Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Haunting of Smith House

I'm not sure how many of you know about my past paranormal experiences, since I don't tend to talk about them a lot (here's an example, if you want one)...but usually, once someone mentions their penchant for the paranormal, people tend to remember it. So unless you're new here, you probly already know that (a) I believe in ghosts, and (b) they tend to like hanging out around me. (Not more than they like hanging out around the Twin, but still. I get my fair share of activity.)

So on Friday, I went home after work, and immediately went over to pet Izzy because she’d been groomed that day at the playplace (Leo went to pick them up instead of me, because he pays for grooming), and she was soooo pretty! So I was petting her, and I noticed that one of the dog toys, a small blue ball, was sitting on the teensy ledge of our window.

It was an odd place for it, so I asked Leo if he’d put it there. No, he said. He thought one of the dogs had done it before we’d left for the playplace that morning. Nuh-uh, I said. I would have remembered seeing it there, and it wasn’t there when I left that morning. At least I didn’t think it was. Hm.

Neither of us touched it. I don’t remember why. We just left it there in the window, and went about our business. Leo was making enchiladas for dinner, and I went in to change into my comfy pants, as I call them.

When I came back into the living room, the ball was sitting on the ottoman. I asked Leo if he’d moved it. He said he hadn’t. No big. We figured one of the dogs finally took it down.

We both sat down to watch a little t.v. while we waited for dinner to finish cooking, and in the process, I got hot. (Oven on + muggy, stormy day outside = hot Faith.) I went into the bedroom to change into shorts and a tank while Leo went in to take the enchiladas out of the oven. And when I came back into the living room, the ball was back on the window sill. The dogs were both lying where we’d left them…Iz was on the couch, and Jake was on our chair. They hadn’t moved.

I called Leo into the room, and he was a little freaked out. He took the ball and threw it down the hallway! Hahahaha!

I was kind of intrigued. When we went to bed, I put the ball back onto the ottoman. Jake was super-restless that night. I finally opened the bedroom door to let him sleep in the living room, even though I was worried he’d just chew on the couch instead. But he didn’t…I checked on him a couple of times, and he was just sleeping in the chair. (And the ball was still sitting on the ottoman.) At about 4, I’d guess, he came into the bedroom to get back into bed with me and Leo.

Leo got up and went to work at 6:30, and closed the bedroom door behind him. The puppies and I slept until 9, or so, and then got up and went to the living room.

The ball was now sitting in the corner of the window.

I texted to Leo to ask him if he’d put it there to fuck with me??? He replied, “NO!!! What the fuck is wrong with that ball?” By then, the ball had completely disappeared, so I just laughed and went about my lazy day.

I had a hair appointment at 1, and before leaving, I put the ball (which I had found in our closet) back on the ottoman. I kissed the puppies good bye, and went to my appointment.
I returned home before Leo did. And damned if that ball wasn’t in the other corner of the window this time! If I had thought that the puppies were somehow putting it in the window prior to that point, this move was intended to prove me wrong. The corner it was in is above a table covered in magazines and a lamp. No way the puppies would have been able to put it in that spot without making a mess of the table and the items on it, and I tried rolling it down the sill to the spot myself, and it didn’t work…it would roll off the sill before getting there, no matter how slowly I tried to roll it. Here's video of what I'm talking about...

That cracked me up. Now I was sure that Jeffers (our house ghost) or something was fucking with us. And, to be honest, I found it all very amusing. I’m weird like that. Leo did NOT find it funny when I told him about it when he got home, but he did find it all just a little odd.

So before we went to the Moose, I piled all the dog toys available on the ottoman. The blue ball, the pink kong bone, the kitteh with the big head, the multi-colored rubber ball…all of them. The only other toy that could rest in the windowsill like the blue ball is the pink kong bone, but I wanted to challenge whatever was playing with us.

Leo didn’t like it, but he went along with it.

When we got home, the ottoman was cleared of toys, for the most part. Looked like the puppies had had a good time while we were gone. At least, that's what we hope for while we're away from the house.
But the blue ball was gone. I looked under all the furniture (it’s small enough to fit under the couch and the ottoman and the chair), but it wasn’t there. I checked in the bedroom, and it wasn’t there, either. And it wasn’t under the table or the sideboard in the kitchen, either. Those were the only places I could think of it being in, since the other rooms in the house all get closed off to the puppies when were out.

Leo was getting the grill ready for the steaks we were eating for dinner, and I went about the business of pulling together the salad we were going to eat with them. And as I washed the bowl out in the sink after tossing the salad and separating it into smaller bowls for us, I looked up to tell Leo the salad was ready, and that’s when I saw it: the blue ball was set into the corner of the kitchen window sill. Which is above the sink. And which the puppies couldn’t get to if they tried.

I started laughing, hard. I called to Leo, and got the camera out. And here’s what happened next: (NSFW unless your workplace likes a lot of the word "fuck" flying around, or you have headphones hooked up to your computer like I do at my desk. Also kinda long and repetitive, but it has its funny moments, particularly in Leo's reaction to my questions. Sorry for the repetitiveness...we'd just returned from the bar, so, yeah...sorry.)

Then I called the Twin to tell her what happened (I’d been keeping her in the loop all day with regards to the blue ball antics), and we both tried to reassure Leo that it wasn’t a dangerous thing and everything was fine, but he wasn’t having it. He wants to throw that ball away, he hates it so much! So I had to ask whatever it was that was playing with it to leave it alone, and I put it in a safe spot for the night, and the ball stopped moving on its own.

But yeah. It was funny. I thought I would share.


Logtar said...

How did Jeffers get his name?

Faith said...

We had a little bit of activity going on around the house a couple of years ago, and I asked the Twin if she knew anyone that could help me figure out who it was, and what they wanted. She directed me to a psychic she's worked with before, and it was that woman that told us that there was an older man in the house, and his name was Jeffy or Jeffers or something like that. We chose to call him Jeffers. he doesn't seem to mind.

He's playful...so while this kind of activity seems a bit childish for an "older man" to do, it's totally Jeffers-ish, IMO. Plus, he was really good about not doing it anymore after I told him to stop it, please. That makes me think it's a more mature spirit...

faithstwin said...

Hmmm, I say it's Jeffers.

I can't believe it got into the windows in those spots due to puppies. There is NO way.

That's interesting...

Old Fart said...

I would be out of that house so fast.

I don't really believe in ghosts, or spirits, or whatever, but...

I did live in one apartment in a two family house that had a nice wide landing at the top of the stairs. There was a cool stained glass window right there. I decided to put my drawing desk under the window. Within days I started getting a chill every time I sat down at the desk. This went on for about a month... during July... without A/C in the apartment.

One day I was sitting outside my apartment (just below the stained glass window) and some kid was riding by on his bike. He stopped and asked me how I could live in a place where a guy got shot. I didn't know anything about anyone getting shot in the apartment, so I asked the landlord.

Yep, two tenants back, the guy had been shot by his girlfriend. He died on the landing, right under the window!

I moved out the next day.

faithstwin said...

lol- OldFart that's creepy!

Faith said...

That IS creepy, OF!

But the thing is, it's just energy. It can't hurt you. And Jeffers just wants us to know he's around if we need to chat. At least that's what the psychic told me. I think that's nice of him. :)

Alisha said...

Okay, first off I miss my regular doses of Faith. Also, we have been laughing our asses off at the video of Leo..."That's fucked up, that fucked up shit!"

And lastly, I love this post but I'm sure you knew that already!