Wednesday, May 06, 2009

I'm not in the mood...

I don't feel like writing. I'd post photos, but I need to upload them first. BLAH.

I'll get an update on here soon, just hang in there. No one needs to keep looking at the little man in my brain every time they come here looking for new info, is the thing, so know that I feel bad about that.


Anonymous said...

I am guessing you have looked into the options, but my migraines were caused by hormonal stuff, and very sensitive to alcohol (mainly red wine) and MSG in food. When I felt one coming on, sometimes I could avert it with mega caffeine doses, but when that did not work I would have to retire to a dark room for a nap until it was done (usually 24 hours on the nose). If you have a good OB/GYN they should be able to do some hormone level testing and see if something is out of whack, and if you are on birth control, maybe reconsider the type or strength. or drop it completely. I know you didn't ask for advice, but when I see the same symptoms that had me pulling over the mini van and puking in the gutter from the pain, I would love to help someone else avoid that. Of course, Satan does live in your brain but the right level of estrogen will keep the bastard in check.
Oh yeah, chart your headaches so you know how they correspond with your cycles. That way you may be able to head it off when you know you are susceptible.

Faith said...

I only have my period every 3 months. So its not really "cycle" related, is the thing. Also? They've been getting worse and worse over the past 5 months, or so. And I haven't changed my BC at all in that time. ::shrugs::

I'm glad my headaches don't make me nauseous, though. They make it hard to function and they exhaust me, but those ones have been rare, thank goodness. (Well, only 3 of them over the last month.)

I got the MRI report back from the neurologist yesterday. Everything looks fine...there was no evidence of a stroke or a mass. (Even though I had no idea that's what they were looking for.) They DID say in the report that there is minimal mucosal thickening in the mastoid air cells on the left side of my head/brain, which makes sense. My headaches tend to emminate from the left hand side of my head. I'm gonna go google mucosal thickening in the mastoid air cells now... :)

(p.s. I've been keeping a headache diary since this all started a month ago. I'm hoping it helps somehow!)