Thursday, May 21, 2009

Garage remodel - finally complete

I know several of you (like, at least two) have been wondering how the garage remodel turned out, now that it's cleaned up, painted, etc, etc...and everything, right? This was the last post I put up about it, I think. There might have been one after that, but I doubt it. Anyway, we finally managed to finish the paint and get the shelves assembled and stuff. Although we haven't completed the replacing of all the items out there that we usully store in the space, we're close enough, so I thought it might be fun to share.

First, though, how about a picture of the house with the new black mulch we decided to spread in the front flower beds this year?
We LOVE it. Looks fucking fabulous, in our estimation. Leo is a powerhouse in the garden, which is a perfect balance for me, really, since I am a complete waste of life when it comes to gardening. I'm MUCH better at tasks that involve, say, sitting and watching the new Bravo version of Project Runway called "The Fashion Show" which I just discovered started up two weeks ago, and now I'm two shows behind, goddammit. But that's ok, because Bravo is famous for it's rerunning of things! So I'll just catch the reruns when they show them. (And for those wondering about the new season of Project Runway, and when they're going to fucking air it already on the new network - i.e. Lifetime - I went ahead and did a lil' research today, and found out it will be starting in August. Mutherfucking AUGUST. Jeezy chreezy...)

Boy, this post isn't a little detatched and discombobulated, is it? Fuck.

Ok, so the garage. Used to look like...this!!!! [cue stabby music from Psycho]

We used to have some rickety, frightening shelves along the one wall where we kept a lot of our supplies of things like paint, garden items that need shelter through the winter, and...more paint, apparently. They were scary fucking shelves, ok? I'm so glad those things are gone!

The ladder was in just the right spot for me to open my door right into it if I parked to close to that wall. The problem was that if I parked too close to the other wall in attempts to avoid the door/ladder connection, the tools and stuff hanging over there became a nuisance to try to get past when squeezing between them and the car on the way out of the garage, or to the passenger side of the car, or whatever. So we needed to change their placement, too.

So! Welcome to The New Garage...
We still need to do the floor...that'll be a future project when we aren't in so much debt, our eyeballs can be seen floating down the street in it. It won't be long. Likely a project for next Spring, I'd think. The wall color is the same as the living room, thanks to the 4 Gallon Miscalculation Debacle of 2006, and I rather like the color on the walls out there, so that turned out well.

Here's the new side door that leads out to the backyard from the garage. It looks so much - wait, scratch looks so, so, so, so, soooooooo much better than it used to, it kind of gives me a little pitter-pattery heartbeat to see it now. I'm not saying I'm in love with the new door. But I am saying that it has the ability to make me sigh heavily still. I'm sure it's just a honeymoon period affect, or what have you.
::SIGH:: (Ok, maybe it is love. I dunno.)
The ceiling, though. Ooooh, the ceiling. I wanted it to be blue. But we didn't wind up having enough blue paint left over to be able to paint it sufficiently, and the idea was to use leftover paint to save money. Once I discovered that I couldn't have my blue ceiling without shelling out the extra bucks, I was all "Fuck that!" And decided I wanted high gloss white instead. It was supposed to look like zees!!!
Oh, the shine! Oh, the gloss! Oh the reflection of it all!!!
But it came out looking like zeees...
::cocks head:: Yeah. I think the paint store stiffed me, or something. Because that ain't right. But the thing is, Leo's arms can only take so much of the painting. So I can't bear the thought of asking him to do MORE after he's done so very much already. So I'm letting it go. And breathing, and not cursing the paint store, and we're walking, and we're moving on... the door that leads into the kitchen from the garage. We got a new one that's up to fire code, and everything. And I think it looks so pretty.
The new step is nice, too. Infinitely nicer than the piece of shit that used to be there, covered in some nasty old carpet remnant...blech.
Also, take note of the new light fixtures. I was the suggestion of the contractor we used to get the kind that had cages over the domes/lightbulbs. They're awesome, and not too expensive, and really a good idea for a location like the garage, where tools and ladders and stuff can sometimes go flying about, threatening to break things made of glass. We really like them.
So there ya have it. We've since hung up some peg board, but we needed to get an additional peg board to hang since we ran outta room on the original peg board for some things, and decided that hanging tools like hammers and screwdrivers by the kitchen door might be handy, and we have yet to hang that up. I'm happy with the way it all turned out, of course, and that was the goal. For me to be happy.


faithstwin said...

Ooooooo prriiitttteeeeee...

Cheri said...

It's looking great!

GB, RN said...

That's a nice garage! Probably one of the nicer ones I've seen.