Thursday, May 14, 2009

My dad is awesome. Bet you wish he was your dad!

Yesterday, I was privy to a conversation at the doctor's office that was mildly uncomfortable, but not hugely. The receptionist/nurse chick was telling the doctor that he's too nice to his daughters. That they take advantage of him, and need to learn the value of the dollar better. I have no idea how old his daughters are, but I'd guess maybe teenage from the way she was talking. ::shrugs:: Not sure, though.

I appreciated the manner in which they were speaking to each other, because my boss and I have the same kind of rapport with each other. So I got that without issue. I finished up my (relatively lame in comparison to other doctor offices) paperwork, and went to return it to the window as the conversation was continuing. The receptionist said, "I hope your dad isn't a doctor," to me. I replied, "No, he's a property developer slash millionaire." (Yes, I actually said "slash" out loud. I'm weird, ok?)

I wanted her to understand that (a) I had totally been listening to their conversation, and (b) that talking about the children of wealthy people in a generalized manner like that might not be ok in mixed company.

I got where she was going, though. I immediately followed my comment with, "But I'm a working girl...I take care of myself, thank you very much." And smiled big as I walked away. It was a friendly exchange, and we continued to discuss other family members and how it can take some longer than others to figure out how to take care of themselves when they come from a wealthy home. Twin will be one of the first to admit that it took her a little while longer than it did me. I totally respect her for that, dammit.

Ironically, today I was doing some math both in my head, and then in a somewhat flustered manner on paper after the head numbers were seeming scarier than I realized they might be. And with a sigh, I realized I needed to call my dad. To ask him for a favor. Because I pay the man for my car on a bi-annual basis still...I owe another $10,000 after my June payment, dammit, so another 3 years and it will be mine, all mine!!! (Ugh.) It's only been 6 and a half years of payments thus far, so hopefully you can see my reasoning for the "ugh" there. Anywhoopie, I usually save up the money on a monthly basis, and then pay him in June and December respectively. I'm really, really, really hoping that once we clear the debt we currently owe to the evil masters of the Bank of America credit division, I can up the monthly payment a significant amount, and maybe pay it down in 1.5 - 2 years instead of 3.

But the numbers as they are right now, with us owing a slightly significant amount to Home Depot in September, and then the monthly payment I want to continue to make to BofA so I can tell them to SUCK IT sometime in January, that car payment in June just is not frugal. Not at all.

So I called dad, and asked him if he wouldn't mind if I pay him for the whole year in December instead? Please? I'm hoping I can reassess in August, and maybe pay a partial amount then, so it won't be a WHAM! $3600 payment all at once that I have to give him, but we'll have to see. (Hence the reassessment. Der.)

And the man is so awesome. First he said yes, I can do that. Not a problem. Then he thanked me. He's glad that I'm looking ahead and staying on top of the debts we owe. Meh...I'm a planner and an organizer by nature, so it's not a big deal to me. What is a big deal is that I have to put off this payment. I'm just lucky I have such a good role model, I think. While dad has made mistakes in the past, when he was about my age, actually (maybe a little younger), he was able to recover gracefully and relatively powerfully.

Which is exactly what I plan to do, dammit.


faithstwin said...

Yup- mostly full responsibility taken here for the mess that is my financial idiocy. Maybe I should have finished getting my degree in business...

I was hoping Dad would have said the debt is forgiven at this point. I mean, come OOONNN! You should so be given leeway for actually being so diligent and NOT taking advantage IMO.


Faith said...

Well, I can't say I wasn't hoping for the same. But, then again, that wouldn't make me much better than the doctor's daughters, would it? ::sigh:: I'm so conflicted sometimes about who I want to be!