Friday, May 08, 2009

Colonial times.

So last weekend is already a whole week past. Crazy how time flies! Meeting up with people I've been talking to for a year, but hadn't ever met, was a really good experience. New Hampshire was gorgeous, of course. And I want to live there now, dammit. But that tends to happen when I visit a place this time of year, really. What place ISN'T pretty this time of year? Detroit? Houston? Death Valley? I dunno. But I can say for sure that New England is really, really pretty right now.

The sunset on Saturday night, for example, made me stop and stare a couple of times, to be honest. This is what the trees at the gathering house looked like in the sunlight. Sooo pretty!

On Saturday during the day, we all took a trip into Portsmouth and ate some lunch, and then hung out in the square there, sometimes going into a store or two, sometimes just hanging out and watching the people go by. It was a busy day since the weather was so beautiful.

Later on, our main hostess showed us an area of the town that's on the river, where all these bars have porches that you can sit on and enjoy the view. I kinda wish we'd gone to one of those, but oh well! Next time, for sure.

I didn't stay at the house with everyone else...I need space because I'm an asshole like that, so I stayed in a hotel in a town nearby called Exeter. It was really lovely there, and only about a 10 minute drive from where everyone else was at, so I wasn't too far away. Apparently, there's a prep school in town that's been there for a long-ass time called Phillips Exeter. So there were prep kids all over the place as I drove through each day. I think this house is one of their dormatories...yeah, they have it real rough!
It really was a cute place, and aside from the wonky way all the streets come together (I seriously came close to hitting at least 3 people, as well as some deer, in my 2 days there), I really would love to go back for another visit.

The travel to and from, however, I could do without. Actually, just the from. The travel to wasn't all that bad, except for the earliness of the flight I took out there on Friday. Man, that sucked! But the trip home was exponentially worse, thanks to, you know, other travelers and stuff.

First off, my head started to hurt just before I got on my first flight. That did not bode well for the rest of the day. The flight from New Hampshire to Chicago is only an hour and 25 minutes long, but it felt like it was stretching into a 3 hour flight by the time we got over Lake Michigan. My head was pounding, and they were no longer offering any more water or sodas, so I couldn't take meds for it. Then, during the last half hour of the flight, it started to get really warm in the plane. It felt like they'd cranked the heater up to 85, which I thought was a bit unneccesary. It did NOT help my head. So as the flight attendants were making their final passes through the cabin in prep for landing, I mentioned to the one for my area that it seemed to be really warm. Her response was that all flights get warm as they descend. I looked at her quizzically, and said that it seemed unusual, and asked if nothing could be done to help it? She said that I should keep this gradual warming as the plane descends in mind on future flights, and started to walk away. I told her before she went that I'm actually a seasoned flyer, and the warmth as descending thing was new to me! And her response was, "Well, I fly a lot too, surprisingly..." as she walked further away from my row. My response to that was, "Isn't it nice to get such a smartass response from a professional in charge of ensuring the comfort and safety of the passengers!" I don't know if she heard me. (I'm so writing a letter to the airline!)

So getting off that plane was like stepping off into the waiting room for heaven. Because beer could be involved. But not until after I took some Tylenol and got a significant amount of water into my sytem.

Then I had some beer. Because my headache went away, halleluia!

Then it came back, though. Crap.

I had to pee something fierce after having a couple of beers and all that water, and stuff. So after resting for a bit watching a game and eating some wings in the Chili's at the airport, I found a ladies' room, and then I finally went to my gate to wait the last hour before my flight took off. (Did I not mention the fact that I had a 4 hour layover in Chicago? And that the flight that was taking off earlier was full, as was mine? Yeah, United? YOU NEED MORE FLIGHTS BETWEEN CHICAGO AND KC!!! Eh-em...)

The waiting area was pretty full, but I found a seat, and settled in to add up my checking account expenditures for the weekend. Unfortunately, I chose an area of seats where there was a curious 2 or 3 year old little girl bopping about. You know the kind: they set on their knees, and look at the people sitting in the seats behind theirs, making them uncomfortable and wanting to move even though there's barely room to stand anywhere much less find an open seat? Yeah, those kids are fun. Anywho, I worked on my checkbook, and looked up to see the news on the t.v. across from me every once in a while, but after a minute I was distracted by what sounded like a game. Ooh! Much better than news...but I couldn't figure out where it was. Then it suddenly sounded like the game was being interrupted by an attack of ferocious velociraptors, and I was confused for a moment because that would be really bad goings down at a game, IMO, so I looked a bit more, and saw a family of four across from me, all staring down at a portable DVD player.
Aw. Isn't that nice? That they're all watching a loud movie in a public place with the volume turned all the way up?

Just a quick observation: books are nice. That's all I'm sayin'.

I kept working on my checkbook, and then pulled out my Elle Decor I was in the middle of when I was done with the checkbook. And next thing I knew, there was that lovely todder on the other side of the seat from me! Now she was singing to herself.

Fuck. Me.

So I say out loud, kind of turning around looking at her, and then at the grown ups around her, "Does this belong to anyone?" But no one was claiming her. I sighed, and turned back around when I noticed a body lying next to the child on the seats she was kneeling next to, realizing that her mother was asleep, and didn't give a flying fuck about her annoying child bugging random strangers to the point where they wanted to lure her away with the promise of ice cream, only to stuff her into a trash can down the hall.

Then? The child sneezed on me.*

I hopped up immediately, exclaiming out loud, "You have GOT to be kidding me!" Everyone seated in the area near me looked up...except for the child's mom. Fucking lost cause at that point, I just gathered my stuff, and went to wait for my plane to board. Which it did about 20 minutes late, thanks to some mechanical issue. Fortunately, the flight home was pleasant enough. And quick. And then Leo was there to greet me and drive me home in my beleaguered state, with my head pounding, and me in an exhausted pool of blah.

I won't be travelling again for a non-emergency reason for a loooong time, I think.

And srsly, people...keep an eye on your toddlers in the airport. They're germ factories just aching to be put into a trashcan by some big meanie lady like myself. No one wants to deal with that shit at the end of the day, right? For pity's sake...

*And yeah, some of you might be all, "Um, karma, Faith? She's a bitch!" But that's exactly how I feel about that mother losing her child someday because she's so retarded as to fall asleep and become completely oblivious to her activities/whereabouts, ok? So there ya go. That's how karma works. Someday, it'll catch up to that woman's ass, trust me.


faithstwin said...

I love the brightness behind the fam watching the dvd player...makes it look like they're all waiting for Jesus to step out of the center.

Faith said...

Yeah, I wanted to make sure I got the shot as discretely as possible, so I took it quickly. Otherwise, I might've taken a moment to adjust the settings on my camera.

Jesus doesn't do movies with velociraptors, I thought.

Cheri said...

Sorry to hear about the crappy flight (stupid people) home. I really don't understand some people sometimes. I think I would have woke up that mother. I could NEVER EVER fall asleep with my kid there and no one else to watch them..and he's 11. More and more And playing a DVD loud in the middle of a crowd of people?? Come on!! I hate to be out in public - more and more people have ZERO consideration for others!! Idiots..the world is full them, huh?