Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Last night as Leo and I were reviewing the garage in its cleaned up state (pictures will be posted soon, I promise!), he told me that, oh, by the way, someone had robbed his car the night before.

As it sat in our driveway.


So really, it's his own damned fault, but what concerns me the most is that someone was brazen enough to come all the way up our driveway to check and see if the car was unlocked. And then they searched around a bit, but only wound up taking our Nuvi. Dammit.

We don't need it for anything anytime soon, so its not that huge of a deal to me, but I told him I won't be buying him another one to replace it. (I bought him that Nuvi for Christmas 2 years ago.) And he needs to make sure shit is locked up from now on, goddammit! JEEZY!

So, so scary.

I texted my neighbor to let him know about the issue, but we aren't reporting it to the police. No reason to, as I see it. Since they didn't attempt to steal the vehicle itself, I figure it was just a kid out for a late night stroll being a nuisance, or something.

We'll be watching the street a bit closer now, that's for damned sure. ::sigh:: Sucks.


Nuke said...

Shit, sorry to hear it. That sucks. I have lived in neighborhoods where this shit was common and the police filed report after report but couldn't do anything. Of course if they wanted something and the car was locked they just busted out the windows.

Layla said...

Wow, that IS scary. There were a lot of car break-ins when we lived on the Plaza, but as bad as that was, at least they weren't actually walking on to our property!... Glad it wasn't worse.

emawkc said...

You bought it two years ago? That's for-frekin'-EVAR in gadget years. Hell, he probably put a sign on the car saying "Please take my Nuvi" just so he could have an excuse to upgrade to a new model.

Not sayin' I would ever do anything like that, but...

Donna said...

My daughter's radio was taken from her car in her own driveway, and we live in a town of 780 people where everybody knows everybody.

faithstwin said...

WHAT is WRONG with Leo!? I told Shmaith about this and she admits she never locks her car...ever. But then, it's a late 90's model piece of shit Honda.

I can't believe he does that? Crazy.

Faith said...

Hahahaha! You might just have something there, Emaw. He has been talking a lot lately about a need to update the maps in the damned thing.

He had an iPod once that got stolen, and he totally used that excuse to get the newer, bigger, badder version that was available.

You men can be such opportunists. ::tsk, tsk...::