Leo was getting the grill ready for the steaks we were eating for dinner, and I went about the business of pulling together the salad we were going to eat with them. And as I washed the bowl out in the sink after tossing the salad and separating it into smaller bowls for us, I looked up to tell Leo the salad was ready, and that’s when I saw it: the blue ball was set into the corner of the kitchen window sill. Which is above the sink. And which the puppies couldn’t get to if they tried.

I started laughing, hard. I called to Leo, and got the camera out. And here’s what happened next: (NSFW unless your workplace likes a lot of the word "fuck" flying around, or you have headphones hooked up to your computer like I do at my desk. Also kinda long and repetitive, but it has its funny moments, particularly in Leo's reaction to my questions. Sorry for the repetitiveness...we'd just returned from the bar, so, yeah...sorry.)

Then I called the Twin to tell her what happened (I’d been keeping her in the loop all day with regards to the blue ball antics), and we both tried to reassure Leo that it wasn’t a dangerous thing and everything was fine, but he wasn’t having it. He wants to throw that ball away, he hates it so much! So I had to ask whatever it was that was playing with it to leave it alone, and I put it in a safe spot for the night, and the ball stopped moving on its own.

But yeah. It was funny. I thought I would share.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Nothing much of note...

I don't have much to chat about today aside from some tales of ghosty behavior around the Smith household over the weekend, but I can't tell the story sufficiently without an accompanying video (not OF the activity, unfortunately, but of the aftermath which is important to the process), and I haven't uploaded that yet, so you'll just have to wait til tomorrow for that.

Three things to note:
- I won the Preakness pool at the bar on Saturday...$65! We draw horse names out of a bag for a $5 entry fee, and I was lucky enough to draw Rachel Alexandra about 20 minutes before the race. It was awesome.

- I had my hair done over the weekend, and I feel like the highlights are a bit...much this time around. I dunno why. Might get some pics of it and share it with you all to see what you think.

- Guess there were only 2 things to note. Oh well! Told ya there wasn't much going on.

Tune in tomorro...

Wait! I remember what the third thing was! I am planning on starting up with a themed posty thing around here on Mondays. I do this thing....where I sing along with music in my car? I know that might sound unusual, but I do. And sometimes, I'm in the mood to record it. And I thought I might start posting those "videos" for people to check out if they want...or to ignore if they want. You know...I'm breezy. Here's an example for ya. It's me singing an aria I first learned back when I started studying opera when I was 16. It's called "Nel Cor Piu Non Mi Sento", and I just busted it out while driving around one day (while waiting to turn right, apparently) to see if I could still pull it off. And I could...for the most part. I ran outta breath on a crescendo toward the end, but otherwise, its not half bad for someone who hasn't been properly exercising her opera voice in a decade, I think. So, here ya go...

Friday, May 15, 2009

It's like Liz Lemon says...

I went to the gym today, I deserve a treat.

I’m one of those fat people that accept her fatness for what it is.

Does it suck? Yeah, a fair amount, actually.

Do I wish it would just go away already? Uh-huh. HELL yes, I do!

But do I want to do much more than I already am to combat the evil of fat? Weellll…

See, that’s the thing; I’m big, but it’s not debilitating in any way. I can still run from a bear, if required, I’d imagine. I can still take a couple of flights of stairs at a time without pain or nausea. (Heavy breathing and sweating is another thing, but I think that both can be healthy, dammit, so I’m ok with it overall.) I’m pretty nimble, and for being a 200 pound woman, I’m in relatively decent shape. I pulled off a semi-difficult 45 minutes at the gym this morning that I’m sure would be tough for lots of healthy 15 year olds to manage, ok? So no one needs to cry for my ass, is all I’m sayin’.

So I will EAT my blueberry muffin, and DRINK my Diet Pepsi, and enjoy myself, goddammit. Because I earned it. By going to the gym and busting a nut for 45 minutes today before most of the natural world was even up and out of bed. And if I could find a miraculous way for the ugly, bloated, stretch-marked fat to just fall off of my body? I would totally do it. Absolutely. But for now, I’m good.

Now back to what I really wanted to post about. If you aren’t watching 30 Rock, you really just need to get on it, ok? Last night, when Kenny was talking about how he loved science class, particularly when they studied the Old Testament, I laughed - hard - for a good 30 seconds straight. And then when Sheryl Crow and Cyndi Lauper and Elvis Costello got together with a bunch of other singers/performers that I did not recognize, and sang a song about donating a kidney to Jack’s long-lost father, it wasn’t as funny, but it was still pretty entertaining. The lyrics were fucking awesome.

“The other kidney is singing now.”

Yeah, you need to watch that shit. Just trust me on that.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

My dad is awesome. Bet you wish he was your dad!

Yesterday, I was privy to a conversation at the doctor's office that was mildly uncomfortable, but not hugely. The receptionist/nurse chick was telling the doctor that he's too nice to his daughters. That they take advantage of him, and need to learn the value of the dollar better. I have no idea how old his daughters are, but I'd guess maybe teenage from the way she was talking. ::shrugs:: Not sure, though.

I appreciated the manner in which they were speaking to each other, because my boss and I have the same kind of rapport with each other. So I got that without issue. I finished up my (relatively lame in comparison to other doctor offices) paperwork, and went to return it to the window as the conversation was continuing. The receptionist said, "I hope your dad isn't a doctor," to me. I replied, "No, he's a property developer slash millionaire." (Yes, I actually said "slash" out loud. I'm weird, ok?)

I wanted her to understand that (a) I had totally been listening to their conversation, and (b) that talking about the children of wealthy people in a generalized manner like that might not be ok in mixed company.

I got where she was going, though. I immediately followed my comment with, "But I'm a working girl...I take care of myself, thank you very much." And smiled big as I walked away. It was a friendly exchange, and we continued to discuss other family members and how it can take some longer than others to figure out how to take care of themselves when they come from a wealthy home. Twin will be one of the first to admit that it took her a little while longer than it did me. I totally respect her for that, dammit.

Ironically, today I was doing some math both in my head, and then in a somewhat flustered manner on paper after the head numbers were seeming scarier than I realized they might be. And with a sigh, I realized I needed to call my dad. To ask him for a favor. Because I pay the man for my car on a bi-annual basis still...I owe another $10,000 after my June payment, dammit, so another 3 years and it will be mine, all mine!!! (Ugh.) It's only been 6 and a half years of payments thus far, so hopefully you can see my reasoning for the "ugh" there. Anywhoopie, I usually save up the money on a monthly basis, and then pay him in June and December respectively. I'm really, really, really hoping that once we clear the debt we currently owe to the evil masters of the Bank of America credit division, I can up the monthly payment a significant amount, and maybe pay it down in 1.5 - 2 years instead of 3.

But the numbers as they are right now, with us owing a slightly significant amount to Home Depot in September, and then the monthly payment I want to continue to make to BofA so I can tell them to SUCK IT sometime in January, that car payment in June just is not frugal. Not at all.

So I called dad, and asked him if he wouldn't mind if I pay him for the whole year in December instead? Please? I'm hoping I can reassess in August, and maybe pay a partial amount then, so it won't be a WHAM! $3600 payment all at once that I have to give him, but we'll have to see. (Hence the reassessment. Der.)

And the man is so awesome. First he said yes, I can do that. Not a problem. Then he thanked me. He's glad that I'm looking ahead and staying on top of the debts we owe. Meh...I'm a planner and an organizer by nature, so it's not a big deal to me. What is a big deal is that I have to put off this payment. I'm just lucky I have such a good role model, I think. While dad has made mistakes in the past, when he was about my age, actually (maybe a little younger), he was able to recover gracefully and relatively powerfully.

Which is exactly what I plan to do, dammit.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Please, PLEASE let this be it!

Or not. Hm...

I've just returned from the ear, nose, and throat specialist my neurologist suggested I see about my headaches/possible inner ear infection.

What I have is not an inner ear infection. My ears look perfect, according to this man.

BUT. After answering a few more questions about what I've been dealing with, and telling him other symptoms that have accompanied the pain I've been having, he did have a diagnosis he thinks is correct.

And halleluia, I think he's right! They're cluster headaches. Awful little buggars apparently misdiagnosed as migraines all the time, since so few people in the population deal with them, but after reading about them on Wikipedia, and then here at the Mayo Clinic's website, I'm sure this is what I have. Positive. (By the way, the picture that accompanies the article on Wikipedia? Yes. THAT is what I feel. Illustrative genius on that one!)

It almost seems wrong that I'm so happy right now! So happy that I'm trying not to cry. But man, if you could only understand how awesome the prospect of not having to deal with this pain is? You would totally get me on this.

So, soo happy. ::sigh::

It was when he started asking me if I'm ever woken up by the headaches that he put 2 and 2 together. And I said yes, quite often they wake me up at about 2:30 a.m. And that's after I've already treated an afternoon attack that hits at about 2:30 p.m. with Advil or Tylenol Extra Strength. And that I had really bloodshot eyes after the first batch of them I had a couple of weeks ago that started this whole mess. And the fact that my eyes were often watery when I last experienced the issue in the fall/winter, so we treated them as allergies.

Yeah, bloodshot or watery eyes are symptoms of the clusters. As is the weird regularity of timing of attacks. And this? "Nausea rarely accompanies a cluster headache, though it has been reported. The neck is often stiff or tender in the aftermath of a headache, with jaw or tooth pain sometimes present. Some sufferers report feeling as though their nose is stopped up and that they are unable to breathe out of one of their nostrils." Um, yes. Absolutely. Motherfucker.

I cannot WAIT to fill this prescription!


Last night as Leo and I were reviewing the garage in its cleaned up state (pictures will be posted soon, I promise!), he told me that, oh, by the way, someone had robbed his car the night before.

As it sat in our driveway.


So really, it's his own damned fault, but what concerns me the most is that someone was brazen enough to come all the way up our driveway to check and see if the car was unlocked. And then they searched around a bit, but only wound up taking our Nuvi. Dammit.

We don't need it for anything anytime soon, so its not that huge of a deal to me, but I told him I won't be buying him another one to replace it. (I bought him that Nuvi for Christmas 2 years ago.) And he needs to make sure shit is locked up from now on, goddammit! JEEZY!

So, so scary.

I texted my neighbor to let him know about the issue, but we aren't reporting it to the police. No reason to, as I see it. Since they didn't attempt to steal the vehicle itself, I figure it was just a kid out for a late night stroll being a nuisance, or something.

We'll be watching the street a bit closer now, that's for damned sure. ::sigh:: Sucks.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I am annoyed right now.

People, it's called "work" for a reason. If you don't wanna do it, I bet there are at least 100 people out there who are looking for something to do that can fill your position veeerrry easily. Being an admin assistant, while challenging at certain times, is not that hard. Watch some Dirty Jobs episodes, and you might get an idea of what a tough job actually is. Then come back to your emails and actually HELP people who are asking for your assitance! You twatwaffle...

On a similar vein, does anyone know anything about personal chef companies in town at all? Specifically if any are hiring right now? Because I'm kinda tired of the way Leo's boss talks to him, and I kinda wish he could quit that bitch right about let me know if you know anyone, please. :)

Monday, May 11, 2009

PSA re: XO's blog

I just visited XO's blog "Hip Sub White Guy"** and when I tried to leave after I was finished reading, I got spammed, or something by the connection. It was very weird. I closed the link, and in my other open internet window, it started openeing new tabs over and over and over...I think it might have been close to 50 tabs open by the time I was able to shut my computer down 4 minutes later.

No clue how it happened, if it was my machine, or what the deal was, but I just thought I'd warn those who read his blog. And also ask XO to fix it, if it's his blog doing it, so I can read him again when he updates. Until I know it won't happen again, I can't go back there!

Is it me? I've never seen anything like that before, so let me know if you know WTF happened, and if it's not linked to his blog, or whatever.

**Sorry I can't link there! It seriously shut me down for over 5 minutes. Bleh.

Hm? What now?

On the way home from the gym at the ungodly hour of 6 a.m. this morning (I've gotten back into the habit of going 1 - 2 times a week...not great, but better than nothing!), I passed a car parked outside a house that had a personalized license plate on it that said, simply, "PHONE."

What do you think that's supposed to mean?

If the person who owns that car happens to read this blog, by some miracle of randomness, what does that fucking meeeeaaaan?

Friday, May 08, 2009

Colonial times.

So last weekend is already a whole week past. Crazy how time flies! Meeting up with people I've been talking to for a year, but hadn't ever met, was a really good experience. New Hampshire was gorgeous, of course. And I want to live there now, dammit. But that tends to happen when I visit a place this time of year, really. What place ISN'T pretty this time of year? Detroit? Houston? Death Valley? I dunno. But I can say for sure that New England is really, really pretty right now.

The sunset on Saturday night, for example, made me stop and stare a couple of times, to be honest. This is what the trees at the gathering house looked like in the sunlight. Sooo pretty!

On Saturday during the day, we all took a trip into Portsmouth and ate some lunch, and then hung out in the square there, sometimes going into a store or two, sometimes just hanging out and watching the people go by. It was a busy day since the weather was so beautiful.

Later on, our main hostess showed us an area of the town that's on the river, where all these bars have porches that you can sit on and enjoy the view. I kinda wish we'd gone to one of those, but oh well! Next time, for sure.

I didn't stay at the house with everyone else...I need space because I'm an asshole like that, so I stayed in a hotel in a town nearby called Exeter. It was really lovely there, and only about a 10 minute drive from where everyone else was at, so I wasn't too far away. Apparently, there's a prep school in town that's been there for a long-ass time called Phillips Exeter. So there were prep kids all over the place as I drove through each day. I think this house is one of their dormatories...yeah, they have it real rough!
It really was a cute place, and aside from the wonky way all the streets come together (I seriously came close to hitting at least 3 people, as well as some deer, in my 2 days there), I really would love to go back for another visit.

The travel to and from, however, I could do without. Actually, just the from. The travel to wasn't all that bad, except for the earliness of the flight I took out there on Friday. Man, that sucked! But the trip home was exponentially worse, thanks to, you know, other travelers and stuff.

First off, my head started to hurt just before I got on my first flight. That did not bode well for the rest of the day. The flight from New Hampshire to Chicago is only an hour and 25 minutes long, but it felt like it was stretching into a 3 hour flight by the time we got over Lake Michigan. My head was pounding, and they were no longer offering any more water or sodas, so I couldn't take meds for it. Then, during the last half hour of the flight, it started to get really warm in the plane. It felt like they'd cranked the heater up to 85, which I thought was a bit unneccesary. It did NOT help my head. So as the flight attendants were making their final passes through the cabin in prep for landing, I mentioned to the one for my area that it seemed to be really warm. Her response was that all flights get warm as they descend. I looked at her quizzically, and said that it seemed unusual, and asked if nothing could be done to help it? She said that I should keep this gradual warming as the plane descends in mind on future flights, and started to walk away. I told her before she went that I'm actually a seasoned flyer, and the warmth as descending thing was new to me! And her response was, "Well, I fly a lot too, surprisingly..." as she walked further away from my row. My response to that was, "Isn't it nice to get such a smartass response from a professional in charge of ensuring the comfort and safety of the passengers!" I don't know if she heard me. (I'm so writing a letter to the airline!)

So getting off that plane was like stepping off into the waiting room for heaven. Because beer could be involved. But not until after I took some Tylenol and got a significant amount of water into my sytem.

Then I had some beer. Because my headache went away, halleluia!

Then it came back, though. Crap.

I had to pee something fierce after having a couple of beers and all that water, and stuff. So after resting for a bit watching a game and eating some wings in the Chili's at the airport, I found a ladies' room, and then I finally went to my gate to wait the last hour before my flight took off. (Did I not mention the fact that I had a 4 hour layover in Chicago? And that the flight that was taking off earlier was full, as was mine? Yeah, United? YOU NEED MORE FLIGHTS BETWEEN CHICAGO AND KC!!! Eh-em...)

The waiting area was pretty full, but I found a seat, and settled in to add up my checking account expenditures for the weekend. Unfortunately, I chose an area of seats where there was a curious 2 or 3 year old little girl bopping about. You know the kind: they set on their knees, and look at the people sitting in the seats behind theirs, making them uncomfortable and wanting to move even though there's barely room to stand anywhere much less find an open seat? Yeah, those kids are fun. Anywho, I worked on my checkbook, and looked up to see the news on the t.v. across from me every once in a while, but after a minute I was distracted by what sounded like a game. Ooh! Much better than news...but I couldn't figure out where it was. Then it suddenly sounded like the game was being interrupted by an attack of ferocious velociraptors, and I was confused for a moment because that would be really bad goings down at a game, IMO, so I looked a bit more, and saw a family of four across from me, all staring down at a portable DVD player.
Aw. Isn't that nice? That they're all watching a loud movie in a public place with the volume turned all the way up?

Just a quick observation: books are nice. That's all I'm sayin'.

I kept working on my checkbook, and then pulled out my Elle Decor I was in the middle of when I was done with the checkbook. And next thing I knew, there was that lovely todder on the other side of the seat from me! Now she was singing to herself.

Fuck. Me.

So I say out loud, kind of turning around looking at her, and then at the grown ups around her, "Does this belong to anyone?" But no one was claiming her. I sighed, and turned back around when I noticed a body lying next to the child on the seats she was kneeling next to, realizing that her mother was asleep, and didn't give a flying fuck about her annoying child bugging random strangers to the point where they wanted to lure her away with the promise of ice cream, only to stuff her into a trash can down the hall.

Then? The child sneezed on me.*

I hopped up immediately, exclaiming out loud, "You have GOT to be kidding me!" Everyone seated in the area near me looked up...except for the child's mom. Fucking lost cause at that point, I just gathered my stuff, and went to wait for my plane to board. Which it did about 20 minutes late, thanks to some mechanical issue. Fortunately, the flight home was pleasant enough. And quick. And then Leo was there to greet me and drive me home in my beleaguered state, with my head pounding, and me in an exhausted pool of blah.

I won't be travelling again for a non-emergency reason for a loooong time, I think.

And srsly, people...keep an eye on your toddlers in the airport. They're germ factories just aching to be put into a trashcan by some big meanie lady like myself. No one wants to deal with that shit at the end of the day, right? For pity's sake...

*And yeah, some of you might be all, "Um, karma, Faith? She's a bitch!" But that's exactly how I feel about that mother losing her child someday because she's so retarded as to fall asleep and become completely oblivious to her activities/whereabouts, ok? So there ya go. That's how karma works. Someday, it'll catch up to that woman's ass, trust me.

Thursday, May 07, 2009


We had Izzy groomed at the Playpen a couple of weeks ago, and she looked so pretty, I had to take pictures! They put bows on her!!!
Ok, she doesn't always look scared of me like, see?

Such a pretty girl! I like that they do bows at the Playpen. They even put one on Jake last week, but it was a manly was blue, and on his collar. It's waaaay better than the stupid bandanas they used to put on them at the place we used to take them. Blech.

Anyway, I'm just muddling through today. Its been hard for me to focus this week, and Im not sure why. I'm hoping I just need some sleep, so maybe next week will be better? I dunno...

Update on headaches: The MRI results came to me yesterday, and the neurologist didn't find anything abnormal to be concerned about, so he's just keeping my follow-up appointment set for late June.

However, while there was no evidence of stroke or mass in the images (which I hadn't even considered, really...I'm so glad I didn't have a stroke without knowing it? WTF?), there is "minimal mucosal thickening in the mastoid air cells on the left side." This was interesting to me because my headaches all emminate from the left side of my head...when the pain is severe, it shoots through the middle left side of my head to the point where I want to dig my fingers into my brain to make it stop. (That's a common response, or so I've heard. Weird.)

Anyway, looking up the mastoid air cells, and what it can mean to have the mucosal thickening has lead me to think that maybe I have an inner ear infection that no one has diagnosed. I've had a problem with my head feeling like it's got pressure from the inside all the time my ear needs to pop, but it won't. The headaches were back with a force on Saturday and Sunday, with the flights on Sunday sending them back into that severe level that made me want to cry/scream/break things/etc...

It can be bad if this continues to go untreated, but if they give me the proper antibiotics for it, then my headaches might just go away for good! And this obnoxious ear pressure/head pressure thing needs to go away now. While it doesn't hurt at all, it is really annoying, dammit. I hope the neurologist will help me! I don't wanna have to wait until the end of June to deal with this...

Cross your fingers that they want to help me as much as I want them to. (If they won't help, Ill go back to my doctor here near work and see if they will. It shouldn't be that tough to get an Rx for an inner ear infection, IMO. We'll see...)

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

I'm not in the mood...

I don't feel like writing. I'd post photos, but I need to upload them first. BLAH.

I'll get an update on here soon, just hang in there. No one needs to keep looking at the little man in my brain every time they come here looking for new info, is the thing, so know that I feel bad about that.

Monday, May 04, 2009

Well, that explains a lot. Hm.

I had my MRI last Thursday, as I mentioned previously, and they gave me a disc of all the images they took that I think I'm supposed to give to my doctor, if he wants it. ::shrugs:: I dunno.

In the meantime, I'm looking at the disc, and trying to figure things out.

Number 1 item discovered: Looking at pictures of your brain is WEIRD.
Number 2 item discovered: Satan is living in my brain. LOOK:

Srsly. I cannot be the only one that sees a little face in that image of my brain, can I? Please tell me you see that...

Also, it has HORNS. It's a horned beast living in my brain. (For those not familiar with English Lit, that is pronounced "hore-ned" not "hornd", ok?)

This explains a lot, actually. However, it does not explain why the headaches sometimes react badly to alcohol, because, IMO, horned beasts should be pretty big fans of alcohol, no? I mean, history shows that evil things have an afinity for debauchery, and alcohol can contribute in a great way to debauchery, ergo, horned beasts like alcohol. So WTF?, horned beast living in my brain??? W. T. F?

Friday, May 01, 2009

Waiting to leave...

I'm just sitting, waiting to take off on my ridiculously early flight to Chicago right now, and thought it might be a fun time to fill you all in on my MRI experience.

The machine wasn't scary, which was a pleasant surprise. It's not that I have a specific fear of confined spaces, but let's face it...I'm not exactly svelt, so there was a slight worry about how well I would fit in the machine itself. Pictures of Peter from Family Guy getting jammed in the opening kinda swam through my head a lil' bit.

But it was fine. Took longer than I expected. I almost fell asleep more than once, thanks to the repetitive sounds and the slight vibration at times. Unfortunately, that slight vibration also caused my facial spasms to set in for the duration of the tests. That made it harder to stay still, which is kinda crucial. But I pulled it off. And now I have a disc full of images of my brain...which I haven't had a chance to look at, dammit. Not that I'll know what I'm looking at! But still, I'm interested in looking at it.

Ok, need to shut down now. Happy Friday, everyone!